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  1. That would be opening a massive Pandora's box. As far as I have seen extension are given for medical reasons or for special needs Scouts, a date range for a policy change does not fit the spirit of the extension rule. Exceptions are given on a case by case basis and need a darn good reason. Even if BSA concluded that the policy change IS a darn good reason, which I do not think it is, and doubt BSA will either, that would set up the situation where any girl 17 years 364 days old or less could ask for an extension. Denying the extension to some and not others would be a potential lega
  2. Yes, I have seen several part-time professional jobs crop up. Though not all of them are office jobs, in fact, many have been in the field supporting DE's or special activities. Most I have seen have been filled by very active volunteer Scouters and/or retirees. Which I like, because they have a feel for what volunteers pain points are.
  3. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with a number of outstanding Scouting Professionals. Some were rock stars in my book. I have met a few here and there that I would like to jerk a knot in, but not many. They are not paid on nearly par with their private sector counter parts, they work extremely long hours and weekends. If they want to advance, it almost certainly means picking up and moving somewhere else, possibly across the country. None of them (at least the ones I have known) do it for the pay. They do it because they believe in BSA's mission. In fact I know several that
  4. I had to go back and look up a few things when I read this: “It is outrageous and embarrassing that the Scouts will ban local young women from participating, particularly as we are the host country,” he said. “Scouts need to be a certain age and rank to attend a Jamboree. With the Boy Scouts allowing girls into the program very soon, it is unclear why they continue to refuse admission to Sydney.” To me it looks like Mr Ireland is using the Jamboree as a reason to go ahead and allow HIS daughter (and presumably ALL girls) to start Scouting now. But the next NSJ is not for more than 3-
  5. As stated I asked my children. It has been a few days so I will paraphrase and hopefully get the idea across. I started by asking what they thought about suspending the time in rank requirement for Miss Ireland. Almost in unison (one made a statement, the other a rhetorical question) time is a requirement. Me: But she has spent time working the requirements. Son: But not as a Scout. Me: But she was not allowed to become a Scout Daughter: I am not allowed to be a Venturer yet, but I have done most of the requirements, does that mean I get to count ALL of the stuff I did already
  6. Per her the aforementioned article. Her father, corporate attorney Gary Ireland, slammed the BSA for this. “It is outrageous and embarrassing that the Scouts will ban local young women from participating, particularly as we are the host country,” he said. “Scouts need to be a certain age and rank to attend a Jamboree. With the Boy Scouts allowing girls into the program very soon, it is unclear why they continue to refuse admission to Sydney.” That does not seem polite, courteous or respectful.
  7. I’m likely to misquote here since I’m going from memory, but one of documents states that the Scout must be a registered Scout during the time the requirements are met. That seems reasonable. That requirement alone would preclude Miss Ireland. BTW - Nationals does not approve an Eagle app before it goes to board of review. The Council registrar verifies that all the information required is on the application, and that the dates are correct. The registrar does not approve anything either. I will query my 16 yr old Life Scout and my 13 yr old soon to be Venturer (and possibly a S
  8. I hope today and the rest of the holiday season finds you well and that the coming year gives you great joy and ample opportunities to help the youth in your area reach their fullest potential to become healthy productive citizens with high moral character. Good luck and God bless you!
  9. First, JASM is appointed by SPL with the advice and approval of the SM, but he reports to the SM. He needs to be at least 16 but not yet an adult. Most importantly the youth needs to want to do that role and understand how it impacts him as a Scout. Some boys like, some don’t. Some troops use them some don’t. The problem is that while a JASM is still a youth and must be treated as so for YP purposes, most of the jobs they are assigned are more inline with an ASM position. For the youth, this can get boring, be conflicting and be a negative if he prefers to hang out with his friends
  10. Not necessarily. The Eagle Scout plans his ECoH. Among the options are several that are Conducted by the OA. If it is an OA ECoH then the Eagle has the option of sashes (MB or OA). There were popular in my youth. I don’t see as many now.
  11. I guess this is where I have an issue with your train of thought. These are volunteers, not employees. While technically they are subordinates, I have always viewed the Key 3 as well as the CO as a team, each with areas of responsibility and authority. I have witnessed programs severely weakened, to the point of ending a some cases, due the desire for control over a program, by COR, SM, and CC’s. Rather than work together, even when they disagree, they often work behind someone’s back or attempt to dictate their vision. In any organization; be it volunteer, business or military, when
  12. No he not. He is looking out for the best interest of his Scout. I would argue CM he has that obligation for all of “his” Scouts.
  13. Yes, in fact those are expressly verboten (read Officially discouraged) by the OA. Any difference in level is not allowed (read Officially discouraged) in flaps. The only items that can be distinctive to level are the sash and for vigil a device on the dangle. I have seen temporary patches like mini sashes, I am not sure if those are approved, discouraged or if National just turns a blind eye.
