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  1. For the most part, "strong manner" can also be stated as "deliberative". Watch an Olympics swimmer doing the crawl - the strokes are defined and clearly being placed in the water. If the swimmer is just weakly or lazily flopping their arms in front of them, that's not a strong manner. It's not about the power of the stroke, or the strength of the Scout. As long as the Scout is deliberately lifting their arms out of the water and moving them ahead of him to put back in the water, he should be fine on that. As for floating - the lower part of the body, without an occasional kick from on
  2. This is pretty much the exact same argument folks had when the BSA announced that it would allow gay boys in Scouts but allow Troops to make their own decision on whether to include gay boys or not. The opponents of the inclusion of gay boys weren't content enough to accept that they would have a local (re Troop/CO level) choice of whether or not to include gay boys. They wanted to make sure their neighboring Troops didn't have that choice either because they didn't want their gay-boy free Troop to have to interact with Troops that had gay boys at summer camp, camporees, flag ceremonies, etc
  3. It can be done either way. If the Treasurer prefers to get the full amount of the receipts from a fundraiser then wants to reimburse expenses (for the fundraiser or for a separate expense) because it makes the books look cleaner, then support that. If the Treasurer is fine with people deducting expenses from receipts before handing them in, then support that. Lesson learned move on. No need to turn this in to a cold war. That being said, there is something that needs to be done. A Den Leader cannot hold another office in the Pack. If your current Treasurer is also a Den Leader then
  4. No rules on slides - a Scout can use whatever they want as a slide as long as it is acceptable to their unit. The neckerchief should be worn under the collar. I know that folks like to debate that point but I can point to official BSA documents to back-up my statement. Look at the BSA issued uniform inspection sheets. In every case, the example model of proper uniform wear shows the neckerchief being worn under the collar.
  5. People sure like to dump on the 1970's era Scouting - they love to call it disastrous too, and like to blame it for so many of Scouting ills. Then to prove the point, they quote Wikipedia which certainly is an unbiased and 100% accurate source of information Many of us who went through the 1970's program tend to remember things differently. In fact, you can find threads on this very board that discusses Skill Awards and most of those commenting are pretty positive about them. Some people like to claim that there was a de-emphasis on the outdoor program but that wasn't the case at all.
  6. Mash, How long has this been going on? Was he engaged before and you're noticing the withdrawing behavior? Are there any Scouts in your unit who have been closer to him in the past and he's withdrawing from them too? Was there a close friend he had in Scouts that has left Scouts or moved away? Is he withdrawing at school too? Has he suffered a loss recently - death of a grandparent, a friend, a beloved pet? What gives you the idea that he has social anxiety? If he's withdrawing from his closer friends, it may not be that at all. Even people with social anxiety usually have one or
  7. Yes, guns and cars have both been used to kill people but guns are designed for the sole purpose of killing things. And you have to have more intensive training to get a drivers license which allows you to drive a car legally. You don't need a license, or insurance, or much training at all to have a gun.
  8. Can the mayor give out Scouting awards? YES...YES...YES...YES...YES...YES. Any more questions?
  9. Confusing story - and incomplete. The headline implies the fire department evacuated the Scouts. The story suggests that the Scouts evacuated themselves, as well as the non-scouts in the cave. The stories don't say what caused the smoke. Commenters are already trying to fill in the blanks and are blaming a campfire (implying the scouts built the fire). Maybe it was a campfire, and maybe the scouts built it, but two people ran from the scene so its possible they built the fire and fled because they knew they did something stupid and didn't want to take responsibility for it. Unfor
  10. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Most people focus either on a well regulated Militia or the right to bear arms not being infringed. What most people don;t think about is "being necessary to the security of a free State". This clause gives the reason why the second amendment even exists. It doesn't exist so that people can use guns to hunt. It doesn't exist so that people can have guns for self defense. (Though those are secondary benefits which are still important - they'
  11. One - I didn't call 6 million Americans terrorists. I called the NRA a terrorist organization. You're the one who extrapolated from that to calling the members themselves terrorists. Two - the NRA itself claims they have 5 million members - not 6 million as you have stated. Who is being dishonest here?
  12. Journalistic and Political BS. There is no evidence at all that the lobbyists hired by the BSA are working the halls of the capitol in opposition to this act. They could be working on many other things.
  13. The Chartered Organization Representative is appointed primarily to represent the CO at District and Council meetings. It is a secondary responsibility to represent the CO at unit meetings. The COR isn't a regular member of the committee and should rarely meet with the committee. The COR should, however, meet several times per year (with no definition of several - since 2 is more than one, that might count as several) with the other two members of the Unit Key 3 (Committee Chair and Scoutmaster/Cubmaster, etc.). Each CO only gets one representative to District and Council, regardless
  14. Everytown for Gun Safety is quite clear on what they consider the parameters to be to call something a school shooting - you can disagree if you want but its rather disingenuous to claim they are being dishonest just because the numbers they are reporting which match their criteria doesn't meet yours or someone else's idea of what a school shooting means. We can have honest differences of opinion without calling other people dishonest
  15. It depends on how you define school shooting. While the number is off by 1 (the folks who came up with the numbers changed it from 18 to 17 because one of the schools has been closed for a few years) there have been 17 incidents of gun fire at schools since January 1. If you don't want to call some of them "school shooting" feel free if it salves your conscience - but frankly, arguing whether a middle school student committing suicide by gun in his school's restroom is a school shooting or not, or whether a student fires his gun in the air during an argument at school is a school shooting is
  16. Based on past experience, there will be no changes made. If we couldn't get sensible gun control regulations passed after a school shooter killed perhaps the most sympathetic group of children ever (young children who still believed in Santa Claus just two weeks before Christmas), we'll never have any changes - not unless we declare the NRA a terrorist organization and retire every politician who takes donations from them.
  17. I have no problem with the Skorts - as long as they allow boys to wear them if they wish.
  18. Got to pay for the Summit somehow - and it looks like the Boy Scouts of America is counting on the Man Scouts of Neverland to do so.
  19. You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding.
  20. I suspect that B-P would be fleeing in terror at the witchcraft of instantaneous electronic communications.
  21. Wait - you mean this site has a place where people can click on green or red arrows to express their approval or disapproval of a post? Get outta here..... Seriously, don't go back to lurking - you're adding a valuable perspective. My attitude towards those arrow things is those are for cowards. If someone doesn't agree with something I've said, then A Scout is Brave - respond in the thread and lets have a discussion about it. Otherwise, I just can't be bothered by it.
  22. * Female Scoutmasters * Liberals * Conservatives * Heavy influence by the Church of Latter Day Saints * Elimination of merit badges for farming Scouts * Public schools no longer sponsoring units * Churches no longer sponsoring units * Trail Life * Guide to Safe Scouting rules * Helicopter Parenting * Troop only Merit Badge counselors * Popcorn Sales (product too expensive) * Parents afraid of the outdoors making their children afraid of the outdoors. * Millenials * Baby Boomers and etc. etc. etc.
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