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  1. Wonderful, thank you so much. I grew up with down pillows but don't recall them ever stinking or getting wet - just poking me from time to time! I will definitely bring some dryer sheets with me.
  2. Alrighty, so, I'm half way through the process after reading over everything above. I put it in our garden tub and hand washed it with woolite. Multiple times. Got all the soap out and left it in place to dry (stretched it out more and more as the water left.) IT. STINKS. lol. It stunk before but stinks even more so now. We will be taking it to the dryer this weekend (gonna use a big one versus my tiny one at home) and gonna do the "check it every 20 min while drying on a gentle, low/no heat cycle" method. We purchased tennis balls to put in it as well. Hoping I didn't do anything wrong,
  3. Thanks so much! I did a variety of searches but just couldnt find what I was looking for. Much appreciated.
  4. My husband was gifted a sleeping bag tonight for their upcoming winter camping trip (he's a leader with my son's troop.) I was able to get enough info off of the tag to find the following info on it. The directions on how to clean it (it's been in storage for awhile) are in Dutch and mostly rubbed off. My question is, does anyone know a good way to clean this without ruining it? My searching online didn't provide much help. Info I found: C.Q.C Ltd, 58 Webbing, Military Feather Sleeping Bag KLD.26.4142.11 Lang 1980 Mummy style hood Waterproof underneath so
  5. I just wanted to say thank you all for the wonderful advice. They made it back today and used lots of what was on this list. The gold bond tip was a godsend - some of the others didn't feel the need to bring it and are suffering this weekend! He's exhausted but already talking about the next trip.
  6. Alright, no laughing at me. Is this for chafing? I kept seeing it suggested when we packed for Disney last year for that so gonna assume here (yes, I know what assuming does sometimes) that's what it would be for here, too. At the time I bought a bar of (the name escapes me) that was for that specifically and it worked great but my sons & husband didn't use it.
  7. Thank you all so much! Many of these things...I wouldn't have even considered. A few of these, he took last year to 4H camp (some were used, some were not.) I forgot to note he will be staying in barracks? instead of a tent at this particular camp but I have no idea how enclosed it is or any of that. He was preparing to bring a tent until someone corrected us on it a few days ago. He loves his tent but I imagine this won't be too bad.
  8. Hi all, My son is headed off to his first summer camp at Old Indian in 2 weeks. Not sure who's more excited. He's did twilight camp and 4-H camp last year (to semi-prep for this with being gone a week.) But I'm sure it'll be a totally different adventure for him. Anyways, we have your generic list of what to bring (he is going, as well as his dad, as a leader.) My question to y'all is what is something that would be especially handy/useful that most wouldn't think to pack? Like I said, we have the generic lists we've been going by but I just know once he gets there, there will be somet
  9. Our Pack honored this concept, as I was the awards chair and made sure each year a scout got their re-charge if they previously earned the cyber chip. My question was more along the lines of your second reply, though, if he should just go ahead and do the who thing over as a boy scout, with the boy scout requirements. His next meet is this coming Monday so it will be addressed! Thank you for your input.
  10. So once they start working on star, they would do the entire list for Boy Scouts cyber chip? Inbetween Scout and Star, if their previous cyber chip expires, do they just leave it expired until working on star? I'm realizing as you said many do it differently. Trying to see what all options there are.
  11. I agree. The thing that was hanging me up was the boy scouts from last year did not complete the parts that required working with their troop (I know this from speaking to a few parents) but have their Scout rank completed. Hence my confusion with it all. I'll suggest my son talk it over with his scout master (or patrol leader? still learning the hierarchy here) when that time comes. I do know the requirements changed from 3rd to 4th grade, I believe it was, but since the patch/chip stayed the same, our den only did the re-charge. Looking back maybe they should have did all the steps (inst
  12. Hi all, I had a question about the cyber chip, in regards to my scout who bridged to Boy Scouts this year. Right now, he is working on the Scout rank and is still in 5th grade. I understand that since his re-charge from Cub Scouts is still good, it will count. My question is, when August rolls around and he's a 6th grader, once his Cyber Chip expires (a month or so later,) does he do the Boy Scout re-charge or does he have to do the full Boy Scout Cyber Chip requirements, since it's a new patch/chip? I would assume the latter but everyone I've asked so far has given me conflicting resp
  13. Thank you. It's funny you mention that camp. We had it my son's Wolf, Bear & Webelos summers. Then last year, we didn't because the camp director left, the other camp (can't think of the position) bailed and we were too late to get anyone else to help. We relied too heavily on the same two people for 5 years to do it (which means years before my time, too) so when they were both suddenly gone, we were in a hole. That being said, we just sent two people last weekend to training for day camp (we do twilight camp.) One of them has enough peppiness & spunk for 50 people, the other is
  14. I've been a member of our pack committee since 2012. It's one of my absolute favorite "roles", as I've been able to help so much on it. I definitely plan to continue attending those meetings as it was stressed today (while starting setup at B&G) that they could use my help at both our twilight camp coming up as well as a pack camp out. Since boy scouts also assist with the pack camp outs, I could assist along with my son when needed (along with the other Troop scouts that usually help out with the Cubs.) Thank you, too, on the solid troop advice. I will definitely not take that lightly an
  15. Thank you ^_^ I agree with the feeder pack sentiment and discussed with my husband today that I really would like to continue to help the pack out. As for District, I will continue to attend their meets and hopefully things will work out (I will try my best to assist with that.)
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