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  1. Summitdog

    Shooting Sports in Scouting’s Program

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, the councils are very active in giving scouts the opportunity to work towards their shooting sports badge(s). As a certified CA Hunter Safety Instructor, a BSA Merit Badge Counselor for rifle, shotgun and pistol (Venture), I have been developing a two day Hunter Safety Course for scouts that will allow them to be signed off on the Rifle Merit Badge and receive partial for Fish and Wildlife Management. My local council was initially not very receptive to the idea but there may be some appreciation for it developing. Scotty
  2. Summitdog

    Scout to Merit Badge Counselor Ratio

    My son picked up his blue card at the last meeting before the Xmas break. It was, to say the least, a bit busy and the SM didn't really get into the particulars about an out of council workshop.
  3. Summitdog

    Scout to Merit Badge Counselor Ratio

    Thank you for the input and insight. The impetus for my question is that my son, who has profound dyslexia, participated in an eight hour Environmental Science Merit Badge workshop. The online registration process did not allow for any notes about a scout's dietary restrictions, medical issues, or special needs. The workshop consisted of 16 scouts and one scouter (MBC). The format of the workshop was lecture, extensive note taking and "filling in the blanks" of the ES merit badge worksheet (which was required even though the worksheet itself says it cannot be used as a requirement). My son told the instructor of his learning difference, which he said he would do what he could, and then continued with the program of note taking. At the end, the MB counselor made my son wait until he had every other scout signed off and then started to ask my son questions from his empty worksheet. Realizing that the process was going to take longer than he wanted, he abruptly ended the questions, told my son go back to his council, do it there, and refused to sign off on requirements. It seemed to me that the council was ill-prepared for the workshop and put the MBC in a very difficult situation without the skillset to handle it. Scotty
  4. Is there a policy or recommendation of scouts to merit badge counselor ratio? If so, could you please direct me to where I can find it? Thanks, Scotty
  5. Summitdog

    dyslexic scout

    that is great information. I did not know that. Thank you very much. Additional problems with Learning Ally is that the books are "old versions" as BSA regularly updates the requirements and produces new handbooks. We ran into that problem last week when I numbered the blue card requirements as listed in the handbook I just purchased from the local BSA store only to find out it, too, was out of date. Thank you again for the information, Scotty
  6. The elephant in the room is the detrimental reliance the troop, vendors and participants have based upon the agreement(s) and promises made by the school. It is great that the football team made it to where they are. That does not give the school the right to damage others in the preparation to move forward with the goal of the state championship. Noteworthy is that other sports teams were going to bump the troop from the gym too. It appears to be all academic bc the event has been cancelled.
  7. Summitdog

    Cyber Chip Sign off

    AVTech, the number of events available really depends on the troop and council. My son's troop/council regularly has events, e.g., flag planting on memorial day at a National Cemetery, food drives, visiting veterans at VA hospital on Veterans day, trail to first class overnights, so getting those events would not be a problem, if the scout is motivated. Scotty
  8. I completely get that. There will likely not be another location at the facility that will be appropriate. Because it is a public facility, there are surely rules and regulations governing the use of the facilities. An assertive letter from an attorney noting the anticipated losses from the troop and vendors because of the administrations disregard for the policies in place may get the administration's attention. Scotty
  9. Did someone at the troop level drop the ball by not communicating with the school after the offer for other options?? It appears the school realizes the inconvenience but is trying to make accommodations. Scotty
  10. Summitdog

    Greetings from Omaha

    . . . INI
  11. Summitdog

    Hello... Mobile, AL

    Glad to see that you are helping the girls getting into Cub Scouts!
  12. Summitdog

    Greetings from Omaha

    Welcome to the forum. At least the Huskers are not last in the Big 10 West. That would be my Alma Mater.
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    Howdy, y'all.

    Thanks for jumping in and welcome. Scotty
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    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome to the forum. My profile pic is of my old dog.
  15. Summitdog

    Cyber Chip Sign off

    It is noteworthy that the Cyber Chip requirement is the only requirement, aside from merit badges, that does not contain the language "While a First Class Scout". Actually, my son completed earlier this year so it has not expired. Because it "counted" towards his Scout rank, we agreed that he should probably recharge it before it expires if it was to be used towards the Star. (Quite candidly speaking, he just wanted to work towards ranking up over the Thanksgiving weekend and this seemed to fit the bill. Thunderbird, I really want thank you for the article. Not only did it provide helpful information about the Cyber Chip but also about scouts with ADHD. I will keep this in the library. I will likely be a good resource for scouts and parents alike. Scotty