  14. I have read this to my Scouts, athletes and other youth on numerous occasions. “This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss — good, not evil. Success, not failure in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.” I believe we should not live in the past or try and relive the glory days of y
  15. DSA, Distinguished Service Award, is the only OA knot I have ever heard of, but it almost as rare as the Silver Buffalo. You won’t see many of those around. it is awarded for distinguished service at the sectional level or higher, and usually represents national service. Good looking knot, with red background and white knot.
  16. Then there be no Eagle Scouts. At least not in the age of the Eagle project. One may stumble across the shiny stones called merit badges, maybe even the positions of responsibility, but not the Eagle project. The project, by nature, requires a plan and thus a goal. No goal, no plan. No plan, no project. No project, no Eagle. Besides, as teachers, we should be teaching our youth to set goals and strive to achieve them. If not, then they are in for a rude awakening as adults. Must their goal be Eagle Scout? No, but if that is their goal, we should not discourage them, or dic
  17. I don't think it was tacky at all. As I said, they describe themselves that way and are quick to remind me that they are on a different end of the political spectrum than I. Their point being that I am conservative so I do not care about the environment. After a bit of discussion, they sometimes realize that not only do I care, I have, in many cases done far more than they themselves when it comes to protecting our shared nature. Which is to my point about the sad political state we have been in for sometime in this country. They are quick to assume and tell me that because I can conserva
  18. Do not abandon your current app just yet. I have heard in back channel discussion that ScoutBook Lite will include and API that will allow syncing between some apps like TroopMaster. I am not sure if TWH will be one of them. Or if BSA will even continue that effort. But so many units use something other than SB I would be shocked if they did not get enough pressure from the masses to create such an API.
  19. Great article! I am about as conservative as they come on most issues. I certainly would fall into the category of naturalist. I am not much for labels, but that is one I could live with. I find it amusing and sometimes annoying that my self-proclaimed liberal friends are constantly on my back about the environment. I am routinely on the lakes, rivers, trails and mountains they cherish but hardly ever visit. Many brag about going out once or twice a year to clean up this or that. I just nod, knowing that on almost every outing we are doing more to help they environment they they will
  20. Every youth that truly wants to pursue his Eagle Scout Awards should be encouraged, mentored and assisted appropriately. It should be their decision and desire that is driving it though, not the parents, SM or anyone else. For some Scouts, Eagle is just not their goal, and that is perfectly fine. Scouting is not, and should not be, about achieving Eagle Scout. Character, citizenship (including leadership), and fitness are the goals, and what we should be trying to instill in every youth. If we do not make every effort to instill those three characteristics into Scouts, then it is our fail
  21. Sounds like a good start. Although other disagree, I do not consider it disloyal for you to look out for the best interest of your youth, even when that might be at odds with your CO. It is not disloyal to the CO to make sure your youth have the best Scouting career possible. If it is with the CO awesome, if it is with someone else that is great too. I would try to get more details about the CO's plans for the troop, the leadership (SM and CC at least) and what steps are being taken to move the troop forward. Also, Scouters have long memories and more than a few flap their gums.
  22. I can only offer supposition based on having been to SBR and Philmont as a participant, but I would imagine it be much closer to working Summer Camp staff than Philmont, at least in terms of working directly with participants. I imagine the way SBR is structured, a staff volunteer would be assigned to an area like shooting sports or or mountain biking. So they would see participants cycle through their area rather than going out on the trail with them. If they were assigned an operational job, like working the commissary or health lodge for example, I imagine that would be similar to
  23. As a servant leader my obligation is to help instill the values of Scouting in the youth. I have agreed to abide by the CO's rules and policies. Within that framework, my duty is to the youth not the CO. I would question the mission of the CO that tells me that it is more important to keep a youth under their authority at the expense of helping the youth reach their full potential and growth. That would be equivalent to a youth directory impeding a youth from going on a mission with another church or a science club adviser impeding a youth from growing their knowledge by joining
  24. To Direct where the you go? Absolutely not. To ask that you consider a troop? Sure. But the Scout needs to go where the Scout fits best. We tell that to every Webelos that visits our troop. I would much rather see a Webelos become a Scout in another troop than to drop out of Scouting because of a poor fit. Maybe joining a brand new troop would be a good opportunity for him if he wants to be a part of building something new, maybe it would not be good for him. At the end of the day what we owe the youth outweighs what a CC wants, what a CO thinks it is owed or what any Scoutmaste
  25. d) look for opportunities to ask - what do the boys think of that? Anytime any adult starts talking about the program and what they Scouts want/need - 'What do the Scouts want to do/what do they think?' is my first, second and third response. It is fine and well to ask questions, but rather than suggesting a specific fundraiser, give a prompt. For example. A Scout is thrifty, have you considered how you are going to pay for Summer camp or that white water rafting trip? Let them take the lead, they will likely fire back questions, then, if they ask for suggestions, you can give them.
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