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Ship 198 handles engine fire in Delaware Bay

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"It wasn't adults or sailors who've been on the water for 20 years that handled the situation. It was kids no older than 17 years old, 18 years old who used the training they received in such a program to make sure what could have been an absolute disaster did not turn into an absolute disaster," Marshall said. "We took control of the situation." 

More details and photos at source


P.S. Isn't the term "scuttle" incorrectly used in this article?

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5 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

... P.S. Isn't the term "scuttle" incorrectly used in this article?


3 hours ago, scoutldr said:

"Scuttle" as a verb, means "to sink"

The editor is using the second, figurative, meaning for scuttle (v): "to totally destroy."  The trip was scuttled in the sense that the fire made a wreck of their plans for the trip.

Of course, it might be to the scouts' advantage if somebody makes a large donation because he/she misses the play on words and thinks the boat is at the bottom of the bay with a large hole in it.

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Update:  10/19 Sea Scout Ship 198 is back afloat.

On Oct. 18, the Sea Scouts took to the water once again with a trip to Cape May, N.J., capping off their trips for the 2019 year.

This October, four members of the troop qualified for the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup at the Northeast Regional Race. Sarah Krajewski and Ellie Cerchio placed first in the competition, while Carson Watts and Chris Dean placed third, beating out Sea Scout groups from all over the East Coast.

More details at source:


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Update  4/21/2020:

Ship 198 has won the 2020 National Flagship Award from the Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatUS) and Sea Scouts, BSA. The award is presented to a Sea Scout Ship that demonstrates excellence in youth service leadership and strong adult mentorship, which results in a quality character development program and outstanding youth membership achievement during a calendar year.


Read more of their past year accomplishments at sources:




Scout Salute,

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