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  1. Questions to ask: What does representing your country mean to you? What do you think you can teach other scouts about your culture? How would you reflect Baden-Powell's vision of world unity among scouts? What are you looking forward to least about WSJ? How will you use your WSJ experience to promote scouting when you return? What are your future scouting plans? I Am not sure if World contingents are under the same NO TOUR restrictions as US, but if not -- What do you most look forward to seeing in the US?
  2. Neckers were a mandatory part of the uniform for 2017 NSJ, and I am told they will be for WSJ. That said, field uniforms were only required for 2 of the 3 shows and for religious services. Most scouts, US and visiting countries, were in activity uniforms most of the time. The majority of Scouts wore the necker when in field uniform. At NSJ, World neckers were in high demand because there were at lest 10 to 1 ratio maybe more like 20-1) of US to World contingents. Also, some World contingents were limited to how many neckers they could get, others were not, it was dependent on the coun
  3. What colors my viewpoint. I was born in the 60's, grew up in the 70's and came of age in the 80's. I am an Eagle Scout. I coached youth sports for many years (I volunteer coached at high school and college level). I am a BSA volunteer and serve in multiple positions in my council from unit to district to council committee as well as OA. I have a son, who, as I write this, is upstairs working on his Eagle project plan. He is heavily involved in OA as well. I have a daughter who is watching the calendar waiting to join a Crew as soon as she is old enough. Even if BSA opens up to gir
  4. If total agreement was a condition of friendship, I would have no friends.
  5. I see many opinions floating around about the possible/probable future of Scouting that includes female youth. What is difficult, with so many potential variations, is to tell is what people support or oppose. Based on what I saw in the video, a parallel track for girls in Cub and Boy Scouting is what is being considered. No doubt that some Packs/Troops will go coed regardless of what BSA National policy says, some councils clearly do not enforce National Policy already in myriad of issues. So I have some questions in the form of a poll. Feel free to expound on your answers.
  6. A young man is dead. Parents, friends and family are grieving. I realize there may be something to learn from a safety and program perspective, but it is not something that is going to be solved here. On the outside change that his friends or family are reading these boards, perhaps we could dial it back a bit.
  7. Oh, I forgot Bugler. A good Bugler is priceless and entertaining. I have not seen an active Bugler since I was a Scout, but there was one troop that really had a great one and used him. In fact that young man held the Bugler Position for 4 or 5 years. He even maintained that position when he held other PoR. He played trumpet for a local high school band. We would see them at Camporee or Summer Camp. He played Reveille and Taps twice each day. He also called Assembly, Mess and a few other calls. My favorite was each morning at Summer camp his troop would assemble after breakfast, the SP
  8. I would ask your scouts what the troop needs. As troops grow and their program becomes more involved (hopefully the scouts are developing more involved programs) then the needs for PoR grows. Some troops have more than one ASPL. If you have more than one NSP then you will need more Troop Guides. Multiple instructors can be handy for busy troops. Multiple Den Chiefs is almost always a good idea, remember that the Scout is attending meetings for Troop and Pack. Packs may have 2 or more Webelos/AoL dens. IF you are working with multiple packs that also comes into play. I have seen lar
  9. How does the concept to "not encourage OA" manifest itself? Does that mean: Your Troop does not hold elections or request election teams? Your Troop holds elections and attends Ordeal, but once they are over, the troop discourages discussion of OA in the troop? Is it an active campaign against OA? (i.e. The OA is a bad organization?) Does the Troop participate in events at Camporee or Jamboree that are hosted by OA? If you do not hold elections, what happens when a Scout wishes to join? I am not being snarky, I just don't truly know how a troop can take a passive stance toward OA in a b
  10. That would absolutely make sense. The accounting cost alone would be a significant savings for BSA. One check vs hundreds of thousands of different payments! Smart move on both side part.
  11. I was indeed referring to the end of the Varsity program, not the LDS Church's withdrawal. That said, the only Varsity units I have ever seen are LDS, but I am sure non LDS Varisity Team exist. But there are so few Teams as opposed to other unit types, any large scales losses were bound to have an impact on the program continuing. I received the info via email and dont have a link. I assumed the info was more widespread or I would have expounded more.
  12. Does anyone have any insight as to why the increase is not being applied to LDS sponsored units? And I don't mean speculation, I mean has anyone heard anything official, more or less, as to why those units are excluded from the increase.
  13. It was pretty evident with the LDS Church pulling out of Varsity Scouting would come to an end. I just didn't think it would be this year. Varsity Scouts is no longer a program effective 12/31/17.
