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  1. We had our trailer stollen. I doubt the thieves are worried about registering it.
  2. I am in the +1 column on adult minimalism. I’d be totally cool with it if the Scouts wanted to get rid of epaulets and rank and position badges the size of coffee saucers.
  3. This sort of illustrates the problem. The gaps in our knowledge become apparent. The idea that if good intentions are present that cultural gaffs are forgivable will only get you so far. Aztecs for instance are Native Americans. Their language has common ancestry with Utes, Shoshone, Comanche…. We are not in a position to make assertions. This specific lack of knowledge points at why we are not served well by continuing these practices. ‘Frankly I find it just as "odd and out of the mainstream" to suggest that something as commonplace as feathers is the exclusive domain of one specific
  4. Maybe a difference of time and location. The words I overheard the Scouts using to describe the tap out ceremony were “cringy” and “messed up”. That’s their lingo but I knew what they were seeing. Our Troop has produced only one OA candidate in three years and he politely declined. Some of these kids have a refinement of sensibility beyond my own. But, I can learn. Here is a personal analogy. I have hearing aids. Hearing aids now have some crazy attributes from recent technological advancements. For instance my hearing aids prioritize available sounds. Don’t ask me how to explain the pro
  5. As to regalia, each Lodge is supposed to get approval from the Native American tribes in the Council locality, and if they don't approve, the Lodge is supposed to cease using regalia. I am pretty sure that the Native American tribes in my area that were not eradicated were relocated to Oklahoma. Having no one to ask?
  6. We are just back from Merit Badge Camp. My son took Kayaking, Canoe, Chemistry and Camping Merit badges. He helped some of his buddies with Wilderness Survival which has been one of his past favorites. He has awesome stories about everything but chemistry. He will glad he has it on his sash I bet. He will be taking a chemistry class in the next couple of years in high school. The other stuff will not be taught in his school. Of course STEM is important. For a lot these kids its not what draws them in and holds them. He will be telling stories about recovering a swamped canoe when he’s a
  7. For all the good the organization has done in fostering my interest in First Nations it baffles me that they can’t come up with an approach that honors their contribution and incorporates their interests. I suppose we could ask. Maybe we are afraid of receiving a Cease and Desist.
  8. +1 for Pack liners. Pack covers aren’t really waterproof either. They never weigh less. Even if you have a pack that will soak up water, it will dry. Myriad places for leaks. Covers Prevent access to outer stashes you may need at rain or shine. The Liner always works. If for no other reason, to segregate possible spills in the pack from things you don’t want to put at risk. It need not be expensive. Mine is a construction site 3mil trash bag. It is bigger than my pack. I roll down the top portion like a drybag. There are lighter options out there that are real champs. Before I worked as
  9. Our Troop had developed a practice of dividing for summer. 14+ to high adventure, under 14 went to merit badge camp (if you didn’t have anything you’d rather do). Consequently we were producing cohorts instead of Patrols and a Troop. This also set up a Cub Scout-like dynamic where adults are directing too much stuff because the Scouts do not know what to do. Not always, but often enough that the Scouts looked hen pecked and indecisive. This year we got the band back together. The older Scouts joined in at summer camp. It was just a few of the older Scouts but it was enough to make a diffe
  10. I am just back from my third summer camp as an adult. I was a Scout in the 1970’s. So I am constantly trying to reconcile memory with current observation. The first summer camp that I participated in as an adult we had one Scout called out for OA. I believe that was the last OA election the Troop had. The fellow that was chosen declined the honor. . The next years no elections. I watched our Scouts during the OA ceremony at summer camp and I was pretty sure there would be no interest in OA nominations going forward. Dutifully eavesdropping after the ceremony this year, I heard a couple
  11. I think STEM is overrated. There are STEM this-that-or- the-other in their schools. I’m watching the kids glaze over at all the extra homework activities that go with a lot of the merit badge work. It feels like we are just hooking on to a hot topic while neglecting our core appeal. Let’s go hike, get the canoes in the water, figure out the difference between a cotton mouth water moccasin and a plain bellied water snake- set up some tents- we’ll be back Sunday afternoon with some great stories. Yes you need to overhaul your leadership model. What’s the point of having this inbred model if
  12. Huh? I’m not sure if I read you on this one Fred. I was specifically calling attention to ONE person that called out a group, in this case atheists (who are not actually a group) about language describing them as inherently unethical. That described a bigoted comment. You may have conflated that with my answer to Quazse was about having the comment misunderstood to assume I am unfamiliar with the concept of being in a perpetual state of penance. Hence failed ideal. If I did not word this in a way that you could unravel I certainly apologize. The guys who seemed to have been in on
  13. (There is nothing intrinsic to Christian principles that suggests its members are incapable of falsehood. In fact the opposite is true ... they are in a perpetual state of penance for a variety of sins, or they aren't Cristian.) Thanks Quazse. I was raised with the concept of sin, repent cycle. My comment really didn't have anything to do with the Christian’s failed ideal. It was more about calling out the idea that atheists are liars because they have a different value system. I see the statement as an unnecessary display of bigotry. I see some fairly nuanced thinking in ou
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