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  1. Fair enough question. The name of the Boy Scout program is changing to Scouts BSA. No one is going to call themselves a Scout BSA. Boys are likely to continue to call themselves Boy Scouts in a more formal discussion - but girls will likely just call themselves Scouts (since Girl Scout is actually trademarked). That being said - it is highly likely that everyone here has used the term Scout or Scouts to refer to the boys many times before. In all my years, I have never, ever heard a Scoutmaster, an SPL, a camp staffer, a Patrol Leader, etc. ever try to gather a group of scouts by holl
  2. No silly - printing up the t-shirts out of spite is inane and childish. If your chartering organization wants to continue with a boys only program and call yourselves Boy Scouts, go ahead - you'll still be in the Scouts BSA program regardless of what you call yourselves.
  3. It stands for Scouts, just like always. Its use in this case is to differentiate Scouts in the BSA from Scouts in the GSUSA.
  4. Just chill out and wait for official information? Or is that too much of a grown-up concept for scout leaders?
  5. Wonder which Scout has the kind of sense of humor that he would hoax his own Troop like that.
  6. I keep picturing Spanky and Alfalfa with their "He-Man Wom3en Haters No Girlz Allowed" sign.
  7. I disagree - many times government funding of private organizations meets the governments objectives with far more efficiency and cost reductions. Its usually much more efficient for the government to fund private organizations providing mental health services than providing it themselves, for instance. In the girl scout camp situation, the spillway in the manmade lake is in poor shape and if it fails will cause sever flooding downstream - it seems to me that government has an interest in preventing that and it would be much more efficient to pay the girl scouts for the repairs.
  8. The corporate name will still remain The Boy Scouts of America, even if they don't call themselves that in public - so the congressional charter would remain as is.
  9. Are you sure they were saying Cub Scouts should not carry their own water and not that Cub Scouts should not do water skits at a campfire? Maybe they just got that confused.
  10. As I think about this more, I like the concept but Instead of doing readings from the Scout Handbook as if it were a reading of the Bible, how about challenging each scout to research and find either an inspirational or educational passage from non-Scout related books that are outdoor related - could be something from an outdoor recreation perspective or something from an environmental/conservation perspective. They could take turns every week - no more than 5 minutes per week. Maybe someone reads something from John Muir one week, and someone else reads something from Colin Fletcher the nex
  11. What happens when you get new Scouts coming in - do you start over? Read to them separately until they get caught up? Instead of reading aloud from the book at every meeting (which does sound too much like school), why not plan your meetings around the book. Choose a section and develop activities around it. Then announce it in advance so that the Scouts can read that section of the handbook in advance.
  12. Yeah - Feminism spent decades excoriating men for having men-only spaces and now here we are, almost 50 years later and women now want their women-only spaces. I'm sure I have a reputation as one of the most liberal people in this forum but I have to say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander - open up those women only spaces or you're no better than the men you criticized for years.
  13. This is the comment that struck me: "Why not have the activities girls are asking for in the girl scouts?" Gee - good question - maybe the Girl Scouts can answer that - oh wait, their spokespeople are too busy telling us that the BSA can't possibly understand the needs of girls while they apparently have that all locked up.
  14. There is a site out there called Spokeo that might be helpful It lists a Harry Larue, age 57 (so that would be about the right age) living in Bonney Lake, WA that at one time lived in East Wenatchee, WA.
  15. Boy Scout Troops often lead outings to remote areas with poor cell phone coverage with adult leaders that have less experience as the student leaders of the Penn State Outing club - keep that in mind the next time you want to complain about the BSA's risk management folks .
  16. I would really like to see the criteria they used in their risk assessment. I would particularly be interested if they have statistics about how many students on the Outing, Caving and SCUBA clubs (these are the three clubs affected) were injured on outings with their clubs in the last 10 years and compare that to how many students were injured in the last 10 years playing football, basketball, and field hockey. If Penn State is going to shut down clubs because of risk to students, then surely the riskiest activity for potential injuries is their football program which should be shut dow
  17. The idea behind this isn't to change the program to meet the needs of girls - the idea behind this is to open the program to girls who want to experience the program the BSA has as it already is. If we gain 100K girls without "changing the program to meet the needs of girls", aren't we, in fact, actually meeting the needs of 100K girls that the GS were not meeting the needs of? I consider those arguments from the Girl Scouts spokesperson to be specious at best.
  18. This makes it a little different kettle of fish. Leaving aside whether the CM should have said anything to your son about the dishwashing and his playing catch (most of us are going to tell you the CM was wrong to do so unless it was an imminent safety thing or he was also an ASM but there is room for others to disagree ) - this is actually far worse. The CM engaged in passive-aggressive bullying of your son. I generally agree that most of the time, a Scout should be able to approach their SM and work things out if there is a problem - but in this case my opinion is this is not one of
  19. The best I could find for a name for the Philmont Bull is Black Bull - but that could also just be a description of the patch. The BSA insignia guide does say which patches are equipment patches (Paul Bunyan, 50-Miler, Historic Trails, Council High Adventure Base patches), which are to be sewn on swimsuits (mile swim, BSA Lifeguard, etc.) and which patches can be worn on uniforms (pretty much everything else - though the did miss saying where the Outdoor Ethics and National Outdoor Award patches can go - something they should correct since they were pretty specific about all the other one
  20. Most of the answers are on the page you linked to. Read the description fro the Nova patch and it states that it is worn as a temporary insignia on the right pocket. The high adventure bases? It says that National HA Base patches can be worn as a temporary insignia on the right pocket and Council HA Base patches are not for uniform wear (so its fine for equipment but not for a sash which is considered part of the uniform. JTE? It states that only one can be worn at a time and only the most recently worn so if your unit earned JTE in 2016 and you're wearing a 2014 JTE patch, than you
  21. But football is still ok, right? What's the stats on how many people have been hurt in the last ten years in these clubs versus how many have been hurt playing football or basketball? Apparently risk is ok if you generate a lot of revenue.
  22. Thank you - you've demonstrated in your post what I've felt about this for a long time now. I was the victim of hazing in a Troop that went very wrong and ended up with me in the hospital being treated for a serious cut on my leg when the idiot adult used the sharp side of the knife to "pretend" to cut me instead of the dull side. I almost left Scouts right then and there - but my parents helped me find a new unit - a good unit. To those folks saying its all harmless fun, or people are taking away their fun, or the boys don't mind, or it builds character - think about how many Scouts ha
  23. I had a hunch someone would try to compare pulling a Totin Chip until it could be re-earned with pulling rank. There is a major difference - Totin Chip is not a rank. The policies about once its earned it remains earned does not apply. Totin Chip confers a privilege - though I like your idea of just coaching them and moving on. I'd even suggest that Troops treat the Totin Chip like the Cyber Chip - let them expire every year - and have the Scouts re-earn them. Someone who earns it at 11 could surely use a refresher at 16. I also think that adults that are going to use knives, axes and s
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