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    • Just my view but the middle picture looks like an older version of the other 2 pictures. Less cheeks! More chin. Just a hunch but the first and last photos are when you started, or maybe the first 2 years and the middle photo is when you were in a couple of years older. Looks to me like a webelos aged scout, neckerchief or not.
    • But the middle photo does have the top part of the red Wolf diamond patch.
    • Yes... Wolf book would be the circa 1969 printing.  I looked at the photos again...  Where I thought there was rank insignia: I do not see a pocket flap which should be above any rank patch. Thus not reasonably sure what it could be. In the one with your Mom there is a spot that could be a Bobcat pin OR a shiny button.  
    • 11 Would be a Boy Scout in 1972, not a Cub Scout of any type. 3rd Grade at that time would be Wolf. And up until  circa 1990s Wolves and Bear wore the same slide. I do not know when in the 1970s different color neckers came out, but by 1982, Yellow necker for Wolf and light blue necker for Bear. Webelos had a plaid necker.   August 1984 was when the option to bear the tan and green Boy Scout uniform, with Cub Scout modifications was first allowed. And you had a choice in the matter. Reason for the option as stated at the time was to save families money. If the blue uniform still fit, you could wear it. If it didn't, you went ahead and got the one you would need when you crossed over in a few months.   Prior to August 1989, 3rd grade was Wolf, 4th Grade Bear, and 5th Grade Webelos. August 1982 was when Tiger Cubs came about as a national program for 2nd Graders and was AFFILAITED (emphasis) with Cub Packs. There were Tiger Cub Test groups prior to 1982, and a Tige Cub Groups was not required as it was considered a separate program from Cub Scouts. They even had their own separate Veteran Pin background, orange, and at first a "Tiger Cub Graduate" temp insignia, after completing the program. When Tiger Cubs was officially incorporated into the Cub Scout Program, circa 1989, the square patch was dropped, and the Tiger Cub strip was created. They got their own rank patch in the 2000s.   Incorrect. 1989 was when Wolves were dropped to 2nd grade, Bears dropped to 3rd grade, and Webelos became an 18-21 month long program starting int 4th grade because research showed it took that long for Cub Scouts, and more than likely their parents as well, that long to adjust to the differences between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts Not possible. Prior to August 1989, Wolfs started in 3rd grade. Also priot to August 1989, Webelos Den Leaders had to be male. That was part of the transition process  because women could NOT serve in troop leadership roles. Could the photo be misdated? And if it isn't, You may have gotten a new uniform, and the patches were not fully sewed on yet Hope this helps. Also I may have some CS handbooks fromt eh time period. My brothers were Cubs in that time period, and since my mom knows I am interested in BSA's history, she gave me the surviving BSA materials she saved from Hurricane Katrina.   Good luck in the quest.
    • WAIAnakwsu: Here is my confirmed 2nd grade photo for comparison. I would have been 7 yrs old.
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