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  1. This was an email that was sent on April 4th to Executive Board members, Advisory Council members, Scout Executives, CSE Cabinet, Regional Directors, Group Directors and National Council Employees. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Chief Scout Executive Selection Committee appointed at our February 2012 board meeting met, developed a profile of skills and characteristics we are seeking in our next Chief, and reviewed biographies of candidates. Please be advised that the following executives have been selected as semifinalists for the position of Chief Scout Executive. They are (in alph
  2. My Council is working on getting it going. There is currently a self appointed chairman however nothing official has been said other than they are looking. I believe we are placing it under the Camping Committee. So far it looks like that committee isn't going to be overly active but just try to make sure everyone is following all the rules and making sure all the Cub Scout folks are trained. I know the self-appointed chairman has made some comments about switching the style of shotguns we use but hasn't consulted any of the shooting sports folks at the camp to find out that it w
  3. Update: The BSA has clarified the information contained in the Charity Navigator 2009 CEO Compensation Study. In fact, the salary amount cited included Mr. Williams salary, deferred compensation, and retirement benefits. Mr. Williams annual salary effective April 1, 2007, would have been $598,300, but he retired on September 1, 2007, therefore he was paid a salary of $404,078. Complete response: The Charity Navigator 2009 CEO Compensation Study lists the BSAs Chief Scout Executive as earning a salary of $1,577,600. This report was based on the BSAs 2007 Form 990 and discusses t
  4. I always am amazed when I spend time up at summer camp at the amount of boys who will wear their swimsuit all day long, every day for the week. These at least will match the uniform shirt, unlike the bright orange and white board shorts. I was excited at the $30 price, but that is because I had been looking at the $50 pants first...
  5. Yesterday I saw it via Twitter but hadn't seen anything official. Today, they updated the Study website with the vote results and the process forward. You can see it at: http://www.cvc-bsa.org/study/index.html
  6. According to the Press Release announcing Mr. Mazzuca as Chief Scout Executive, he was Mazzuca's most recent position was with the National Council of the BSA as assistant Chief Scout Executive, a position he's held since 2006. http://www.scouting.org/Media/PressReleases/PreviousYears/2007/20070830.aspx Why are we concerned? Yes, there is a Board that decides this kind of stuff, as a member of the organization that contributes financially it is good to know where money is going. Always good to make informed decisions. For example, I don't like how my Council spends money so I lim
  7. In all fairness to the National folks, I checked the data Charity Navigator had on file. Their salary information is from 2007 when Roy Williams was Chief Scout Executive. GuideStar has the 2007 990 on file. Looking at the 990, Mr. Robert Mazzuca made the following in 2007: Compensation - 377,617 Deferred Compensation - 322,237 Expense Account - 22,810 Remember Mr. Mazzuca took over as Chief Scout Executive September 2007, but was an Assistant prior. Mr. Wayne Brock one of the listed Assistants made 323,010 in 2007. Looking at this, it is possible Mr. Mazzuca's compen
  8. The Charity Navigator 2009 CEO Compensation Study was just released and rates the Chief Scout Executive as the fifth highest CEO salary. See More: http://www.scoutingnews.org/2009/08/05/bsa-listed-in-top-five-highest-ceo-salaries-study/ Read the whole Charity Navigator Study (fairly short): (pdf) http://www.charitynavigator.org/__asset__/_etc_/cn_ceo_compensation_study_2009.pdf
  9. In the press release by National it states that they will look at the W. Virginia site... "The organization recently signed an agreement to purchase 10,600 acres, some of it reclaimed mining property, near Beckley, West Virginia, and announced that it would develop a new high- adventure base to complement its existing three bases in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Florida. The BSA expects to close on the property later this fall. In light of our recent decision concerning the Goshen site, well be looking to see if the West Virginia property can support a jamboree, but we have a lot of wor
  10. I think the big focus on patrol method at camps fell by the way side when camps became merit badge factories. Or if they aren't MB focused, there is at least the requirement by National for first year Scout programs. At Ed Bryant Scout Reservation it is half patrol cooking / half dining hall (troop's option). The Scout Craft area also hosted a patrol competition that had very minimal participation. Often times a patrol could show up and try one of the daily challenges and win the overall competition by default. It would be nice to include more patrol activities but it is probabl
  11. I totally missed this one... the press release is going to be posted at Scouting News on July 6th. However in the mean time if anyone is interested in the actual memorandum of mutual support it can be seen at: http://www.scoutingnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/mou_bsa_ahg_bw.pdf I think the press release, puts too much of a focus on the "partnership". Its basically a resolution of support. Strategically if the older girl AHG program is incorporated into the Venturing Program its a win for the BSA.
  12. Originally posted on ScoutingNews.org http://www.scoutingnews.org/2009/05/28/scouts-and-jetskis/ Claytor Lake Adventure Base at the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation has exclusive permission from the National Council Boy Scouts of America to pilot a Personal Watercraft Program for Boy Scouts and Venturers. This is the ONLY program in the Country where use of personal watercrafts are permitted as a part of any Scouting Program! According to Blue Ridge Mountains Council, participants will learn all about Jet Skis, how to be safe on the water, and of course, have a blast riding Jet
  13. As far as I'm aware they are only doing the two issues. I looked into it last year as I was considering an advertisement buy.
  14. National issued a press release today about entering into negotiations with sites in Virginia and West Virgina to explore the vision of a National Scouting Center. Press Release Courtesy Scouting News http://scoutingnews.org/?p=1031 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boy Scouts of America to Pursue Negotiations With Sites in Eastern Region to Establish National Scouting Center As on outgrowth of an 18-month process aimed at establishing a permanent home for its iconic event, the national Scout jamboree, the Boy Scouts of America announced today that it wi
  15. Like RememberSchiff pointed out, it is a federal recall. Since the product was just sold through the Boy Scouts, Weaver sent the release to all Councils and asked them to get the word out. It seems a tad overboard that your Council is expecting you to contact everyone that bought the product from you. I have seen notifications from four different Councils and none of them instructed leaders to contact everyone who bought it. My guess is its a Professional going a tad overboard. In all reality it appears this is a big waste of time and PR. Though I suppose better safe than sorry..
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