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  1. Troop185

    Why all the slap-stick in Cub Scouting?

    Years ago, I had a dad that really enjoy Cub Scouts. He was a fireman and enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping. His son was a great kid and loved the out of doors. When he was a Webelos, his dad and him went backpacking with me to a Wilderness Area, in the Sand Dunes next to Lake Michigan. Later that summer, they went up to Northern Ontario for a week of wilderness camping. They both love it, and I learned a lot from the dad. He was an expert on the stars, fire building, etc. The dad was so excited about scouts, he signed up for training that Fall, and went with our Webelos Leader. They both were upset with the training, but especially this dad. He especially did not like that they treated them like little kids. The dad just gave up on scouts. When his son crossed over to Boy Scouts, he drop him off at the door, and would not even come in. As you could expect, his son only lasted about 6 months, before he dropped out.
  2. I always suggest Ontario; you will not be sorry. Beautiful country and a lot cooler than Illinois. Check out Pukaskwa National Park or Lake Superior Provincial Park. Both have a Coastal Trail along Lake Superior, at least as demanding as Philmont. At Pukaskwa, I would suggest you rent a boat to take you down the coast, and backpack back (takes about a week). You might not see anyone else the first 3 - 4 days. Lake Superior Provincial Park is 3 hours closer to you. A lot of boulder beaches, and hills to climb. The most difficult trail I have backpacked in my 70 plus years, was from Orphan Lake Trail to Gargantua Bay, on the Coastal Trail. The later in the summer you go, the best for the bugs.
  3. Troop185

    Troop Camping Locations

    My not so found memories of setting up camp in the dark: some adults wonder why the raccoons were digging around their tent for the 3 days we were camping at the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. They found out when they took their tent down. Some people camping there before us, had bury some food scraps, and they had set their tent up on top of it!
  4. Since we are getting into Halloween Stories: Years ago (1990?), I took a group of Webelos on a cabin outing at Bald Mts. State Park (in Michigan). About two weeks after the cabin campout, Dr. Kevorkian (Dr. Death) help killed a lady in the same cabin. As far as I know, the Pack and Troop has not been back to the cabin.
  5. Troop185

    Tenderfoot and other ranks

    Our troop meets at a Sportsman Club with acreage, woods, and a campground set up in the back of the property. Also, there is a indoor bathroom building there. In the last few years, the Sportsman Club has puts on a Haunted Forest in October, and needs volunteers to scare the "victims". Needless to say, the scouts enjoy the campout.
  6. Someone just ask at the Committee Meeting tonight, how many were registered in the troop? Answer: 59 scouts; 39 adults.
  7. Troop185

    Helicopter parents -please focus!

    If it is like most camps, they will not let the campers bring spray bottles / cans.
  8. Troop185

    Bullying Policy

    I have nothing to say, except you have a good Troop number!
  9. Troop185

    Proud Dad

    I always remember when my son crossover (30 years ago). I had a lump in my throat. I thought he is not a little guy anymore. Best wishes to you and your son.
  10. When my son was in scouts, he went to a weekend camping outing at a local Boy Scouts Camp. Why he took his merit badge sash, I do not know. Anyways, he came home without it. I had him call the camp, and they said they found it, and took it to the Boy Scouts office. Whoever he talk to on the phone, said he left the sash on the District Executive desk. I went in the next day to get it, but it had disappeared from the desk. The DE remember seeing it, but had no idea what happened to it. His desk was one big mess! My son had to purchase a new sash and all the merit badges (over 20) that were on it.
  11. Troop185

    2015's best compliment(s) from a youth ...

    One of my jobs is as a Webelos Coach. I do not do Den Meeting, but I do invite the Webelos to join me on some camping trips every year; and do joint activities (camping and field trips) with the troop. One of my favorite Webelos told his parents this Fall, he would quit scouts if it was not for Mr. Troop 185 trips!
  12. Troop185

    An Exhausting Year

    An excellent video for recruiting! Best wishes and keep having fun.
  13. Troop185

    I need thoughts on problems with a den leader

    jbelanger86 wrote: "Oh and did i mention that DL is refusing to get Baloo to take her boys on a webelos campout?" OWL is the Webelos outdoor training, Baloo training is to take the Pack camping.
  14. Troop185

    Webelos 3 Mile Hike

    We did the 3 mile hike with the Webelos last night. We had about 30 Webelos show up, and about 50 people all together, with the parents, and a couple of siblings. We combine the hike with a road cleanup, for a service project. The Webelos walked about 2 miles doing the road cleanup, so they only had to hike another mile, on the grounds of the Sportsman Club, do get the 3 miles in. We had vests and gloves for everyone, and a vehicle with flashing lights in the front and back of the group, while they did the road cleanup. Some of the Webelos came late, and join in the road cleanup when they got there, and some did not get there, until the campfire. The former SPL took the Webelos on the last mile of their hike, coming out of the woods, to find the troop at the campfire. Several of the Boy Scouts, organized the Webelos by Packs (we had 4 different packs represent), and work out a skit with each group. The Webelos had a great time at the campfire, do their skit and watching the other Packs and the Boy Scouts doing skits. The Boy Scouts had 4 dutch ovens going, and everyone has a snack at the end of the campfire. Below is the information we send out to the Packs about the hike. Webelos Hike, Service Project, & Campfire (Den Event) Start Time: Tuesday, September, 29 05:30 PM End Time: Tuesday, September, 29 08:30 PM Location: OCSC Event Message: Webelos Hike, Service Project, & Campfire What: 3 mile hike for the Webelos, with a road clean up on [location redacted by moderator]Road and campfire, with the scouts from Troop 185. Where:[Location redacted by moderator] Date: September 29, 2015; 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Bring: Wear your uniform, but dress for the weather. Bring water and flashlight / headlight. Campfire: If you cannot make the hike, join us at 8:00 for the campfire.