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OFFICIAL NEWS RELEASE: Girls as Youth Members, All Programs

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I'm glad the board made this decision. It is the right one, for our youth and for the future of Scouting. If some COs and leaders can't adjust to modern life, so be it. The Scouts will be just fine, r

I became Eagle shortly after you (1978).  When I joined, the old requirements were still in place, and I earned Second Class under them.  I had about half the requirements for First Class done when th

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nope, this argument is the straw man. Boy Scouts is for boys. So a member of an organization for boys -- that has been for boys only for over 100 years -- has a very valid argument aski

While they might be missing the law on "Honest" maybe they are being "Kind" for those ready to have a conniption.  OR maybe Family Camping is Dad with his two sons in Troop 100 (m) and Mom and Daughter in parallel Troop 100 (f).




This isn't how they approached Exploring..... This isn't now they approached Venturing...... What makes anyone think that Cubs and Boy Scouts is going to be miraculously different.


Even if one has an all-boy Troop.  The first year they show up at summer camp, they'll realize it's not the same as before.

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We already have family camping in the Cub Scouts.  There has never been any indication from National that they are going to add Family Camping to the Boy Scouts.  I've asked before where people got that idea and the only answer was Boy's Life had some articles on Family Camping (I'd like to know when - I looked through the last two years of Boys Life at my local library and didn't find much in the way at all on "Family Camping"),  Even if Boys Life was encouraging Scouts to go family camping with their families, I don't see how people can think it means that the Boy Scouts is going to have family camping as an official part of the program.  My summer camp in the 1970's had an entire section of camp for "family camping" - for mothers and non-Scout children to camp (in cabins!) while their sons and husbands were off camping at summer camp.  They even had their own waterfront.  My mother and youngest brother were there two summers in a row - how many times did I see them?  Once - I think - as I was swimming a second mile of a mile swim (I just kept going after completing the first mile, which was a triangle between east, west and family camps) - I got in to a zone - and my poor Scoutmaster,  who was in the row boat following me couldn't keep up).  At least I think they were out there cheering me on.


There is nothing in the rules that says a Troop can't plan a family camping trip right now if they wanted - it isn't encouraged - but there's no rule against it.


I think people are reading way too much in to the word Family than is meant.


I think that we often have a blind spot when we ponder about how to recruit more boys, how do we get more Webelos to cross over, how do reduce the number of crossovers leaving the Scouts after a few months.  That blind spot is family.  Yes - we're putting together the program for the boys - but if we aren't "recruiting" the parents (and I don't mean in to leadership roles - I mean in to recognizing the value of Scouting to their sons), then we're just going to continue to lose.  I think National understands that - finally.

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Less bickering , thank you.


If you are going to delete posts where people respond to accusations, at least delete the offending post too.


Seriously, try to be a little less one-sided. I'll expect you to ban me for a day again. Right? Geesh.

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Wow, who knew 'okay then' was a cease and desist warning. Certainly not I.

RememberSchiff, moderating tone on the forum is appropriate but the continued attempts to control the direction of the conversation can be a turn-off for potential posters.

You don't do this to your Scouts, do you?

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CalicoPenn, I believe the article on family camping you are referring to is from Scouting magazine, not Boys Life. Not the most recent issue, but the one prior maybe. My copy isn't accessable at the moment, sorry.


Thanks - I appear to have been misinformed

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You'll have to ask them.  I agree that the BSA has not been as forthright about this whole thing as they should have been.  In fact I started a thread about it a few months ago - specifically about my council sending emails to local Scouters inviting them to the meetings where this subject was going to be discussed, and not mentioning that it involved increasing opportunities for girls in Scouting.  Other councils (though not all) did something similar.  And it was the people who attended those meetings who were "officially" invited to take the survey.  So, I'm with you.  But for myself, now that this is a done deal, I just don't see the point of complaining about it.  Others, of course, may complain as they wish.


What I was commenting on was this idea that some people have that the word "family" means a change in the program that involves a new role for parents, rather than just girls and young women.



Actually have folk in my district who believe that the 11-17 year old program will have a new role for parents and younger siblings because the BSA keeps using "Family." They think it will be a continuation of Cub Scouts.

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