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  1. So is this: The Code of Canon Law promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 1983 contains eighty-four canons that call for or permit legislative action by the episcopal conference. Since that time the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (designated the National Conference of Catholic Bishops prior to July 1, 2001) has taken action on twenty-nine canons, thereby establishing particular legislation for the dioceses of the United States.This website contains a compilation of the complementary norms approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In some instances the bishops
  2. Not true. The bishops are answerable to their metropolitans and conferences in a limited fashion and are also bound by canon law and all nations have complimentary canons called particular law. If they can have particular law on leasing property (they do) they can have one on sponsoring units. Would they do it? Unlikely, unless more lawsuits crop up.
  3. Since it involves youth protection and the Church is self-insured I think they could if the lawyers and underwriters were recommending it.
  4. I camp out a month is a goal to strive for but cannot always be met. JTE gold is 10 in a year. Most Troops in my district can only do 6/7 in a year due to schedules.
  5. Not true. The USCCB could decide to vote and adopt a national policy that each bishop would be obliged to implement. Not sure what it would take for that to happen though.
  6. https://www.umnews.org/en/news/30-million-from-united-methodists-in-bsa-bankruptcy
  7. I guess I am flabbergasted that after all this the BSA and every state isn’t requiring background checks and clearances. 6 years ago Pennsylvania by law requires any one 18 and above involved with youth organizations to have: 1. A State Police background check 2. PA Childline clearance (no accusations of abuse) 3. If you have not lived in PA for 10 years FBI background check.
  8. BSA did away with regions and areas on June 1 and replaced them with 16 Service Territories. The OA still has Regions and Sections but they don’t necessarily align with the new Service Territories.
  9. Local Media Statement – Trust Contributions September 16, 2021 Attributable to the Laurel Highlands Council The national organization of the BSA continues to work toward the dual imperatives of its financial restructuring: equitably compensate survivors and ensure the future of Scouting’s vital mission. As part of the Boy Scouts of America’s financial restructuring, the specific contributions each local council will make to help fund the Trust for survivors was filed with the Court. These figures were determined through a combination of information filed in
  10. Scoutbook, the Scout Handbook, Merit Badge pamphlets are all digital now. It’s 2021, phones are a tool and reference.
  11. Why? Was it a condition of the donation? If not, goodbye Schott. Lots of people donate to Scouts without having stuff named after them.
  12. You could always volunteer to become a commissioner or a member of the district committee.
  13. Rome certainly has control over the assignment of bishops.
  14. I disagree. The unit Scouts can still not vote for a candidate thereby showing they were undeserving. I have seen it happen. Under the old system you might have all completely deserving Scouts but only 50% could be elected. If the purpose of the Order is explained well and no pressure exerted on the Scouts I find they vote for who deserves it and don’t vote for those who don’t.
  15. I have not seen the new syllabus myself but received that info from next years course director.
  16. Working copies were distributed at recent course director conferences but it is not 100% yet. Probably 90% done.
  17. BP’s system had a Troop Leader=SPL though it was optional and only seen necessary for a Troop with many patrols.
  18. The last official BSA recommended sequence from 1979: Honor Medal Silver Buffalo Silver Antelope Silver Beaver District Award of Merit Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award Medal of Merit Eagle Quartermaster Silver Youth Religious Emblem Adult Religious Emblem Other Scout Scouter's Key Scouter Training Award Den Leader Training Award Den Leader Coach Training Award https://www.sageventure.com/history/knothist/
  19. And the advantage of Liberty is not having to put up with songs, skits, announcements and waiting to be dismissed.
  20. It shouldn’t be worn. The insignia for completing Scoutmaster Specific training is the “trained” patch.
  21. There is no requirement that the Scout type it. As long as he wrote legibly in the workbook it is acceptable.
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