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Petitions delivered by Eagle Scout over Anti-Gay Policy

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Eagledad, never heard the theory that being a bully is a born trait.. But, OK.. BSA does let them in... Some people express that the youth who are bullies need scouting, when they start pulling apart the unit, we get forum questions as to how to get rid of them.. Basically it is a local decision to request the bully leave the unit or a local option of the unit to not accept the registration of a "known" bully.. But, there is no National policy against bullies.. As for pedophiles... even if it was a born trait... DUH!!!!!!!!! Again being homosexual is not a crime against children.. It does not exploit or hurt them.


packsaddle.. To me really doesn't matter.. I suspect some is a choice.. But, most by choice is youthful sexual experimentation.. The majority of those if they are truly heterosexual will return to being heterosexual when they choose a permanent partner.. But, there are bi-sexuals who if they wish to settle down, will need to choose which gender..


jonathanrbaker - Very nice article. It is amazing how well homosexuals can be good productive parents! The worst they could throw at this group is those raised by same sex are On a little over half the items evaluated, they displayed more like heterosexual stepfamilies and single parents.?.. Considering the flaw in the experiment this is exceptional!


The flaw they failed to mention is that the best children of this grouping ARE children who were raised by step parents, because homosexuals can never be the biological parents.. But, this is not the only group lumped into this study.. You have the adoptive child, as part of this grouping.. While a few may have had normal childhoods up to being raised by homosexuals, this would only be a small group of children raised by heterosexual parents where both died together and named a homosexual relative or friend guardian.. Then there may be some children raised by a single parent who dies and names a homosexual guardian..


But for most adoptions by homosexuals, lets us not forget the real pool of children who could be adopted by homosexuals.. Maybe some is changing now, in some states, but as it is still not considered the "ideal" home environment I doubt it.. Homosexuals do not adopt the cute newborn babies. They are only allowed the ability to adopt the "unwanted" children (if that).. Those with birth defects (normal or through parental drug abuse).. Those who had severe psychological problems either due to an abusive home, or being in the system too long.. These homosexuals take the unwanted children and give them a good home, a secure family..


Yet with this pool of the unwanted adopted children grouped into the pool of children whose step-parent is homosexual.. We get the following results "On 25 of 40 different outcomes evaluated, the children of women whove had same-sex relationships fare quite differently than those in stable, biologically-intact mom-and-pop families, displaying numbers more comparable to those from heterosexual stepfamilies and single parents." Pretty amazing and impressive.. Give credit where credit is due!!


Now redo the research and compare the same-sex raised children who are now in a stepfamily due to the relationship, normal adoptions in 2nd group, 3rd group those who were "hard-to-place" adoptive children.. Now how do they compare against their similar groups of hetersexual parents? Then you can compare them to the hetersexual family unit that stays in tact, and maybe they will place lower then then idea family but my hypothisis is that broken up, most of your children with more difficulties due to their physical handicaps and psychological problems due to their history before they were adoptive will score lower with their adult lifes then the other too groups. But I would be curious toe to toe how these groups will fare when compared to their own similar groups.




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So you are saying your heterosexual urge is not biologically ingrained?.. You could be perfectly happy being homosexual?.. Very interesting..


Personally I know that biologically I am sexually attracted to the opposite sex.. I just can not fathom the option to "choose" to be sexually attracted to the same sex.. If I accept that I am wired that way, it is not such a difficult idea for me to understand that others are not wired the same way as I am..(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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"gay style of behavior in your troop"


Well in the troop I serve, I'm certain given the option, our CO(a Methodist Church)would accept someone in a leadership role who happened to be gay, just as it currently accepts leaders who are not. However I'm also certain they would not tolerate heterosexual behaviour in a scouting environment anymore than they would homosexual behaviour. Sexual behaviour is not part of our unit's activities period.





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What is a "gay style of behavior"?

Is it the Christian Minister friend of mine? So we don't want Christian Ministers in the troop?

Or is it my Law school professor neighbor? Last thing we need is a law prof around!

Maybe it is the CTO of the multinational corporation. He and his partner are spending WAY Too much time raising their son. Don't want THAT around.


You will find that once you look beyond shock television, that "gay style of behavior" is as varied as "Christian style behavior" or "Hispanic style behavior." That there are good and bad examples of all of the above.

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Eagledad, could you please explain what "gay style of behavior" is? Again, I feel compelled to note that I am asking this question of Eagledad because he is the person who originated the idea. I am not asking for others to try to channel him and provide his thoughts for him. I just want to understand from Eagledad himself what a "gay style of behavior" is.

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True.. So you would be fine if one day one of those futuristic worlds are created.. Let us say if we have much worse venereal diseases then currently..


So all babies born in test tubes, no one ever is allowed to marry or love (because that would lead to sexual urges), and it becomes unlawful to have sex (heterosexual, homosexual or any other sexual) due to the dangers such relationships can cause to the extinction of mankind..


World-wide celibacy.. A primal urge can be stamped out, by just all of us going to self-control. No one will miss a thing.


Maybe even the bible can add it to the "Newer then new testament".. Because God spoke to some new profit, and said.. "Sex of any type is a sin..".. While he is at it, I am sure he will have a few more things to say, so the "Newer then new testament" has some bulk to it..


Just think perfect children.. All smart, no birth defects, all with talents the world needs in-bred in them.. It will be just like ordering your burger at Burger King.


The new world according to EagleDad.

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A Boy Scouts of America (Executive?) board member, James Turley, global chairman and CEO of consulting and tax firm Ernst & Young, stated "I support the meaningful work of the Boy Scouts in preparing young people for adventure, leadership, learning and service, however the membership policy is not one I would personally endorse, he said in a statement first reported by CNBC. I intend to continue to work from within the BSA Board to actively encourage dialogue and sustainable progress.




Apparently Mr. Turley and Mr. Stephenson, AT&T CEO and Chairman and a BSA board member, signed that online petition.


Uh, Oh I did not see the new "Uh, Oh" topic thread before I posted.(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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Eagledad - I gave you three examples of three gays:


One single gay male, minister

One partnered lesbian professional, law professor, raising one male and one female child

One partnered gay male, educated professional, raising a male child


All 3 would happily serve in a Scout unit if allowed to. What is their "gay style of behavior" you are worried about as an example to other Scouts?

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There are gays allowed as teachers in public schools.


So our kids are around gay kids in school all day. They have an openly gay teacher. Then they come home, and we put them in a uniform and send them to scouts where there will hopefully be no gay people to influence them?


Does that even make any sense? Heck, even their bus driver could be gay.


What we need our youth to learn is how to interact with these people successfully and without fear or paranoia, how to get along and be a brother and a friend to anyone without judging them, and how to build a team of people who are nothing like each other into a team they can lead to success. That is the world they are going into to be leaders.


No Eagle Scouts coming into my company are going to get a gay/atheist free environment to work in and their choice of co-workers. They might get a gay boss, coworkers, or employees.


So what is even the point?


I understand BSA has the right. I fail to understand the purpose for exercising it.

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