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  1. Ask the youth in question if they think they should be able to double dip in this way and to justify it. The right answer being whatever they decide for themselves.
  2. If we can't ensure that all regalia used is good to hi quality in every lodge, I have reservations about making this process a key part of the program.
  3. Also, when you look at a youth’s first few experiences with the oa, it really does show a very specific aspect of the program. The call out and the ordeal happening together really do make it seem like the oa is primarily about lots of mediocre quality cosplay. Making it through all of that to the service and leadership society can be tough.
  4. I also find the merger of scouting honor society and Native American historical society to be a poor fit. I can see why it worked in the past but imo it just doesn’t any more. were I in charge with a magic wand, I’d rework the ceremonies and such around historic scouters (BP, seton, Goodman, green bar bill, etc). We’ve been around long enough to have our own history without having to borrow from someone else.
  5. I personally am ok with either path, even if I preference for one of them. A lot of the current approaches seems to very ad hoc instead of routinized. That might work for past times, but now one council or lodge being inappropriate can show up on YouTube and give the whole organization a black eye (micosay looking at you)
  6. Rumor mongering, but supposedly the purpose of the survey is to decide how to roll out the incoming changes. IE, should the BSA try to work with official tribes to build something appropriate or mostly ditch the themes. But regardless the changes are coming.
  7. There aren't a lot of extra knots, though the den leader knot often applies for cub scouters. Scouters training award is the the other big one that pretty much everyone can get. Wood badge can be gotten by just about anyone. The tenure pins can recognize the long term scouters. A lot of the knots are there for district or council work, for good or ill. For non-uniform wear, there are often local/district awards. We have the buckskin award for service to the unit and basically anyone who gets nominated gets it. You can also make up your own award and give it.
  8. Seems to me, the unit leader and the project beneficiary are the ones who get to make the call, as it's their signatures on the last page. Seems like the bsa standard is that if the project got done, then adequate planning was done. Screwing up planning is a good way to learn the importance of planning for this sort of thing.
  9. And I guess the real thing is who is going to look at this project plan form and why does it matter? The unit leader is the one who says it was done correctly not council/district. National certainly isn’t going to go through and care about this. The EBoR can, but the point of an eagle board is to have a friendly conversation, not an inquisition about why the project plan said it needed 200 screws but instead only used 150. This seems to be needless formalism for something that’ll never even get looked at. it might matter if the proposal were very brief and needed a bunch to get fles
  10. Of course the guide to advancement says: I will though disagree about the paperwork being horrible. This is a case of the adults being horrible, not the paperwork.
  11. If we are talking about geocaching/gps activities as too young for cub scouts, I’ll point out that baloo training spends a good chunk of time on gps/geocaching training: about equivalent to knots or first aid.
  12. To be fair, most of the merit badge workbooks are 3rd party items. But yes I agree that they are awful.
  13. I personally think they should if only to get it to the board chair before the meeting, but the sign off on the project completion only requires the unit leader, not someone from district. And the more physical paperwork moves around, the more there's a chance it'll get lost.
  14. I have also had similarly frustrating run ins with my district advancement chair about excessive forms for eagle, for example that the statement of ambitions and life purpose essay thing must be part of the scoutmaster conference for eagle because it is listed after point 6 and before point 7 in the rank requirements so it must be a part of step 6. Looking at the differences in documentation between the proposal and the project plan, there are questions there that regardless of if the project plan form was used should have an answer. Contingency plans, more detailed budgeting process, job
  15. But because the g2ss says that "All Cub Scout camping requirements still apply, including the den must have a BALOO trained adult leader in attendance and all Youth Protection policies apply." The single night limitation is part of the Cub Scout camping requirements, it would seem to me.
  16. Let's see, Health Care Professions: $65,000/year for med school Space Exploration: SpaceX launch costs are $65,000,000
  17. It's been gone for at least a year. I think it was primarily a pandemic adaption.
  18. To be fair, the online training is pretty awful. As the cc, one thing to do might be short trainings to cover the concepts as a group in committee meetings.
  19. For clarification, for the SM are we talking the online portion or IOLS? I won't defend it, but it can be hard to attend an IOLS depending on when your council runs it. I had to go out of council to complete mine. For recalcitrant CM, you can do the in person training over time. Just show the videos one or two at a time and complete it that way. Edit: One good motivation for at least the SM getting IOLS training is insurance/lawsuit defense. IE if something happens then being able to say that you are following all the recommended BSA rules and made the best judgements possible in a g
  20. Does overnight change definitions depending on age? That’s my issues. If overnight only means a single night, then it should impact the wording of lots of stuff in scouts bsa.
  21. Sure, I'm kinda joking, but if, as @RichardB says, overnight is a preexistingly clearly defined word that only means a single night, then he is also saying that you can't backpack multiple days. Or at least the wording should be changed to reflect this.
  22. There's a lot of BSA literature that mixes overnight and multi night events. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/Outdoor Program/pdf/430-125_WB.pdf Near as I can tell, trek safely is a depreciated standard, but would have been in effect in during this decades long ruling. https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/2023-NCAP-Standards-430-056-web.pdf That's an NCAP definition which seems to list overnight as possibly including 3 nights camping as an overnight camping. If longer than one night no longer counts as an overnight camping, I have no idea h
  23. As per that link, if overnight always meant a single night, then multi-day backpacking trips are against the g2ss.
  24. National BSA literature and trainings have multiple instances of overnight including explicit descriptions of overnight including multiple nights. If overnight only means a single night then for example two night backpacking trips are banned as per the g2ss.
  25. Out of question, do you know when these changes will get rolled out? I’ve got a day camp to plan out and I’d like it if I can be ready for whatever is coming. I suspect the plan is to have these changes for next program year but that’ll start with day camp.
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