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  1. In my post that spun this thread, I WASN'T suggesting that scoutcraft skills should be abandoned. It's that our troop does not do many scoutcraft programs and the few are troop meetings that turn into jokes. Get the ball moving!
  2. Many people know that Juris annoyed everyone by calling BSA "BSA Inc." But if you go in the Issues and Politics Forum, on the top of the screen there is a disclaimed that says: DISCLAIMER: SCOUTER.com is a private website. This particular forum is an open discussion for any topic, but there are rules of decorum. Posts within this forum express only the views of the poster. No one on this forum can claim to speak for anyone but themselves. The content of this forum can not be an accurate representation of Scouting members, the Boy Scouts of America, Inc., or SCOUTER.com. (sic) In
  3. Yes... "Formal" stuff like suits and uniforms is being rejected, but "Fashion" is being accepted. Perhaps too much.
  4. In our Troop, all youth leadership positions are for six months. Once you're a PL, you can never be it again. Same for the SPL. I would keep trying until the end of the term. If he isn't leading, make sure the APL does some leadership work.
  5. In our Troop, newish scouts wear the Totin' Chip on the right pocket flap. Some wear Firem'n Chit there, and some sew the Firm'n Chit on, and then sew the Totin' Chip on top of the Firm'n Chit! Others leave the patches at home because there's no place to put them cause' they're in OA.
  6. My troop is 110 boys and 60-70 boys come to each meeting. A lot of it is patrol-led, like it should be.
  7. Ideally... But, things are changing... Fewer and fewer Scouts are really "Scouty".
  8. ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! This post has nothing to do with ice cream. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  9. On how uniforms arn't useful... How is a cop's uniform useful besides authority? It dosen't shoot pepper spray. A memorial to Juris... Please stand for a line of silence. Thank you.
  10. Yea in archery you just have to hit the target. I know that I earned rifle a week ago and it was pretty hard. Or maybe I just suck.
  11. Everyone has a point, but the problem isn't here. Most Scouts I know don't wear class A's to school. Changing the uniform isn't going to change that. No one likes to stand out. Many kids arn't afraid of the uniform that no one would wear to school in a million years, but it IS pear pressure. They're afraid of it leaking some other way. They know that they don't have to wear class A's everywhere, they just don't want other kids making fun of them. It's not the uniforms, it's the Scouting ideals. You can't make the uniform obsure, because even a scout wristwatch wouldn't be worn to school b
  12. Amangamek Wipit #470 Ordeal: March 2005 I'm spinning a thread about Tap-outs and Call-outs. It's in the safeguarded area, so speak freely.
  13. Get a meeting with him. If he refuses, talk to families and maybe to the COR. Your pack is fragile and needs to be handled with care.
  14. If we want to continue this, please move it to the safeguarded section. Too much has been said already. WWW CS
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