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  1. Girl Scouts letter to BSA

    As far as the UW (and probably most of the corporate sponsors), they still have a policy against giving to organizations that discriminate on the basis of religion and/or creed.
  2. A letter from my SE

    So do I, and I know of all the recent policy changes. I don't agree it's the same organization. An organization that excluded Jews (as many US clubs did decades ago) is different from the same organization once it stops excluding Jews. Excluding people is teaching by demonstration.
  3. President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    I've been fine, how's by you?
  4. President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    On what possible grounds?
  5. President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    And still is.
  6. Religious groups and individual beliefs

    People can redefine themselves all they want -- but if you genuinely want to understand what another person means by "atheist" or "agnostic", you need to ask them what they mean. If you just want to slap labels on people, you don't even need to ask first.
  7. Religious groups and individual beliefs

    Better correction here: ask people who call themselves "atheist" and/or "agnostic" (and plenty are both, like me) what they mean by the terms, not other people.
  8. Boys and Girls (Co-Ed) Cub and Boy Scouts Are Coming

    And since LFL allows atheists, either atheist boys can join via LFL, or it's lawsuit time again. And the BSA can't argue that excluding atheists is somehow a vital part of the program since they would already allow atheist girls. As others have also mentioned STEM scouting, I've seen conflicting statements on whether that uses LFL; here's one that says it does: http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/04/15/stem-scouts/ Plus concerning the recent "atheists can be part of a Unitarian-Universalist" troop, maybe adding a "Public Lip Service" merit badge could be added.
  9. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    It does to fulfill stosh's imaginary governmental repression. It's the difference between being arrested for being a jerk vs. being treated as a jerk for being a jerk.
  10. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    By whom? Hate speech is perfectly legal in the US.
  11. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    There's still the ban on atheists, and yes, atheist organizations do and will object to recruitment in public schools.
  12. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    I won't hold my breath waiting for such a rightwing fantasy to happen, just like those imaginary FEMA death camps.
  13. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    Or to just dismissing people as "the permissive". Regardless, you don't get to decide what other people find "incendiary" or not.
  14. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    Hate speech isn't a crime in the US, and can't be as long as the first amendment means anything.
  15. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    YOU don't get to decide what OTHER people find "incendiary". Your terminology was clearly used as an insult.
  16. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    There IS no legal action. Names hurt? When hasn't there been namecalling for the last three decades in this BSA nonsense, hypocrite? (cf. your reference to "the permissive")
  17. "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    Only if the BSA violates the law. Simple, isn't it? The BSA is still a private, discriminatory organization; just act like one.
  18. Talking politics around the campfire

    Strictly speaking, voting isn't a right in the US. States vary widely on whether/which ex-felons can vote; if it was a right, I don't think states (IA, KY, FL) could prohibit ex-felons from voting even after completing their sentences.
  19. The best way I've ever heard of (and it's pretty clearly constitutionally OK) is to actually find out what days students and teachers are planning to stay out of school, whether it's for a religious holiday or family gathering or whatever, and plan to have the school closed on days with the most absences and try to avoid things like important tests on remaining days with high absence rates.
  20. So, you're saying all non-Christians who get paid extra for working on xmas are unethical. By the way, I consider being paid to dole out "religion" unethical.
  21. Stosh, it's obvious over many years that you have no idea what an atheist would think or do.
  22. Plenty do, but they usually get overtime pay.
  23. Unless they don't: http://www.dontsaythepledge.com And if public schools try to punish them, the Freedom From Religion Foundation makes them stop. https://ffrf.org/faq/state-church/item/14030-pledge-of-allegiance https://ffrf.org/legal/other-legal-successes/item/19878-ffrf-stops-school-from-forcing-students-to-recite-pledge-of-allegiance-november-20-2013
  24. "let boys be atheists" in the sense that they will be required to recite a god-oath and proselytized to become Christians, and can't be adult leaders.
  25. Sorry, I still say that's 100% wrong. States have powers to fulfill their duties, not rights.