  14. Very sad story, prayers with the family and his fellow scouts. I was wondering about the hike myself. The only thing I can think of is the hike with a 1000 foot rise in elevation. I have limited experience in West Texas, but from what I remember it would be tough to find an elevation change of that magnitude in a 5 mile hike. I only remember complete flatness. Regardless, it is a truly sad story.
  15. It is disappointing to hear that view of OA. As an "old" Arrowman I hope we can change that perspective. There is so much more that OA can be, and is in some lodges. Arrowmen provide important service for keeping up Summer camps and high adventure bases, as well as helping conduct National Jamboree, Camporee and other scouting events. They get to experience NOAC, Conclaves, Fellowship and banquets. They conduct ceremonies for scouts and Webelos that can provide memories that will last a lifetime. They promote camping and teach scouting skills to young scouts. They get to compete in quest g
  16. I understand the SM wanting to have his SPL there, but I am not on board with removing him. I think that sends the wrong message more than the SPL not being there. If they scouts see a good SPL that is active and doing the job, and he is removed, then what message does that send? What do the other scouts think about the SPL's performance? Have there been issues in their minds? Do they support him? Could be that the SM is reflecting reflecting the youth's concerns, though I don't think he is handling it right if he is. Also, it does not seem very boy-led. In the end, the SM may need
  17. You are not confusing me ItsBrian, I am just old and forgetful!
  18. Thanks qwazse, I missed that in the other post. Not being sure what the status was, is the reason I pointed out two paths, one if they are excess and another if they are not. I have never liquidated a card like that so I am not sure what the process is or if they would even allow it, just looking for creative ways ot get what he needs from what he has.
  19. Lol, no worries guys. I don't live and die by my up or down votes. But I appreciate your concern non the less.
  20. The bottom line is that some SM's do not understand what OA is, what it does, or how it can benefit their troop. Others see it as a detriment to their troop, thinking it pulls boys away from their troop just as they are starting to turn into leaders. As a Lodge we have been working hard to make sure we have a presence at non-OA events and are visible and willing to talk to SM's and scouts about OA. We worked the recent Eclipse event at our council, we show up at round tables and camporees (beyond just doing tap outs). We do crossovers and help packs coordinate with troops. We do camp promo
  21. My gut tells me that doesn't sound like boy-led. But, I could be wrong. If not, then perhaps some adults need to take a step back. I agree your son handled it very well, you should be proud! Outstanding answer and you are very correct. I would say that since these appear to be parents of recently crossed over scouts, then there is an opportunity for a gentle and friendly learning experience for the adults. They may not realize that one of the difference between Cub and Boy Scouting is the scouts responsibility to pursue merit badges on their own and to not have them spoon fed to t
  22. I'm not sure what your project is, but funds raised above the needed amount should go to the project beneficiary. So if these are in excess of your needs ask the beneficiary what they want you to do with them. If it is a church they could apply it towards a food kitchen. If you need the funds for the project, see what else the grocery store offers. Some sell gift cards to places like Lowe's, Target, and Amazon. Perhaps you could purchase those with your donation, if it would help with the project. You could also see about transferring it to your troop in exchange for whatever you need
  23. Those are some good lessons you have learned. Since you are already into your project, you may not find these helpful, but others following you might. Choose something that you are passionate about to work on - if you love what you are doing it will be easier to drive through the tough parts Start thinking about your project early. Having some solid ideas before you even hit Life is a good thing. You should not start working it though. wait until you hit Life and get approval. What you end up doing may not be your 1st, 2nd or even 10th idea. Don't stress about it, you will figure it out.
  24. I have been rather busy and not able to reply as quickly as I would have liked, but this thread seems to have taken on a life of it's own. @@RichardB - Pioneering is not primarily merit badge, it is an activity. An activity that excites Scouts and gets/keeps them engaged. Is camping primarily a merit badge? Is first aid? Is citizenship, orienteering, hiking etc.? It is also disappointing to see the concept that we are programming most merit badges to be targeted to 12 a year old, it is no wonder we are loosing our older Scouts if that is the path that has been chosen. I am not loo
  25. Yes sir. I do apologize. I apologize for attempting to teach your son that trustworthy is the first in the Scout Law, I apologize for my opinion it is first for a reason. I apologize for attempting to instill in your son that helpful ,friendly, courteous, kind, obedient cheerful, and reverent all deal with being respectful in some manner. I apologize for hoping that you and your son know that Oath really means one will their best to be helpful to others and obey the Scout Law at all times. I apologize for working diligently to help you build a young man of character. And lastly, as an Eagle Sc
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