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    • No, that's not scout led, that's "scout figure-head puppet"  and I promise the scouts can see the difference.  Even in a brand new troop, the counseling and advice should be coming from adults either before or after the meeting or activity in the form of a "what worked, what didn't" style conversation, unless something is going seriously off the rails of course.
    • @ynot Can you find the march membership numbers you referred to? thanks.
    • Councils in open states like California are going to pay, whether through BSA bankruptcy or through their own.  It's probably prudent to get that liquidity lined up.
    • It's sad. I will say real estate evaluations for camp properties which are often unique are simply speculative until you have a buyer willing to part with money. 
    • That is sadly too common. People donate land to scouts thinking it will remain in use and then it's sold. Where I am there are multiple scouting properties that have been lost, most developed. Thankfully there are some that became part of a parks system or held by a land trust.  Schiff Reservation is one of them thankfully. It was appalling when BSA sold that. It's still nice to go there and see the old scout structures and think about old Mr. Hillcourt and what he represented in scouting. It was neighbors and a community that saved it. Hopefully some of these camp properties will be preserved. 
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