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  1. This was me as a youth... Scouting was my haven. I am deeply grateful for it and all those who helped me survive, youth and adult.
  2. Here, I got the third degree when I submitted my application locally to counsel 60 merit badges. So, I submitted a spreadsheet listing qualifications and experience, including copies of my pertinent certifications. (About 15 pages worth of documentation, just to make the point.) All were approved 😜 And I am about to add another! (and maybe later the Cit in Society.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2OcbeGqbpU&ab_channel=Fledermaus1990 The average person could do at least 10 or so, comfortably.
  3. The "proof" required totally depends on your local council or district, depending on who is approving MBC applications. There is good discussion and guidance in the Guide to Advancement 2021, starting on page 40 (Section 7) This is a good read, and recommend you take some time to digest it. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
  4. And the second photo of Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein was definitely faked...you were right to remove the post. But there are other real photos of the two together, just saying 😜
  5. I care. There is no punishment I can think of that would fit the criminals who hurt you. And, BSA engaged in, and continues to engage in, despicable practices in dealing with this. There is no final healing for those of us who bear the psychological scars of abuse. We carry them always. I'm reminded of mine often, and you endured far worse than I, and live with yours daily, as well. I offer you my tearful empathy, and an admonition that we survivors can help prevent this from happening to others.
  6. No one said anything of the sort... You read too much into what people write. Take their words at face value. If you think they are implying something, or being vague, ask a direct question to get a direct answer. Your method is combative and attributes words and ideas to people that they simply did not state. It does not win friends, nor influence people 😜
  7. Also, here is a former- Southern Region Area 2 map with all the Summer Camps around you. Zoom in to see the triangles nearest you. Then shop around for a camp to take the whole family to for a Provisional Week. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/designdevelop/maps/SR-Area-2-March2019.pdf
  8. Wow, just looked through Camp Alexanders Guide for last year....no leader discounts... Compare to Ten Mile River in New York...see page 14 of the pdf...(numbered page 6 in the footer)...we took 32 Scouts to camp last year...all 7 adults were free. (Additional adults $230 for the week) https://tenmileriver.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2021/04/2021-TMR-Complete-Leaders-Guide.pdf
  9. Those prices sound fairly standard... Some suggestions: 1. Check that camp's Adult Leaders Guide. There is often a free adult per xx Scouts provision. If they have that, lobby hard with the Troop to use that to reduce your expenses. If they push back, then, 2. Go to camp locally with your kids as part of a Provisional Troop (is that the Maverick program you were talking about??), with you "volunteering" as the Provisional Troop Leadership. If both you and your spouse go the same week, then the camp can offer that week for girls provisional, so it's an advantage for the ca
  10. Doesn't say Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine, for those who follow letter of the law 😜
  11. Any number of ways...with an established form of ID... driver's license, passport, or other state or federal issued ID. No established ID? OK, now it's time for fingerprints...
  12. There you go trying to inject common sense and practicality into things again! Will you never learn? Maddening isn't it??
  13. Sounds like things are on a good track... except for one thing... The Committee and adults should not have put you in the position of having to figure out what to do with the girl troop/patrol. They are supposed to be entirely separate, and choose and run their own program. But, as you have found, the reality can be quite different.
  14. Fingerprints can change due to physical injury (burns) or intentional disfigurement, as well. https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/US/crooks-erase-past-erasing-fingerprints/story?id=11236512
  15. Ahhh...because they are checking for that fingerprint being matched to criminal records for other names, aliases, false identities, etc.
  16. In PA, it isn't just the fingerprints...they must fingerprint you and run those through the FBI database. Costs about $25, and must be done every five years, until you reach 10 years of PA residency. At that point, you may file an Affidavit stating such, and that you have not committed certain offenses (these offenses would appear on your PA State Police Criminal Check, which is also required.) https://www.dhs.pa.gov/KeepKidsSafe/Resources/Documents/Disclosure Statement for Volunteers.pdf
  17. Welcome! Here's a plan for your next meeting: Opening - Scout Oath and Law -SPL Patrol Meetings - Run by PLs, their choice on activities (have ASPL, SM and ASMs assist and instruct if needed) Game - SPL Scoutmasters Minute Closing - Scoutmaster's Benediction- delegate this to your ASPL So, really, all you have to do is open and find a good game to play. https://troopresources.scouting.org/patrol-activities/ Have fun and learn!
  18. So, BSA Adult Application should be revised to, "Do you use illegal substances, have a dependence on or abuse alcohol or have substance abuse disorder?" Or some other legalese text, but if, and only if, there was statistical evidence that this significantly contributed to child abuse cases. Otherwise, this should be covered by the BSA Scouter Code of Conduct: "7. I confirm that I have fully disclosed and will disclose in the future any of the following: Any criminal suspicion, charges, or convictions of a crime or offense involving abuse, violence, sexual misconduct, or any mi
  19. We were at our camp for a district event, and one of our Scouts found a bag of marijuana on the ground in a high traffic area. We gave it to the Ranger and reported it to the SE. I asked the SE if he wanted me to contact authorities. He said, "No, they would handle it." Ranger had friends in LE, and he said he would give it to them for destruction. Ranger also said they would not have police respond, as nothing would result from an investigation, and the local LE was overburdened anyway. Sounded fishy to me, so I asked my lawyer. He said, as long as I did not know it was anyone in our u
  20. I'm not a clinician, but I see there is a difference between abuse and dependence. https://www.hazeldenbettyford.org/articles/what-is-the-difference-between-alcohol-abuse-and-dependence https://www.sutterhealth.org/ask-an-expert/answers/alcohol-abuse-vs-alcohol-dependence https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK44358/ The BSA Adult Application screens for "abuse" not "dependence". Question 6b on the right side. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf Sounds like you might advocate to change the verbiage from "abuse" to "dependence", but I think, un
  21. I do not cut corners. If you violate the rules, there is stern correction and a warning. Second offense, you lose your knife and access to tools for the duration of the camping trip. Third offense is a loss of Totin Rights until you can demonstrate verbal knowledge of safety practices and rules, and demonstrate practical safe use handling and care again, of all tools (basically, repeating requirements for Totin Chip.) We've had multiple first offenses (mostly from younger Scouts who forget the rules or haven't handled the tools much), rare second offenses, and no third offenses in all
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