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  1. SammyT

    Advice on Treasury Related Conflict

    Thanks for your input. To be clear, the WDL was selected by the committee to raise the funds.
  2. SammyT

    Advice on Treasury Related Conflict

    Hi, all! I apologize for posting and running, but as I mentioned my work is quite demanding. I will send the treasurer a note thanking her for the work she does while respectfully disagreeing with the conclusion of that funds were "commingled" then wait to see how it plays out at the next parent meeting. I sincerely appreciate all the input as it helped me get some perspective on the matter. Cheers!
  3. Hi, all! Background: I'm new to the forum, but not to scouting. I was a Life Scout and I've been a Cub Scout Pack Master for the last year or so. In all honesty, I reluctantly accepted the position as my job and long commute keeps me quite busy, but there was a number of vacancies that needed to be filled if the pack was going to survive. This "transition of power" was a rather volatile moment that led to some political posturing. During this volatile time, the treasurer, who then also became a Den Leader asked for a volunteer to take over the treasurer duties because it was otherwise "too much for one person to handle". A volunteer stepped forward, but several months have passed and the "new treasurer" has yet to receive any turnover. Many families have left the pack and I am certain in at least two separate instances it is because of the "incumbent treasurer" and the way she handles herself. In addition, the Webelos Den Leader and the treasurer are like oil and vinegar in terms of personalities, but they've seem to manage to keep things professional. As I am sure it with many other units, there has been little training for the leaders so we're all just flying by the seat of our pants and "doing our best." Current issue: Several months ago, the Webelos Den Leader took on the responsibility to raise funds through wreath sales and recently turned in the proceeds (approx. $700) to our treasurer during our annual Blue and Gold banquet. Included with the funds, was a complete record of all transactions and how the funds would be distributed to each scout's account. At that same time, the Webelos Den Leader also turned in receipts (approx. $75) for an official Webelos activity pursuant to an art related achievement attended by the boys, the Den Leader, the "New Treasurer" and myself. In turning the receipts, the Webelos Den Leader deducted the $75 from the $700 and turned in only $625. The incumbent treasurer e-mailed the Webelos Den Leader yesterday informing her that the deduction was inappropriate without approval from the parent committee and suggested that the Webelos Den Leader "commingled" funds. The incumbent treasurer went on to say that this matter would be discussed at the next parent meeting. When this matter was brought to my attention by the Webelos Den Leader, I asked the incumbent treasurer in e-mail to give me a call to discuss this matter further, but she responded back only to the Webelos Den Leader and the response suggested that she has no intention in discussing this with me until the next parent meeting while also strangely acknowledging that activity did qualify for reimbursement. My dilemma: Had the Webelos Den Leader turned in the full amount of raised funds ($700) with receipts, the treasurer would have reimbursed the Webelos Den Leader anyway so I fail to see the need to reprimand the Webelos Den Leader. If I was treasurer, I would simply record the credit of $700 and the debit of $75 in my ledger and deposit the $625 and the ledger and account balance would reconcile. My instincts tell me that the treasurer is taking this opportunity to bully someone in the pack she doesn't like, but I'd like some objective opinions on what is considered appropriate in terms of handling the unit funds. If the Webelos Den Leader is in the wrong, I have no problem telling her so and I am quite sure she would accept the correction from me in good spirits. However, if the treasurer is making a "mountain out of a molehill", then I'm inclined to propose at the parent meeting that the incumbent treasurer relinquish her job once and for all and hand over the duties to new treasure who is willing and eager to take on the responsibility. Your input is very much appreciated. Cheers!