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  1. They print flyers, make packets to hand out. Go to schools. They have signs you can check out. They have been running a Fall Festival for the past few years. They don't help with Boy Scouts. Our BS Unit just relies on crossovers and doesn't recruit other than have Webelos camp out.
  2. Our pack did Saturday dinner as a Pack. Everything else was "on your own." Granted scouts seemed to roam and find the best cookers.
  3. I always cover the rank advancement stuff during the regular scout year. Ya just need to be creative in finding new ways to do it.
  4. That would knock equivalent out of the ballpark.
  5. It's an extra do dad that they made for the 100 years. I have one on one of my uniforms. My son has one on his Cub Scout Uniform but we didn't transfer it over to his Webelos now Scout Uniform. He's got the "Messenger of Peace" ring on that one.
  6. While this his a lot of information, it's just laying down the foundation. Now, on ever hike you can continue to learn new things and reinforce the things you've already talked about. Scavenger hunts are always fun. Give them a check off sheet for the things they find so they don't have to take them. The other thing we always cover before and during a hike is "hiking safety" and "Leave No Trace."
  7. watch how hot the iron is when you iron on some of those patches
  8. We bought a Kelty 6 man tent for our Cub Scout family camping. It has served us well throughout Cub Scouts and we still use it on occasion. As your son gets older he will move out and start camping with his friends. My wife insists on the blow up mattress too.
  9. If you do it right/smart, you will have fun and be working on requirements in the woods. When you're hiking make sure you are asking questions "who can spot a decomposer." "Who can find the most animals." "How many different things could you use that pine tree for." Get them to start coming up with the answers rather than you just telling them. Most of all fun!
  10. That would be very disappointing. I can't imagine my wife not being allowed to continue with "her" boys.
  11. Austinole


    We divided them up in teams and had them engineer the tallest structure using supplied materials (straws and tape). We did balloon on string races to demonstrate air pressure and newton's laws of motion. Show them how to pick up a ball with a jar upside down (centrifugal force). We did the starch and hammer experiement. We've made ooze. When we magnetized needles to make compass we used corks. You can either lie the magnetized needle on the cork or put the needle through the cork, then place it in water.
  12. I did some of the same things when I came in to our Pack. Previously, our pack shut down after March. After our Tiger year I started a spring/summer program of two events per month. April, we had belt loop round up. May, we had Mother's day project. June was father's day project and council summer events. July, was free astronomy and council camp. August was skating or bowling and picnic. We would only get about 5 kids to show up but for those kids they earned the Summer Time Achievement Award. Hopefully, it will continue now that our son has crossed over. First thing I look for when plan
  13. I have an owl patch on one of my uniforms. No uniform police have arrested me...yet.
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