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  1. Well I worked hard on Saturday and had a blast with the other scouters. Love this spring ordeal because of all the laughs.
  2. As Oldscout448 stated that would be hard to do and Our Lodge promotes service outside scout as well as for scouting. We have been doing ordeal there for 42 years. The rangers just love what we do for them.
  3. Funny that more females I talk to think BOY Scouts should be for boys only......hmmmmmmm.

  4. I have been involved in scouting for almost 25 years of my 45 years on this planet. I love scout but just can not shack this allowing Transgenders in. This was an organization for male youth were they build them up to be men. Now they are take this away. I maybe resigning just have not pulled the trigger yet.

    1. Sentinel947


      Give it time. I imagine the situation on the ground will not change for the vast majority of us.

    2. mashmaster


      Agree, give it time. you do this for the boys in your unit and they will help ground you.

  5. I have been thinking about this topic all day since hearing about it and I'm starting to lean towards walking away. I think Coed can be a good thing but also think Boys and Girls need a place to call their own.
  6. There goes majority of the campouts. I had a hard time getting an Adult of any sex to come on troop campouts. The best way would if you want your TG to come camping you need to come with.
  7. Stosh, I could not say it better. A woman was complaining to a male friend of mine about her not finding a good male that not soft. He told her he was glad to hear it. Society and women like her has been pushing for the softer or feminine Male. Now what are we seeing more young men more and more staying in their parents house jobless. Connection I would say so.
  8. This issue in my eyes is not an issue. She did not run away she left to work at a job. Sounds like that the parents were way off base here.
  9. BSA just needs to go coed. Their is no reason not to do it. Heck the first thing my son said was they just need to let girls in.
  10. I googled Boy Scouts Cresap's Trail, Straus BSA and two auctions sites came up but they were old auctions. Well I'll keep check to see if another one pops up.
  11. Hello All, I've been looking for a Cresap’s Trail High Adventure patch. This was a Baltimore Area Council high adventure camp back in the 1980's at Straus Wilderness Area. I don't think this Wilderness Area is used by the BSA anymore. Love to get my hands on one if anyone has a spare one. Thanks!
  12. I agree as I told others there where far better scouts that were my friends that never earned Eagle
  13. You can take back your Apology Because my son just earned his Eagle Scout rank 22 Days after turning 18. I'm happy to see him do what he told me when he was a Tiger Cub Scout. :D
  14. Well the two scouts with speaking parts I think (since I had to leave) were Kyle (from my son's troop) and Steffon. They are both great young men and hope to get them more involved with the OA. I did get all the scouts and you something to show how much the chapter and I thanks them for all the help. I will have to present my token of gratitude at the Ordeal. I understand your feeling and can only hope for the best out come. My chapter had no Adults called out because I had not heard back from Lodge and I really did not care. The youth are what the program about. I got push back about
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