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How To Be An Eagle Scout For DUMMIES

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Intro: Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle--it doesn't matter how you get it.


*You don't need to camp!


*Avoiding the scoutcraft trap.


*Eagle by 13 or last minute--which is easier?


*Time-saving easy POR's, making the fake Den Chief, Librarian, and Bugler get you the credit.


*Managing Mom and Dad: getting them to do the work.


*Need a Counselor...ask Mom!


*10 tips for double-dipping.


*Service Hours that serve YOU.


* They can't stop you-Scoutmaster end runs, ASM's play-offs, and Merit Badge Bamboozles from the masters.


*Planning the easy Eagle appeal.


*Easy and fun last minute Eagle Projects.


*Post-Eagle Troop exit strategies: graceful moves that work.



*Easy-path map to success.


*Sample "How I live the Scout Oath and Law" scripts.


*Writing the college application letter: how to mention "Eagle Scout" in a natural style.





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Being Active: how to get credit without actually showing up.


Scout Spirit: choosing a definition that doesn't mean anything, but saying it with a convincing voice.


Appearance Matters: how to look good for adults while having fun stuffing first year scouts into the latrine.


Recommendation Letters: they're not required, but list mom and dad for all four categories.


Find the Weak Link: how to identify adults who will sign off no matter what.

Chapter Bonus - forging signatures of scouters who have moved out of town or passed away.


The Easiest Path: identifying the requirement in "choose one of the following" which is WAY easier than all the others (there's always one).


The Easiest Path 2: helping adults "interpret" the requirements to your advantage. The fine art of "don't add to the requirement".


The Dance of the Blue Cards: Tips and techniques for getting 8 merit badges at a 3-hour event


The Art of Plagiarism: Copying projects, paperwork, and reports while pretending to know what you're doing.


Leadership Projects & Mentors : How to suck up and get the adults to do the whole thing.


Special Section: 15 hour flag retirements - the project no one questions because it's "patriotic" and yeh get to count chilling with your friends around da fire.


Your BsOR : Stock BS answers to the stock adult questions and other techniques.


Advanced Technique Section


Jumping Ship: How to troop-hop your advancement by adding requirements to your resume and capitalizing on benefit-of-the-doubt.


Claiming Disability: an advanced technique for getting around any physical challenge that would actually require practice or exercise.


Repentance Never Fails: how you can rob the local pharmacy of narcotics at gunpoint and still get Eagle by just pretending to be sorry.


The Guide to Advancement: your tool for getting away with anything by parsing words.


Never Fear, NATIONAL is Here!: when you have some real hard-case of an adult who actually believes swimming, you know, means swimming, don't fret. You'll win on appeal because it's the adult's fault he didn't actually explain that swimming meant swimming in triplicate and the native tongue of your great-grandfather.


And, for a limited time and a small up-charge we have the special pamphlet:


Need a college resume enhancer? What to bring and what to say so that you can join a troop and get Eagle in less than a month, having never been a Boy Scout in your life!


(This message has been edited by Beavah)

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< *You don't need to camp!


*Avoiding the scoutcraft trap.


*Eagle by 13 or last minute--which is easier?


*Time-saving easy POR's, making the fake Den Chief, Librarian, and Bugler get you the credit.


*Managing Mom and Dad: getting them to do the work.




Wow! I'd say Tampa Turtle and Beavah really have the outline for this book KNOCKED!



Funny though --- I was at a Patrol Leader Meeting last night to discuss plans for a Troop Recruiting Night September 10th.


The emphasis was on how to have FUN at the recruiting night with a super cobbler cooked in a Dutch Oven and the opportunity to go on an easy backpack trip the following weekend to so some mountain lakes in the Alpine Wilderness Area.


Selling fun and adventure seems like a promising strategy for attracting new Scouts. Selling "Eagle Scouts For Dummies" does NOT. So what is happening between the enthusiasm of new Scouts and the cynicism of "Eagles For Dummies"?

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There isn't enough room for me to type. My Den Chief alone is top notch. He came to almost every Den meeting we had for the past 2.5 years. He wasn't even First class and couldn't be an official Den Chief, or earn credit for it yet, and he came and helped anyways. I went to the Committee and asked to make it official as soon as he got his First Class. We got him a patch, cord, and new knife (that was actually made in the USA)

He got tapped into the O.A. and we are in the same lodge. Was at his Ordeal and very proud.


Yours in Cheerful Service



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To me all these posts show is that the BSA has a serious credibility issue concerning what seems to be an evergrowing trend, scouts cheating/skimming by/not actually doing the requirements for the rank of Eagle. This seems to be such a common occurance that the executives in two large companies in my area no longer use the Eagle as a factor in choosing potential employees because in their own words, "the Eagle scouts we have interviewed over the last five years have been sorely lacking in presenting themselves with confidence, their inability to articulate their leadership experiences or explain what achieving the Eagle has contributed to their lives."


These companies have instructed their HR departments to no longer consider a resume listing "Eagle Scout" as a factor in determining the best candidates for the job. The saddest part of all is those boys who have worked hard, actually done all the requirements, followed all the rules, and legitimately earned Eagle Scout, are now tarnished by all these eagle mill rejects who have found a way to cheat the system and be rewarded for it. We as scout leaders wonder why people have lost respect for the BSA, I think the examples in these posts answer the question pretty well.


SP, maybe your book should be titled, How to Restore the Respect and Honor of the Eagle Scout Award.(This message has been edited by BadenP)

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I think our time as Scouters is better spent making our Eagles into the young men we want them to be, rather than raving about other peoples troops or pointlessly arguing the stupid nonsense of the day in Politics. I love this forum, but I sometimes wish there was more discussion of Scouting, particularly the OUTING aspect.

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