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Obscure Summer Camp Must Haves

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Hi all,


My son is headed off to his first summer camp at Old Indian in 2 weeks. Not sure who's more excited. He's did twilight camp and 4-H camp last year (to semi-prep for this with being gone a week.) But I'm sure it'll be a totally different adventure for him.


Anyways, we have your generic list of what to bring (he is going, as well as his dad, as a leader.) My question to y'all is what is something that would be especially handy/useful that most wouldn't think to pack? Like I said, we have the generic lists we've been going by but I just know once he gets there, there will be something we didn't think of that would make things easier (or maybe not but I'm covering bases.)


Any suggestions?

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The camp item that is forgotten more and used less - bar of soap. 

I just wanted to say thank you all for the wonderful advice. They made it back today and used lots of what was on this list. The gold bond tip was a godsend - some of the others didn't feel the need t

Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

Every scout is different.

Some like their own cup/water bottle.

Others want their own knife/compass/fire starters.

Some boys have a preference in bug spray and suntan lotion.

If he wears glasses, don't forget the case!

Fishing? Include a knot guide in the tackle box. Nail clippers come in handy for cutting line. Needle nose pliers for extracting hooks. An old denim rag for grabbing fish. Don't forget that small bait box. Dad might want to pack a filet knife.

Spare batteries!


Cloth laundry bag.

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Can he sleep without a pillow?


Can he sleep with the night sounds of critters and =adults snoring? (if not, soft silicon ear plugs form shooting goods dept)


Will his tent have provision to keep skeeters out.  Most camp canvas wall tents don't.  Nets are readily available via Amazon.


'Cause if he doesn't get his sleep, he will run down pretty quickly.


Hat with a brim all around to prevent sunburned ears, neck and nose.

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A couple of paperback books - there will be some down time in the campsite and if he's not working on a project, they'll help fill the time.


A journal with pens - to write down his experiences of the days.


A camera with extra charged batteries


Some small zipper travel bags where smaller items like knives, compasses, sewing kits, change, etc. can be stored - makes it less likely for small things to get lost when they aren't just tossed loosley in to a backpack or duffle bag.



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For your husband:


  • Comfortable Camp Chair
  • Big Coffee Cup
  • Shirt that says "Do I Look Like a Boy Scout?" on the front and "Ask Your Patrol Leader" on the back
  • A Hammock - making sure to have taken Nap On Safely" training :) 
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A hanger?  What, you are prejudiced against wrinkles?!  What happened to sticks and rope or string?




This could get ugly.   :eek:  :D   

When I was a scout, back in the days of cotton  uniforms, my SM was an army Captain.  He was the one who hated wrinkles.    If we didnt look better than any of the other troops in camp, it could ( and did) get ugly!   I learned to lash together a hanger, but this is advice for a firsty :p   :)

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