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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Parent pressure on this one and I don't see them hanging in there, hope they do, it's an honor. To have scouts that truly want to get in and don't, just makes no sense. There has to be a better way, looking for more input for sure and thank you again.
  2. Folks not being prepared or really up to par with knowing OA, the requirements and significance of it which is sad. No prior discussions building up to elections and last minute notice. Two boys overheard stating 'no I don't want to be in it', were put on the ballot, voted in and other parent heard SM tell them 'tough, you're in.' Very discouraging and that's being kind. What's the easy fix? Was the ballot acceptable? For the 'honor society of Boy Scouts' you would think those having their hand in this would do better in respecting the process..........
  3. If ballots are handed out, if two names on the ballot are ALREADY OA members, how is this an issue?
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