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    • OK, I believe I can conclude that Feb 1969, I turned 8 yrs old. Graduated 2nd grad in May 1969. I would have started 3rd grade Sept 1969. Feb 1970, I turned 9 yrs old. Graduated 3 grade in May of 1970 So the magic year for my entrance as a Wolf as shown in my photos would have been 1969. If I enter into the Scouts at 11 yrs old, it would be the Boys Scouts NOT the Cub scouts. What happens if I joined Cub Scouts at 8 yrs old, but did obtain my Wolf or Bear requirements until 11 yrs old, would I still be considered a Wolf or Bear since I was "working" on my advancements? If you don't get your requirements in by the time you're 11, do they automatically remove you from the Cub Scouts even though you're still working on advancements? I'm thinking all these age & grade requirements are for those you are "entering" into the Scouts.
    • Yeah, that's why I'm thinking I joined as a Wolf in third grade (8 yrs old) and then that photo was "printed: out three years later in 1972 when I was actually 11 yrs old.
    • What another pile of boulderdash that some employee/ bean counter of BSA has developed to justify their own job.  It wasn't that long ago that every unit in a council was required to re charger on the same date.  Along with the re charter came re registration and everything that goes along with that.  I can just hear it now, " we can't go because Mr. X, Mr. Y, and Mr. Z have expired registrations!"  Increasing fees for volunteers and kids is a GRAND way to boost membership since opening the door to girls and the LGBTQ community didn't work.  In a few years the organization known as the Boy Scouts of America will be unrecognizable. 
    • I love to discuss things with the likes of backpacker, I always gain wisdom and insight to so many things.  Y'all can argue and say " you are wrong" but here's a little tidbit that may shed some light on this.  Law Enforcement Explorer's, and there is such a thing even if they're they are in Exploring,  have a recognition device for Eagle Scouts and several years ago Exploring authorized that same device for the Girl Scout Gold Award. As far as BSA goes it really doesn't matter because uniforms are only optional and suggested so I guess the patches that one puts on their shirt doesn't really matter either.
    • No, its has always been segments to get to the Medal. So nothing has changed but the availability of the medal.  
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