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  1. We bring new adults in to a unit and we want them to get their trained patch (we want them to complete all appropriate basic training, which is what the patch is). So why is it that the adult positions outside the unit that these new adults are most likely to meet don't have a trained patch? Namely every District and Council position, such as unit commissioners, summer camp staff, etc. Many new adults are shy anyway and don't want to wear a patch that hardly anyone else is wearing.
  2. Bring a laptop to a meeting with internet access. While the boys go off and do whatever it is that they're going to be doing anyway, have the parents spend the hour running through Youth Protection, This is Scouting, Fast Start: whatever. Offer cookies and other refreshments in between each internet class because adults who have to sit there doing that internet stuff for too long get cranky (seriously). Hey presto, they're done and they can go on every campout, etc. Then you all walk outside to the parking lot. Don't surprise anyone, in case they changed providers recently and don't h
  3. I have hundreds of kids... but if I ever have a kid of my own, every patch on a pocket, and any patch that they might have to change later on will be velcroed on. Sewing on patches? Don't really mind that. Picking out the threads from a patch that was sewed on previously? Rather irksome. Sewing a patch on a pocket by hand instead of getting to use the machine? Only going to happen once per shirt.
  4. Maybe it's because of the "non-camping" things you have to do, requirement 9b. Camping alone won't earn you the camping merit badge.
  5. Boy those kids grow up fast. It's time to buy him his first little file folder box and teach him how to file things. Someday he can graduate to a full filing cabinet. Personally, I favor the "categorize and index" method.
  6. At the Court of Honor when you award everything else? Get a Cyber Chip patch and/or certificate from the same place you get every other patch/certificate, the Scout store. ​http://www.scoutstuff.org/catalogsearch/result/?q=cyber+chip
  7. Anyone heard anything about the new cooking merit badge requirements?
  8. Why would I want a notification that I posted? I already know that, I'm the one that did it. In the Notifications for this site, we can turn on email notifications. If we turn them on, they're delivered, "When you post a new conversation, reply to a topic or someone likes your post". Why would I want an emailed notification about my own actions? Now, if someone else "likes" my post or if someone else responds to my post, sure I'ld usually like to hear about that, but why would I want a notification about my own posting?
  9. If National wasn't a higher division, they couldn't change the membership requirements. I think National is a little more than a support structure for Councils/Districts.
  10. Well, as that "very long link" in my post up there shows, apparently just typing a link into the normal post window works and makes a clickable link. I'm not sure what the difference is, though, why one would work and others don't.
  11. The forum automatically puts url tags around links, but doesn't display them. It's sort of distracting, especially for long links where they're repeated three times. http://www.thisisaverylonglink.averylonglinkindeed.onethatwillberepeatedthreetimes.com
  12. I can't edit a post. When I try, it tells me that I have to add a title to the post, but it won't let me click in the title field and type anything in there.
  13. The BSA will offer a Wilderness First Aid Train the Trainer course at Philmont this fall. It'll be offered through ECSI [url=http://www.ecsinstitute.org/]http://www.ecsinstitute.org/[/url=http://www.ecsinstitute.org/] I took it last fall and it was a great course. Not as good as my Wilderness First Responder through NOLS/WMI, but then WFR allows a couple more things than WFA does (like the focused spine assessment) and it's a longer course overall. If you go, let me know so that I can count you as one of my three people for the Philmont Training Center Masters Award [url=http://www.usscout
  14. National Camping School certification isn't necessarily good for five years, as the recert lengths vary depending on what you're getting. "But the National website says..." I know, but the National website is sort of wrong. For instance, COPE or Climbing Instructor Level 2 is still taught at some NCS sessions this year (and will also be taught this fall at Philmont) and it's only good for the normal time for that level, even though you get an NCS patch and can say that you attended NCS. Climbing Lead Instructor is no longer a certification, it's now COPE or Climbing Level 1, Level 2, then P
  15. Wilderness First Aid for the Boy Scouts is slightly different from a "regular" WFA class in that there's additional material. It's pretty much the same as becoming an LNT Instructor/Master Educator, the certification comes from outside Boy Scouts (in LNT's case from the LNT Center for Outdoor Ethics), all the training is the same, but there's additional material that the Boy Scouts adds to the course. This is why a Boy Scout WFA class is 16 hours, while most WFA classes are only 8-12 hours. We have Wilderness First Aid trainers in the area. Some started training through the Red Cross.
  16. I think girls should be able to join Boy Scouts. My sisters wanted to do the fun things that I was able to do. My young cousins today think that Girl Scouts is boring and want to go do to the fun things they see Boy Scouts doing. I think a name change would have to be in order, though. Perhaps, to keep the BSA acronym, it could be changed to Both Scouts of America, or simply follow 3M's line and simply change the name to "BSA" or something. Sure, you're going to have some people making fun of the name change with things like: Bodacious Scouts of America. Cowabunga, dude! Buxom Scouts
  17. If someone gives you a gift, if you don't have anything against it, accept it. As to the creator of a "paper Venturing unit" throwing a new unit founder award in the trash, why would anyone want to create a paper Venturing unit in the first place? I don't really understand most of the people in this thread.
  18. That website seems to have gone down as well. Anyone happen to have a copy that they could send me or know another website that it's been uploaded to?
  19. The recent change to the Dog Care merit badge says, "The activities used to fulfill the requirements for the Dog Care merit badge may not be used to help fulfill the requirements for other merit badges." How were people double-tapping those requirements? I checked out Mammal Study, but there's nothing in there that would seem to overlap. First Aid, perhaps? I don't see it.
  20. You'd have my vote for removing loops/tabs/epaulettes. I've already put velcro on my arm so I can more easily swap a position patch.
  21. I think we need a new National silver/gold policy. If this means redesigning/renaming some things, then great, redesign/rename away. The problem is that sometimes gold is better than silver and sometimes silver is better than gold. I'm sure we're all familiar with how silver is better in Eagle palms while gold is better in JTE, but here's a new one: Commissioners above Council-level wear gold epaulettes but their position patches feature silver wreaths while all Commissioners within the Council wear silver epaulettes and their position patches feature gold wreaths.
  22. I noticed that the new camp standards have a revised section. I sat down and compared the two and the only new thing that I saw was a new paragraph, "For all camps, the training plan communicates that all employees must go online and take Unlawful Harassment Prevention training. A roster of participants who have completed the online training is maintained at the council office. Prior to, or upon arrival at camp, each employee must provide a copy of the certificate showing his or her successful completion of the training." Yes, the word "all" was also emphasized in the original. So, just
  23. http://bsauniforms.org/#/venturer/item-venturerfemale and http://bsauniforms.org/#/scout-leader/item-leaderfemale show women wearing uniform shirts that are tucked in. Will the new shirts that have a top which is more appropriately sized for a female now be long enough that it can be tucked in without popping out every time a person moves? Or are the women shown wearing men's shirts?
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