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  1. I know him and hes an incredible scout. I staffed NYLT with him and I was extremely happy when I heard he joined my troop.
  2. I received one when I staffed at my council's NYLT. They're pretty nice. I didn't know other councils gave them out.
  3. I've never heard of a scout doing that before. Knowing very little about the guidelines that cover this, I feel it'd be safe to ask the Lodge chief and Advisor.
  4. Its pretty cool to see that for the most part, a lot of scouters have been to Philmont. My list: Ten Mile River Scout Camps, NY- Kunatah, Aquehonga(Been going here for 9 years), Ranachqua, and Keowa. Camp Alpine, NJ Philmont, NM A.P. Hill, VA-Jamboree
  5. I am a 17 year old JASM in my troop. I was the SPL for two years. My Scoutmaster makes sure that he keeps us busy. Mainly I find myself helping out the Junior Leaders keeping the troop together. We also help out with the patrols and we are in charge of our troops point system where the patrols get points for various things. I feel we are kind of act like the adults, supervising, and making sure that everything is in order. The thing I like about being a JASM is that I now have more time to do other things within Boy Scouts, that I couldn't do as an SPL. For instance, I am more active within th
  6. Well, me and a couple of others have been working on our lodges new site. Its still a work in progress but its been going at a nice steady rate. The URL is www.ranachqua4.com. Some of the stuff we are still working on and fixing around, but I wanted to know what some of you guys think so far.
  7. In my troop, we have inspections and contests. But One of the 11 leadership skills is "Setting the Example". All adults and junior leaders need to be in uniform. Me and the scoutmaster of my troop really emphsis that. With my leaders in uniform, i came to notice a major improvement in the troop. Its tough to realize, but scouts really do look up to their leaders.
  8. I staff on my councils NYLT course. It just finished two weeks ago. It was our second course. It went amazingly well. I was a troop guide/administrator on the course. The scouts were motivated the entire time, and even at the end, the non-enthusiastic outcastish scouts were cheering and having an awesome time. We had a lot of trouble with the camp though. A lot of the things that were suppossed to get done seemed to either never happen or happen late. But we are a strong staff and we overcame the difficulties. We had one troop consisting of eight patrols, two being kosher patrols. I thin
  9. Personally I don't see why not. On my sash I have my World Conservation award, a uniform "Passed" inspection patch, Totin chip, Firem'n Chit, 50 Miler(perfect horizontal fit), internet award, and two scout sunday patches. I've only had one complaint from another scouter who felt that nothing should be aloud on the MB sash.
  10. Im looking for NYLT merchandise that i could possibly use to give as presents for fellow staff members at my NYLT course.
  11. For my eagle friends, i got them a nice little statue of an eagle and it had their name and info ingraved on the bottom. The eagles in my troop usually get the eagle frame with the certificate and medal holder, a nice emroided neckercheif(as appossed to the silk screened ones) and an eagle scout mug. I also got a nice engraved pen.
  12. Is there something wrong with ads about people who are gay? I don't see any problems with it.
  13. Havn't heard of those. So where could I get special epulets? I look on ebay.com but couldn't find anything.
  14. " For our PL, APL, SPL, and ASPL they have one plain red loop and 0ne red loop with green stripes on it that match the bars on the leaders patch. We bought them somewhere in Canada " Yes! Thats what I'm talking about. Ive seen those, and other variations.
  15. I've seen some scouts with some weird looking shoulder loops. They are red of course, but i noticed that some have special insignia on them. So i asked, and ive found that theres quite a number of troops that have their JASM's, SPL, ASPL'S and so fourth have insignia on their shoulder loops. Does this sound correct to anyone, and if so, where can i get them?
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