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  1. Reviving this VERY old topic. I know World Conservation is being retired as the Cub Scouts become the belt loop brigade and patches other than rank and identifier all but disappear. I seem to recall when I was a Cub in the early 90s wearing World Conservation Award in my Pack was in the Jamboree position above the right pocket as it is a World Scouting program. My son just earned WCA as a cub and was considering that position. But as a Pack Committee member I don't want to start getting to fast and loose with extra awards on my son's uniform and set the wrong example but encouraging other scou
  2. I interpreted that as GSUSA backpedaling and pretending that this Unit acted in compliance with their rules when it looked like GSUSA was going to look bad
  3. It's my understanding "New Bobcat" is a belt loop. Just like "New Summertime activity award". I imagine lots of people will still wear the badge/pin for some time. But my scout is going to have to eat more to wear half of these extra belt loops. Only the four ranks in the diamond (Lion replacing Bobcat there) and organizational stuff will be on the uniform basically. Religious knot and Recruiter being one of the very few other things. I like the look of the patches and pins on the uniform as it encourages my son to work towards things. The belt loops (and patches and pins you "can't"
  4. I know this conversation is long since dead but my Cub Scout recently earned and I was surprised to see the "temporary location" as the spot online. I was a Cub in the early 90's and many in my Pack earned it and all wore it in the Jamboree position above the right pocket.
  5. And now with the "New Bobcat" you're going to literally have a lot of kids with nothing on the shirt effectively. A couple things on the sleeve
  6. They're also supposed to have badges on them but now it's all belt loops
  7. We use some hand me down books in our Pack so my son's Wolf group has been working on Motor Away (retired) unintentionally, our Den Leader is not a big Scoutbook user and we also completed another one. I think with the big changes this year (especially to Weeblos and AOL) we're going to see a lot of people working on retired ones. With that said. I was thinking (for fun) of working on some of the old sports ones from the 90s as I found the original checklist (and have the beltloop and pin because well, they were mine) How do people feel about working on very retired ones (for fun)
  8. I want to echo what several people have said about Bobcat being a badge and an important first badge for scouts to learn the core of scouts and to receive something. Maybe its just me and my appreciation of eclectic uniforms but I never loved the belt loops. When I was a youth in the early 90's they were all sports so it kinda didn't matter? At least my Den's were mostly sports. Now they're the advancement which I think at the core is decent along with the electives though I think the Webelo pins are better as many kids (mine most of the time) don't wear the belt and as many said girls
  9. I was an AOL and eventually a Tenderfoot who then chose hockey on weekends over camping. My 7 yr old working on Wolf seems to be choosing the opposite so I have been helping with his Pack and am starting as Treasurer. Our community (Youngstown, NY) seems to be newer to Cub Scouts but has a growing Pack, it is also a community with a big Junior Sailing program (my son also does) so I made the mistake (LOL) of starting a Raingutter Regatta this summer as I really enjoyed those in my youth. I've been reading this forum for a little bit but finally decided to join. I greatly enjoy read
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