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  1. My daughter is a Venturer officer and a Den Chief for Webelos. Why not OA? No good answer. Corp of Discover? Say it with me people "seperate but equal".
  2. WAKWIB, Not worth losing sleep over. Everyone has a quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts. Keep your matches dry.
  3. Moosetracker: 1.) Protestant is vague. Like saying you were born on Earth. 2.) You are claiming your experience is the rule not exception. Paint brush kinda big. 3.) There is about 40 different denominations based on Methodism. The Episcopal Methodist Church merged with the Methodist Protestant Church creating the United Methodist Church in 1968. "Episcopal" is a form of church governance. The Roman Catholic Church is "Episcopal". LDS also, though they never use the term officially. Most Methodist Churches use "Connexionalism" for governance. You also have "Congregational" and "Presbyter
  4. Dwise1_AOL: " including Revelations which ironically promises severe consequences on anyone who would make even the slightest change to Revelations." It is "The Revelation" or "Book of Revelation". Singular. not Revelations. No biggie, just saying.
  5. Want to strengthen OA? Let the green girls in.
  6. "Quick back info....The wife and I are starting a Venture Crew, We recruited members, got a Charter Organization, before we contacted council about it. Got all the apps, online training certs, fees ready to go." Contact council and told we need this up coming Venture Leader Specific training....everyone. Advisors, Commitee, Charter Rep, All Of Us. Then Charter training in Oct. ( "which needs to be done ASAP because it affects your JTE you Know"...like I care) On to the Question. .. Will having some of the Legion / commitee members not attend the training cause us issue in getting our charter
  7. Pack, Can't get PM working, but would love some topo maps.
  8. I am doing the same thing. 8 Bears, 3 Wolves, and 2 Tigers. Like you I just go through the books and match things up as appropriate. good luck, Tim
  9. It's nice to see fellow home schoolers here. When you tell other others you home school do they stare at you like you have two heads and then ask how do they build social skills? Maybe we need a HomeSchool Scout forum. I turned 18 and ran off to the Army. BEST thing I ever did. They don't care about age, race, religion or social/economic background. YOUR A SOLDIER AND A MAN and they expect you to act like it. Before i was old enough to drink a beer i was an NCO in the infantry running a weapons squad. Calling flanking manuvers. Air strikes and artillery support. Come back and your a
  10. Living on one income. We call it living with in your means. You be surprised at what you don't NEED to live. No cable, No new cars, Alternative fuel, No eating out, Shop at thrift stores, Make Christmas presents, Produce as much of your own food as possible, and supplement income from whatever you can. Mainly just being happy with what you do have. Don't worry about all the things everyone tells you you need to be happy. My wife stays at home because it is more cost effective. Any second income would only cover child-care and fuel for travel ( no public transportation here.) It also
  11. If you find the sure fire answer on getting parents active, you need to package it and sell it for a mint. Yours in Cheerful Service, Tim
  12. I have P.M.d you twice and given you my phone #. You haven't responded. Tim
  13. B.D. - did we find common ground? josryan - just pictured a bunch of kids in hiking packs on a subway. priceless. Yours In Cheerful Service Tim
  14. Not everyone in the country are farmers, Only those that own some acreage. Very few have new equipment that you speak of. My tractors are worth less about $2,000. Southern farmers are not Mid-West grain farmers. My father always said "if you want to farm, get a job first." because very little money is made in it. Many people in my "neighborhood" walk and ride bikes where they need to go. Many migrant workers pile up 20 into a truck. Over 1/2 here live in single wide trailers. Urban areas are not the only ones hurting economically. We have no public transportation. We have few public prog
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