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    • Then don't call it a committee meeting.  If you coordinate camping, email all the other parents that are part of the committee (or broader if you need fresh help) and say "Hello Troop Committee members, we have a campout coming up next month.  I need to make camp commitments and put an agenda in place.  Your help and suggestions are very welcome.  If you want to help .... Let's meet."  It's not a committee meeting as an immediate coming events planning.  Share the  <time>, <date>, <place ... some coffee places work well ... or libraries or ....> Then invite them to bring their topics if they have anything to discuss or share.   Key point ... Avoid the politics and just get the work done you need to get done. 
    • well said @ParkMan.  Very well said.   the meeting is only reporting situations and status, brainstorming, hearing from the program side scouters (scoutmaster or cubmaster), and a forum for for the committee to give input or information to the program side scouters.  100% of that can be done outside of a meeting Honestly, I often felt that in this day and age, with all of our options for immediate digital communications.....on both the individual and on the group levels...that the meetings are almost a waste of time...certainly not necessary.  About the only good from them is the benefits of face to face time....and even that can be done digitally if your really wanted to 
    • CC is not elected.  He's appointed by the COR.  Your vote would only be a statement of who you support and could be very divisive.
    • It's easy to agree with the actions when you agree with the cause. My cause is overturning the ridiculously stupid rules in the G2SS about squirt guns, laser tag, and paintball, because my scouts are fully mature enough to understand the difference between a firearm and a toy, even if BSA National isn't.  My CO and parents are fully onboard with my unit going to laser tag in full uniform and tells the council where to put their stupid rules.  You'd support it because the position is well thought out, it's a faithful deployment of the program (e.g. building patrol esprit de corps), and my CO/parents are onboard?
    • . Not sure how I get a downvote for that. As I said - seemed like the troop was making a thought out attempt to advocate for their cause.  It's not a bunch of folks just winging it.  Further, they did it in full visibility to the participants and council.  You or I may not agree with their cause- but if someone is going to practice the Scout version of civil disobedience, this seems the way to do it. Just my .02
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