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  1. From a thread in the /BSA Sub Reddit: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has 41 live records for the term "Scouting." Of these 41 live trademark/patient registrations, 13 are owned by the BSA including the following: NORTHERN STAR SCOUTING, FRIENDS OF SCOUTING, LIVE SCOUTING'S ADVENTURE NATIONAL JAMBOREE SBR 2017, LIVE SCOUTING'S ADVENTURE, SCOUTING WORKS, THIS IS SCOUTING, MY.SCOUTING, SCOUTINGU, SCOUTING FOR ADVENTURE, SCOUTING FOR FOOD, NATIONAL SCOUTING MUSEUM, NATIONAL CATHOLIC COMMITTEE ON SCOUTING, and SCOUTING. 0 "Scouting" are owned by the GSUSA.
  2. The percent depends on your source of data. Underemployement is trending down: https://cew.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/Underemployment-Declines.pdf https://www.newyorkfed.org/research/college-labor-market/college-labor-market_underemployment_jobtypes.html
  3. cocomax - taking your post point by point: I’m sure people who take polo lessons or sailing lessons earn a lot more on average too, Does that mean you should send your kids to sailing school? - It depends. If you control for SES (Socio Economic Scale), will you find the same impact? College diploma holders do earn more over time, regardless of SES upon entry. Young people feel they must go to college because if they don't they are in trouble, they are told they doomed to a life of being poor if they do not go to college. Costs are outrageously high, but you pay them beca
  4. You still need a validated certification methodology to prove actual attendance and more importantly comprehension. That is the biggest barrier to online education right now - testing and certification.
  5. Yup, but they already both have their degrees. Pete even has a JD to go with his bachelors (in philosophy). Now Pete will pay you to drop out of school and join his incubator (if you are good enough), but his portfolio company Palantir also has job postings labeled "new grad." Go over to Musk's Tesla, and you will find this line on some of the job postings "Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; post-graduate or professional degrees a plus."
  6. Hmm, ... Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce), degree from USC. Peter Thiel (PayPal, etc.), degree from Stanford. Elon Musk (Tesla), degree from U Penn. Jobs and Gates are outliers, not a model to follow. Colleges and Universities do not create mindless drones. Teaching that to kids means that those kids, statistically, will have a lower lifetime pay than their peers. Now, if they prefer the trades (and listen to Mike Rowe), they might have a more fulfilling life. However, they also might end up in a mindless drone job on an assembly line.
  7. So much bad information in this thread. Yes, a few companies will hire without a college degree. Mine included. However, lifetime earnings are better for college degrees vs stopping with a high school diploma. https://cew.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/collegepayoff-complete.pdf "A 2002 Census Bureau study estimated that in 1999, the average lifetime earnings of a Bachelor’s degree holder was $2.7 million (2009 dollars), 75 percent more than that earned by high school graduates in 1999. Today, we find similar numbers — but since 1999, the premium on college education
  8. When I have to update my training, I have had my sons sit with me and go through it too - safe swim, weather, climb-on, trek, etc. I added youth protection to their mix as well. I wanted them to hear from the BSA why we do things the way we do, and then we had some great conversations as well. Some of this is tough for many parents to discuss with their kids, and doing the videos together can help open up conversations. My two cent.
  9. Damn, I wish this campfire was real and not digital. First, when I say "we" I mean American society, and at some points also some Scouting activities I have observed. Second, I have observed situations in Scouting and school were rewards / accomplishment were given based on criteria that could only be achieved with a significant level of parental / adult control - well beyond just input or mentoring. The OP started this mentioning the "2am Saturday morning a group of dads were busy building the award winning pioneering project while the boys slept." If, instead, the Campo
  10. What I am saying, apparently not clear enough, is that when you force adult requirements on children - don't be surprised when they turn to adults to get it done.
  11. It exists, and we created it. Let me provide some examples. Pinewood derby - when the winning car comes from the kid whose family has the tool set at home to build the perfect racer or art object. They get the awards, while the kids who actually did it himself goes home discouraged. The next year, other parents learn the rules of the game and take over. Campsite pioneering projects - where the camp rewards the 2:00 AM dads, while the Troop of boys whose gateway is a lashed collection of random poles and lines (but with proper knots) does not place. The next year, adult leaders either
  12. As this thread is about preparing for girls in the youth Scout portion of the organization (since they were already adult leaders, on Ships, in Crews, and part of Posts), here is what is happening at my unit. The committee and all parents of current Scouts were asked to vote on the committee sponsoring a girl's troop. The vote was in favor, but not unanimous. A sharing of gear, and some financial sponsorship will be provided to help get things off of the ground. I have already offered to be an adult leader of the new Troop. My goal is simple - ensure that as we build a Troop with ma
  13. Both of my sons (and I as a youth) were recognized at the Brotherhood level. Both of my sons also cringed at the Hollywood Indian and copy of the Plains war bonnet worn, knowing that it a form of stolen valor in eyes of many tribes. It helped (and hurt) when a member of the Navajo nation stayed with us and had long conversations with them about history, abuse, etc. Some lodges do an amazing job of working with the local tribes, but unfortunately far too many do nothing of the sort. As for cross-overs.... When we crossed Cubs over, the invitation was delivered by the Patrol that
  14. Did she have a bad experience with BSA (or GSA) bureaucracy before? I saw this happen - my son was the Crew President and he and the advisor did NOT get along. The Advisor was going down one path, he and the Crew were going down another. Result: The Crew dissolved as an official organism, and instead became a group of boys who did all of the things a crew could and should do. They raised money, went on adventures, scheduled and booked their own trips, etc. To a youth, the payoff of bureaucracy is hard to see, and in some cases might be non-existent. So you COULD be up against tha
  15. Robberies are a problem due to Federal laws preventing the dispensaries from using traditional banking or credit card services. The Feds will shut down the account and seize the assets, so they all work on a cash basis. That much cash = great target for a robbery.
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