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  1. @T2Eagle Understood. Yes, not knowing what I was doing the first round here, I did put it in as "BSA Troop xx" and not our CO name. I will ask IRS to correct that, but you're right it solved the practical matter. The larger issue here, .our C.O. is not very engaged on such matters. As I understand our Troop history, a bunch of parents got together to create the "Friends of ..." organization to be the C.O. because the School District at the time dropped being the C.O due to inclusivity disagreements between BSA National policies and school policies. This was over 10 years ago and well
  2. Our Troop is chartered by "Friends of... so-and-so" and NOT a non-profit nor does our C.O. have their own EIN. This I confirmed. So I cannot use the Tax ID or EIN for our C.O.
  3. I just learned (see my post above) that this is not true -if- when someone requests their EIN, they choose the "Community or Volunteer Group" designation, a person/entity does not necessarily have to fill out taxes every year. Or, at least, that's what the nice IRS Operator advised me (IRS Operator ID #1000270440) when I called today. Thanks!
  4. Thanks to everyone for your comments and assistance. Wow, what a great community! So, a follow-up for anybody following along at home or to help someone else searching forums in the future looking for help... I called IRS again today, 12/04/2018 (at 800-829-4933) as I wanted to try another tactic. My goal was to communicate that I did not check "non-profit" organization on my EIN application and I did choose 'Community or Volunteer Group' category and have my EIN Record changed. @DuctTape had a great point...I think the main problem here is that I put "Boy Scouts of America...." on m
  5. Thanks for the note! But nothing will change on that front. Our C.O. as I understand it is a bunch of long ago (but still active) parents who joined together to support and charter the Troop back when schools stopped being direct charting organizations. I've talked to our C.O.R. (Chartering Organization Representative) about this and they have no intention of getting their own EIN. They have no bank account nor have they any financial activity whatsoever.
  6. Hi. I am the new treasurer of a BSA Scout Troop in Ann Arbor, Michigan (hi everyone!) and looking for some advice on obtaining an EIN for bank account purposes. It's proved challenging and am hoping someone has pointers for me especially if someone has gone thru this type of situation before. My goals are: a). to obtain an EIN, and b). avoid having to do annual tax paperwork (we've never done it) but willing to if it's easy and required, and c) above all, follow the law and BSA guidance appropriately. Here's my story... Our Troop has had their checking account since 1998. We do
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