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  1. Thank you everyone for the feedback. I feel more confident after hearing the feedback. I've never been to this camp, but my scoutmaster has, with her old troop. I know she kept talking about them being extremely strict with the class a's and I remember a time when I was a kid that there were copyright issues with uniforms. I'm pretty sure I was just overthinking it
  2. I know that for uniforms to be official BSA, they need to be bought from a licenced supplier. I have an embroidery machine and want to custom embroider my troop's class b shirts. Will we get called out by anyone for doing this? Last year, I made shirts with our unit number, the girls' names, and location, but we went to a smaller camp. This year, we're going to a larger camp, who is known to be strict on their uniforms, so I want to double check. We also came across a troop that said they have custom patches made for scouts who participate in activities every month for a year. If we wanted
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