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  1. epiieq1

    Multiple Bobcat Ceremonies

    My son's den started up late due to a small number of boys at the Wolf level. He didn't do Tiger, so he did his Bobcat right away as we started on his Wolf requirements. While he was the only one in the ceremony, he loved the fact that there was one, and it greatly increased his enthusiasm for Scouting. Since it's kids just getting into scouts, while it may be hard, lean on others to help you out and let them feel that enthusiasm from the ceremony if at all possible.
  2. epiieq1

    Hello Everyone

    That's my plan Terasec. I'm hoping to talk to the pack leadership at our meeting on Monday to get some of the materials from them and see what I can do.
  3. epiieq1

    Hello Everyone

    Thank you! I'll definitely be coming back for ideas as things pick up. The couple of members of the pack that I've talked to that are helping everyone out have stated their willingness to guide me in getting things going, it was just a surprise to have this happen so quickly! I'll definitely be sticking around the forum and looking for ideas. Thank!
  4. epiieq1

    Hello Everyone

    Hello All - it sounds like I'm going to be getting more involved with scouts than I expected! I did some cub scouts as a child, but my pack dissolved and we didn't continue on. Fast forward 20+ years, and my son asked about cub scouts. They've just got his Den started (so few boys in his age group they finally started despite how small it is) and the den leader quit. If I didn't volunteer it sounded like they wouldn't do much and next year would be an even larger question mark. Sooooo, I'm now Den Leader to a Wolf Den of 2 boys (my son and one other boy). I'm here looking for ideas and possible input when questions come up. Thanks!