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That former DE wasn't in East Carolina Council by any chance? When I was a DE, I was "fortunate" in that if i didn't get stuck behind a tractor, It would tale me only an hours one way to get to my all day meeting. I had friends who would take over hours,  if they got stuck behind a tractor .



I'm well over half a year late in responding, apologies for the oversight....


No, he wasn't in East Carolina.   It was in the Midwest, and tractor factor applied there too!   :)

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As a former DE for five years in the same council and for the same two districts I can tell you that the re-shifting of priorities by National for the DE has led many of the good ones to abandon ship

You situation suggests a real leader filling the Council Executive position.  I know a few of those are around, but mostly not.   We have a nice man at the top who arrived to hold his terminal posit

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