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  1. Fred, Got it understood... thank you for hearing me out.
  2. Popping in to try and learn a little bit on scouting topics that I just took for granted in the past.
  3. I am reading other threads and feel that I need to come here and scream this.... <sorry if it's not obvious> My post is not a bash the girls point of view. I welcome the girls and have (2) of my own. I think accepting girls and allowing them to achieve equal merit and recognition for their journeys in life is a great thing. While I speak to girl and boy troops within this thread it ONLY applies to how the two units I am exposed to are run and simply the murky water that the management I am exposed to is creating. This has nothing to do with BSA, Girls in the BSA, Girls in scouting o
  4. Fred, Thank you for your reply, you have enlightened me. To shed light on your curious probes I have tried to answer what I could below: This is where part of the issue is, anyone can communicate what the intention is, but there is no backstop that is seen to backup what we are told. This to me is not as straight forward as I believe it should be. They seem closely tied only at the financials - that is what I seek to confirm or disprove. One charter. One Committee that works for both Units. Two chairs one for the Girls one for the Boys (which is odd to me like having two C
  5. I am not sure this falls completely into a fundraising jar, but most of it does. My sons Troop formed a sister Troop of female scouts a couple of years prior to Covid. I have daughters and I am thankful that this door is an open path to adventure for them (although they have no interest <sniff>). However, the concept is not all colorful and has some dark shades of grey. The two units seem to share funds, but the female troop takes more than it appears to kick in during unit fundraising events. We have had to do shuffling of schedules and even canceled fundraising events because
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