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  1. I want to thank everyone for their perspectives on this topic. The committee has been talking and we met with our DE. She stated she doesn't see a liability issue, but will double check to make sure. And she likes how we are working together, but still within the actual "linked troop" guidelines set forth by the council. As the youth leadership issue has never actually been addressed, we will continue with the female SPL until the next election and then have each troop elect an SPL next election. Those two SPL's will work together on linked events. As we discussed with our DE, this i
  2. That's what I said we were going to do at the next election. This election is done and over. She was elected by both Troops to be SPL. Whether that was wrong or right, it still isn't something you take away from any youth after they are elected.
  3. This is why I brought all of this up in this forum. I am not looking for documentation to justify what we are doing, I was just looking for documentation. Some clarification. Both troops are allowed to hold their own events (the girls troop even hold their own camp outs without the boys and vice versa). We encourage this, actually. During meetings, they hold a joint opening and closing, but separate during patrol times. They meet back up during troop time if it is something that effects both troops. A majority of our events are joint, however. We currently have the female SPL (who
  4. But where is it in writing that a youth member can't hold a leadership position over another troop (over, not in). I am not saying it doesn't exist, I just can't find it. Youth leadership roles are not registered with BSA. Their roles are only internal. Plus, we have said we were going to elect 2 SPL's next election. The girls will elect one and the boys will elect one. This still didn't make them happy.
  5. What opportunity are they missing out on? None of them ran for SPL. Nothing stopped them from running except they wanted her as their SPL. Not everyone will get to be SPL. It is an elected position. Your only opportunity regarding that position is to "run" for it. And they have that opportunity every 6 months as long as they fit into the parameters the PLC has set for the position.
  6. Before I was the Scoutmaster, I was the Cub Master of our pack. When I became Cub Master, we recruited...a lot. We went from 3 new Cubs the year my oldest son joined to 25 new Cubs the year I took over. Those recruitment numbers are now filtering into the Troop (and the current committee that is fighting me on this issue are the ones that were running the pack before I took over). They are, on paper, two troops. And the boy patrols are part of the boy troop / girl patrol part of the girl troop. And if you look at any of the information on linked troops, it says they can do
  7. Hello Everyone! I will admit I am new to the boards, so if this is a question that has come up, please direct me to the correct spot (I looked and couldn't find it). We are currently working as a linked troop. We have two SMs and each troop has their own ASMs, but we share a Committee. The Scoutmasters work well together (as we have been friends for years). The two troops do a majority of their events together (meetings, summer camp, reg campouts). We have also been acting as one PLC (one SPL for both Troops, but elected PLs for all the patrols). There is one girl patrol and t
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