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    • Thanks Oldscout448 for the 'recap' of what was discussed at NOAC. I'm pretty sure National gets a few e-mails monthly with respect to "cultural appropriation" - I suspect, given how some Lodges approach AIA/Ceremonies, etc.,  some of the complaints are legit, but I also suspect that some are from people just trying to make a point, as it were. As some have stated, it should have been more of a development of a set of rules and guidelines rather than entirely eliminating what in most cases can be a powerful experience. Our Chapter is currently on 'summer hiatus', but once things get rolling again in September, I'm hoping we can come up with a "Standing Bear Productions, LLC" solution without upsetting that applecart known as the Lodge. I suspect they'll have no issue with it - our Lodge Advisor was quite enthusiastic about wanting to get more AIA in the Lodge, so I don't anticipate an issue. It might be more convincing the Packs it's still okay to use our "splinter business entity" for their ceremonies  
    • I don’t doubt there were complaints complaints (just go to powwows.com forums and search on Boy Scouts or Order of Arrow).  Instead of outright banning the ceremony I wish they setup some rules or guidelines along the lines of working with a tribe.   There is very little taught about NA culture in our school systems.  OA and aspects of Boy Scouts should be used to teach accurate aspects of their culture (both past and current).  If a OA chapter doesn’t want to be part of this... no problem.  But if an OA chapter and tribe work together, it would be a powerful experience. My limited OA experience along with several experiences in BSA exposed me to NA culture much more than any other aspect in my life.  I’m not an expert and there were probably some errors but it did make me more of a knowledgeable advocate of Indian Affairs.  My college had an Indian Mascot.   I was told by friends and college officials that the dance and “costume” were authentic.  Upon first glance of the “dance” I could see it was pure Hollywood and the costume was nothing I saw at local powwows... it was Sioux.  I marched in protest of that mascot as my BSA and OA background helped teach me respect for NA.  OA and BSA may not be perfect... but I do see the NA representation as a benefit to both youth and NAs if done correctly.  I wish and hope they find a balanced approach going forward 
    • Hi @Saltface & @walk in the woods, Thanks for the thoughts.  I do get your points here. My personal feelings on the issue don't impact my perspective here.  Truth be told, I really dislike it when Scout leaders freelance on the rules in Scouting.  The Scoutmaster of my son's troop does that too much for my liking.  In fact, I'm stepping down as CC because I'm just tired of fighting with Scouters who want to apply only the rules that suit their needs.   Yet, I see a place for organized dissent.  I get the point that Scouts should follow rules, and I really do agree.  But, as long as it's done safely, I see a valid role for adults to advocate for causes that are important to their communities.  I saw in the earlier posts such an organized dissent.   We can certainly disagree on whether it's appropriate for a troop to openly lobby for a rules change by openly challenging the BSA.  I respect your perspectives here.  All the best.
    • I have been reluctant to reply as I was unable to attend NOAC.   I did however have a long conversation at last weekends Vigil inductions with a friend who has been performing / advising ceremonies  for over 40 years, and has often served as a NOAC  judge as well.    It seems there was a one hour seminar devoted to this subject, that ran almost three hours. So as best as my sleep deprived brain can recall...  National was receiving 4-6 phone calls or emails a month complaining of cultural theft.  That's 48-72 per year out of how many thousands of AoL ceremonies?  But this is National.    They seem to panic at any negative press now days.   So they decided to rework it and take it out of local hands.    The first draft was written by the two guys who rewrote the Brotherhood Ceremony a few years back.  Then it was handed off to the Cub Exec Committee.   Which is why, I guess,  it is such a " lame, corny " skit.  As well as a rather shameless plug for expensive high adventure camps.    The attendees were assured that there is no plan to change anything else.   Callouts, Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil will remain as they are. Of course there was " no plan to let girls into Boy Scouts " either. Call me cynical  Oldscout PS.  So far, every scout on my team wants to go with a Standing Bear Productions  LLC model    
    • I apologize for suggesting a course of action that circumvents appropriate protocol. Obviously I'm ignorant of the Committee side of things and therefore shouldn't have put those 2 cents worth out there.
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