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  1. While I'm not sure of any specifics rules that would make a difference, I do think that having an independent auditor to give oversight on YP should be considered seriously.
  2. Every campout being mandatory is very extreme. With sports, family events, academics, etc if a unit requires youth to put scouting first, they will quickly find out how unsustainable that is.
  3. Were this the BSA scout program, I'd point to the option of lots of online merit badges currently available. I'm assuming this is the UK program, so I can't offer specific suggestions, but it would be something to look into.
  4. Isn't that partially why on the backend most units have 4 digits even as we only use at most 3 digits? ie troop 123 and troop 123, unless very close geographically, can become troop 1123 and troop 2123 for paperwork purposes, but no one notices otherwise.
  5. Yes, you have to be current on ypt, which mostly involves watching videos. The background check happens at the council level.
  6. It’s around $50/year. The time commitment the unit might require changes depending on the unit.
  7. My only experience was that I got the training logged in my online record within a day or so of telling my course director that I had finished.
  8. At the cub level, the requirements can be a burdensome. Two deep leadership at every den meeting, and requiring female leaders, even when parents are always present gets tough.
  9. Nitpick, this defines only the tool use during a service project. But PWD is not part of a service project, so the document explicitly says it doesn't apply.
  10. If you scroll down to the grid of who can do what on a device project, lion and tiger youth are not checked for paintbrushes/painting.
  11. I don't know how long it has been the rule, but it was certainly an element of my baloo training back in 2018.
  12. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss03/ My impression is that language has been there for a while, but I might be mistaken. Also that is specific to camping, but I again am pretty sure I've seen similar language elsewhere for other events. And its worth pointing out that this language technically makes most webelos visits to troop campouts problematic.
  13. This has been policy for a long while. I forget where it is written down, but it isn't just a covid thing. It isn't strongly enforced except when units want to hold a district camporee without district oversight.
  14. My only caution with allowing any registered leader to count as per ypt is in a unit who's charter org wants more detailed background checks, interviews, or training requirements.
  15. its more that if I must register as a leader to observe, then you can't also have it where every parent can observe everything.
  16. The cub units that survived has done pretty well with recruitment. Still down relative to 2019, mainly because units folded over covid. edit: my impression is that troop numbers are still hurt because they have trouble getting back lost scouts. Hoping that crossover goes well.
  17. I think its entirely appropriate to either say that you don't have time for a full ceremony now, just mail me the regalia. Alternatively, 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after a district roundtable, committee meeting, etc. would also be fine. Or lunch/break time at a university of scouting event, etc. A short thing a one's own unit is fine, but intruding into someone else's unit seems weird.
  18. Which part of this rule is a leader leading a hike with multiple scouts breaking? Assuming there are other leaders elsewhere at a campout or other event wherein hiking is one part of the total activity. It does get kinda fuzzy defining what counts as a scouting activity when a campout has multiple elements, I'll admit. But there is no requirement to have multiple adults always together under the current rules (though it might be a good idea to change that). There's a difference between should and must language.
  19. Especially as the current standard is that you must follow ypt guidelines inside and outside of scouting. Its not practical to always have a registered adult buddy outside of scouting.
  20. My unit currently runs that way in scout book, that girls and boys dens are mixed in the database. It does make administration much easier and no one has yelled at us about it.
  21. I do like the Canadian approach. In short, parents have a cheaper/faster path to get clearance to attend events like campout, but that clearance is only good for 5 events. After those 5 events, they must register and have a more detailed check. That seems to balance the two competing concerns. more parents at events is good for helping address youth on youth abuse/bullying/etc.
  22. Also if you are integrating it into summer camp, no one wants to load up on a bus to drive to a school. And while you can get access to classrooms occasionally, its much harder to get access to fancy equipment like auto shop services.
  23. To the extent that it matters to units right now, its about the UMC and others hesitating on recharter. At my LC they are slowly dropping DEs and other staff. Only about half the districts have a staff person at this point, one camp has no staff, etc. Without recruitment I dunno if the council will survive to the end of bankruptcy.
  24. Its more that I get really leery of very wide zero tolerance policies and was giving a specific example.
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