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New STEM-NOVA Awards for Venturing / Sea Scouts

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BSA has been busy rolling out changes to its STEM-NOVA Award program, and that includes new awards for Venturing as well.

In 2018, the new "Wade" award let scouts explore the wet and wild world of water, from the basics of the hydrologic cycle and water state changes, to the technology powering modern water treatment facilities, this award explores the science of water and the engineering needed to satisfy a thirsty world.

In early 2019, three more NOVA awards rolled out:

  • What a Life - Just about any aspect of life sciences is fair game for this award, including macrobiotic or microbiotic life, genetics, or perhaps medical advances.
  • Execute - Computer programming is an indispensible skill for next generation scientists and generalists alike. Delve into the technology and techniques of coding applications for the 21st century and beyond.
  • Something from Nothing - 3D printing technology promises to change the way everything we touch is manufactured and delivered. 

Venturing's version of the STEM-NOVA awards program now contains a total of 8 NOVA awards and 3 Supernova awards.  Plenty of opportunities for a technically minded young person to explore their STEM world for fun and advancement potential...

Official info about STEM-NOVA awards for Venturing and Sea Scouts is here:


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