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    • I apologize for suggesting a course of action that circumvents appropriate protocol. Obviously I'm ignorant of the Committee side of things and therefore shouldn't have put those 2 cents worth out there.
    • Again I'm not a lawyer, but is there implicit defamation? Say one applies to another youth organization and is asked, 1. Have you ever been rejected to serve in a volunteer organization? 2. If so why? I imagine the honest answers, Yes and I dunno would only add another rejection.
    • One of the better references that I've read was from a scout's older sister!
    • It ramps up from the end of bear through boy scouts pretty steadily. Webelos are expected to camp as a patrol away from parents and to do so more frequently. Then scouts BSA is much more independent and camping oriented. I suspect part of the problem is finding a program that meets the needs of all the different groups across the country.
    • Check with the Lodge about their policy, but make sure you talk to someone who ACTUALLY knows the rules, not just a fanatic. There is a bunch of false information floating around. Find out if the flap was only available to those who went, or to anyone as a way to promote NOAC or raise funds. If it was only for attendees then I would say no. If it was a fund raiser, or other (which you seem to indicate) then it might be ok.  If it were an "earned" flap, our lodge has had a number over the years, then I would suggest not wearing it.  
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