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  1. I submit my binder and application almost 2 years ago and haven't seen it since.
  2. Right where I am at. In that age group, got Eagle through this troop, been a member of it for nearly a decade, but if my Troop only has 1 adult signed up to go, I'm essentially just another liability.
  3. I spent two years at my local summer camp. Besides what you can bring, just be open and take it all in. Those two summers truly are the best two summers of my life (so far). Meet new people, get to know the personalities behind the staff members that you've seen for years. While it is a job and those scouts are there for merit badges, remember to talk to them just like normal people. Have conversations with them, if you see them around camp say hi. Create memories for yourself with your new family, but it's a great feeling when the scouts attending camp take time between their sessions t
  4. Yeah a lot of people don't seem to understand that at the end of the day, the positions are determined by election. You choose to run and the other youth pick who they want in charge. Many of the times this can lead to poor choices by the youth but it's how they want their unit to be ran.
  5. As someone who has been involved in the program for almost my entire life, I am admittedly pretty ignorant to these sort of things. But what are some misconceptions that you all have heard that people seem to think about the program as a whole or the people involved in it?
  6. I will be staffing at this Jambo! I can't wait!
  7. For my unit's 50th we had a big catered banquet with plenty of alumni coming back. Photos were taken of all of the scoutmasters over the years and the generations of scouts as well. Throughout that year we also had different neckerchiefs to celebrate that we wore from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31.
  8. Yeah that's expected. The general public will always be malinformed and up in arms over stupid things like this. Welcome to Scouting, girls!
  9. From what I remember, you need to memorize and recite the admonition, the song, and the obligation as well as know the handclasp and the sign of ordeal membership. Remember the challenges you underwent during your ordeal and there may be a few ceremonial names and symbols as well that I don't remember but those are the big ones.
  10. Went in 2015 and will be there again this summer!
  11. These aren't the only places where such an accomplishment matters. Outside of the United States I'd argue that "Eagle Scout" is much more known than "Gold Award." Plus, some small mom and pop shop you're trying to get an entry-level job at I would argue is much more likely to know Eagle Scout over Gold Award. And it's a shame it is such.
  12. I agree with what most said, however I think marketing it to the girls that they can become Eagle Scouts is something they rightfully should promote. The gold award doesn't have that universal recognition that comes along with being an eagle. They will inherently be forced to see what the whole program entails as they climb through the ranks. Hopefully they don't bend the rules to get these first female eagles pumped out, but placing the mindset into young girls' heads that they can finally become an eagle scout will be more effective for recruiting than just telling them that boy scouts is le
  13. I was the Troop Guide for my final two years as a youth following my SPL term and have been continuing to push the younger kids towards first class.
  14. Hey everyone! Completed my eagle a few months ago and have continued to be involved as an ASM. Looking forward to checking this place out!
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