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You might be a professional Scouter if . . .

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There has been some question as to my true identity. I'm reminded about a story of two guys in Alabama aguing over if they were rednecks or not.


So, you might be a professional Scouter if . . .


-You consider a red wool jacket camoflage


- You dive behind a shelf at the grocery store to avoid answering a Scouting question from very curious volunteer.


- You feel the need to explain to the cashier at the convienience store that the beer you are buying is for an old reciepe that your grandmother used to cook. (Why it calls for an entire case is a whole other story)


- You keep all of your belongings in rubbermaid tubs, because it makes for easy moving.



- You know what an Area Director is.


- You wear Scout Pants.



- You skip your son's birthday party to go to a Roundtable, so that some volunteers can tell you about how professionals don't really care about the program.


- You believe that attracting more boys to Scouting is a desirable thing.


Please feel free to continue this thread.


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Commando, I am not sure about your purpose in some of these "joking" comments. I consider myself to have a pretty good sense of humor, but I do not really "get" the humor in some parts of your list here. But for now, let me just ask about one of them:


Do you think that volunteer Scouters don't wear uniform pants?

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I was going the Kilt way myself,


Appears like Commandopro realized his faux pas, apologized for it and now wants in on the party which is ok, but reconciling senses of humor may take some time.


BTW, I am a volunteer with Boy Scout long pants, Boy Scout shorts, Venture Shorts and soon Ventrure long pants (as ADC-V I need to set the example)


... did I also mention I am a glutton for punishment?

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Of course (many) volunteer Scouters wear Scout Pants. Just using a generalization for a bit of humor. Feel free to expand on the Stereotypes. They can be fun. I don't take myself so seriously that I can find humor in myself.


So . . .


You might be a Professional Scouter if a Scoutmaster tells you about the incredible campout his troop had last weekend and your response is, "Great! Do you have any new Scout Applications to turn in?"

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