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    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    BP’s system had a Troop Leader=SPL though it was optional and only seen necessary for a Troop with many patrols.
  2. DeaconLance

    Which square knots to wear and why

    The last official BSA recommended sequence from 1979: Honor Medal Silver Buffalo Silver Antelope Silver Beaver District Award of Merit Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award Medal of Merit Eagle Quartermaster Silver Youth Religious Emblem Adult Religious Emblem Other Scout Scouter's Key Scouter Training Award Den Leader Training Award Den Leader Coach Training Award https://www.sageventure.com/history/knothist/
  3. What constitutes the uniform in many poorer parts of the world.
  4. DeaconLance

    Camps Where SCOUTS Cook Meals

    And the advantage of Liberty is not having to put up with songs, skits, announcements and waiting to be dismissed.
  5. DeaconLance

    Sea Shell necklace

    It shouldn’t be worn. The insignia for completing Scoutmaster Specific training is the “trained” patch.
  6. DeaconLance

    Eagle Workbook questions

    There is no requirement that the Scout type it. As long as he wrote legibly in the workbook it is acceptable.
  7. DeaconLance

    religious emblem square knot

    The youth religious emblem square knot was introduced in 1971, the adult one in 1973.
  8. DeaconLance

    Adult Religious Service Award

    For Catholics the adult religious emblem knot is used to represent the St George Emblem alone. So it sounds like they simply gave you the knot as an award which is not a proper use of the knot given there are several patches the National Committee provides for such a purpose.
  9. DeaconLance

    2018 Guide to Insignia and Awards

    I noticed the new Guide states square knot are now limited to nine, not just recommended.
  10. DeaconLance

    Was there a Region One Canoe Base?

    It had its national status pulled, but it is still a high adventure base run by the Katahdin Council.http://www.mainehighadventure.org/
  11. DeaconLance

    End of Varsity Scouts

    Did anyone besides LDS charter Varsity Scout teams?
  12. The NCCS does have episcopal oversight and they are the official representation of the USCCB to the BSA. They do have the authority to state the Church's position as it is the only position they have. The bishops give them their position. Now the USCCB is large and individual bishops may not agree with the majority position and opt to disassociate their parishes from chartering units as we see in North Dakota. As long as the BSA honors its position to allow Catholic COs to choose leaders according to Church teaching I don't see any problem. Deacon Lance
  13. DeaconLance

    Need Help Identifying Some Patches

    The Golden Arrow was an award for patrol leaders who met certain training and performance requirements not unlike the Scouter Training Award.
  14. DeaconLance

    Scout Law responsive reading for many faiths

    Very nice qwazse! And SMMatthew this probably the better way to go. Mixing different sacred texts run the risk of offending everybody.
  15. Trevorum writes: " As I have posted elsewhere, many organizations that sponsor religious awards progams have no offcial affiliation with the religious bodies they represent. For example, the National Catholic Committee on Scouting is not an official body of the Catholic Church - rather, it is a group of Catholic Scouters who want to serve Catholic youth." Your statement regarding the National Catholic Committee on Scouting is incorrect. It is an official body of the Catholic Church founded by and under the oversight of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The same is true of the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting which was founded by and operates under the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas.
  16. DeaconLance

    Rank pins - Eagle

    Eagle92, Thanks for the info. That is very strange indeed.
  17. DeaconLance

    Rank pins - Eagle

    Eagle92, "First Class rank, cloth, gold on tan, No. 00418; large standard metal pin, No. 00017; Boy Scout, left pocket; center front of campaign hat and expedition hat." After looking at this I interpret it to mean Scouts wear nothing on the hats until they earn First Class then they may wear the First Class pin or nothing. As you said it is a restricted item so how would you order it for a Scout before he earn it anyways?
  18. DeaconLance

    Rank pins - Eagle

    After rethinking this, I don't think the troop can trump the Eagle Scout's right to wear the cloth badge. The other ranks have an option of badge or pin. Eagle does not. Medals are for formal occasions.
  19. DeaconLance

    pin versus patch question

    "Think about it like the Eagle Scout award. We give a lad both a medal and a patch. He wears the medal the day he receives it - instant recognition. If he's under 18, he'll likely sew on the patch - and if you're wearing the Eagle Scout patch, you don't wear the medal." This error keeps being repeated and it drives me crazy. Normally the Scouts wear the Eagle badge and Scouters wear the Eagle knot. Both may wear the Eagle medal in addition to the cloth patch on formal occasions. The Insignia Guide states: "Cloth badges and embroidered square knots are representative of metal pin-on awards and are designed for the convenience of the wearer. Generally, when a cloth badge is worn, the metal one is not worn." "Eagle rank, cloth, silver, white, and blue on red, No. 00489, Boy Scout, left pocket. Adults wear square knot, No. 05011." "Eagle Award, silver medal suspended from scroll, No. 00135; sterling silver, No. 00112; Boy Scout. Adults wear only on formal Eagle occasions." It doesn't state never under any circumstances can you wear a medal and knot/badge at the same time. I don't think whne the regulations were written it was intended that cloth badges had to be taken off to wear the medal or that everyone had to have two shirts.
  20. DeaconLance

    Rank pins - Eagle

    SO few kids wear the campaign hat I think it is a none issue. My understanding was everyone was to wear the universal pin except, First Class and up who were to wear the First Class pin.
  21. DeaconLance

    Rank pins - Eagle

    I think they should just wear the badge. They could wear the lapel pin if the Troop is adamant, a bit small but better than wearing the medal all the time.
  22. DeaconLance

    Scouts Canada Launches New Uniforms

    Yes, the world over the necker is the most recognized sign of a Scout, except the BSA where it is only an option. I think the new Canadian uniforms look sharp and functional and the BSA should take notes.
  23. DeaconLance

    half uniforming

    Full uniforming is a great ideal that the BSA does nothing to promote outside of lip service. Lord Baden-Powell described the essentails of the uniform: hat, necker, shirt, belt, socks and emphasized it be complete and correct. His HQ provided the uniform but his Scouts were not required to purchase it there. For shirts, shorts, belt and socks any dark blue, khaki, grey, or green ones would do. The only requirement on any of it was that the shirt was to have two pockets in front. No expensive "official" uniform. Just uniform use of readily available clothing. If the BSA was serious about full uniforms they would adopt our founder's wise policy.
  24. DeaconLance

    Banned Items on Camping Trips

    And now a few words from our founder: It is risky to order a boy not to do something; it immediately opens to him the adventure of doing it. Correcting bad habits cannot be done by forbidding or punishment. The boy is not governed by dont, but is led by do. Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell