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  1. I don't know the particulars but your Council may be limiting you because they can't afford it anymore than your Pack can. Our pack is spearheading a committee for a membership drive in Sept, "Rally in the Valley". We asked Scouters and parents to send in pics from different events and used them to develop our own personalized flier. A parent from our Pack is also translating a Spanish copy for a second flier. We were able to find a local company to donate the paper and printing. Have you asked your committee members or current scout parents what help they might be able to provide? If a busine
  2. Was scouting some OA lodge patches before Fall Fellowship and found this gem...in case anyone is looking at the moment. 1970's BSA Scout "Boys' Life Pedro" Plaid Jac-Shirt, 85% wool 15% nylon, in a Large...which I think is a men's 42" chest. Says it's a vintage Woolrich https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boy-Scouts-Pedro-Executive-Jac-Shirt-Scouting-Tartan-Large-1970s/163173544392
  3. My old scout book might have had a bent corner or 2 but basically it was a fresh and clean, rarely cracked open...door stop or bookshelf end. My Field Guide was another matter. I think I had three copies before I was 15. I read and reread it at various stages of my scouting experience. Still have the last one I bought but it needs some serious help.
  4. I have to admit I haven't been back in Scouting for long so while I've paid my dues and have the new lodge flap sewn on my pocket, I haven't worn my OA sash in over 20 years, I don't even know if it would fit around me (joking....maybe not joking.) I have spotted a few Arrowmen with their sashes tucked into their belt at events or in online pictures. My first reaction was that I rather liked it. I attend at least 1 Pow Wow a year to watch the dancing competitions and pick over the bone carvings, beads, etc. So I frequently see full regalia dancers with traditional wampum belts slung over their
  5. LOL, and to think they are upset with the BSA for stealing "their" Girls.
  6. Came across this while reading some online cartoons to my son. Thought it might give a few of you a grin.
  7. This is just so disappointing. I realize that 8 out of 1,000 or more boys is a small number but that's about 7 more than I thought would show such a lack of integrity. I looked the subject up on YouTube to see if there was any news reports broad cast on it. The search field had 8 scouts caught with pot in Scotland. Nothing to be seen. FYI, Pot and Girl Scout cookies are evidently a thing. A big thing. Who knew? Sounds like an easy joke to make at the GS expense but that's fair disappointment to me as well.
  8. ⚜️ I like your post signature.

    "Experience is the hardest teacher. It gives the test first, then the lesson."

    Made me laugh then think.


  9. I never knew of William Hillcourt growing up. Baden-Powell was the figurehead held up to us as Cubs and Scouts but most anything about him went in one ear and out the other of my self-centered teen-aged brain. Now the lives of Lord Baden-Powell and William Hillcourt are absolutely fascinating to me. Dedicating their lives to scouting, to the betterment of society from the ground up. There was a Scouter who had much the same brilliant impact on me as a Cub and then a Scout, and eventually sat across the table from me at my Eagle Board of Review. Jim McKellar, known to all in the local Scouting
  10. Our Pack decided to be proactive with girls. We invited any sibling and prospective girl cubs to our day camp in June and had a fair turn out for the Bear aged group. 1 of the girl "dens" at the day camp out did all the boys in archery and BB guns, which proved to be a very positive recruiting point. We also did a 3-day Pack/family camp-out in July and again had a surprising turnout. Not tons of girls but a good showing. So far our Charter Organization, the American Legion, seem pretty ok with the situation. We've already lined up necessary female adult leadership counterparts and are set
  11. Our summer day camp for the cubs this year had a C.S.I. theme. All the Staff and Junior staff wore shirts stating, "___________ology, (noun) The study of..." And we were all asked to fill in the blank with a sharpie. Many didn't pay attention and just wrote their names on the blank. I of course being in charge of the archery range had Toxology. Which continued to be confused with Toxicology, but I still got to educate a few cubs and Scouters.
  12. I know this is an older posting but just in case it comes around again. Your Council should have BSA Range Officer training available at some point during the year. You might find they give you better vernacular to teach cubs about archery. USA Archery I is basic but it does tend to focus the training on kids going into JOAD. Kids with focus and maturity by nature or that are just a bit older (Webelos or Tenderfoot ages at least) that can handle more technical ideas and language. Of course it never hurts to double up on the training and USA Archery/NFAA's SafeSport training is similar to
  13. I haven't gone through the WB training yet (plan to next Oct) But I came across this vid clip and it really seems to speak to the Ideas behind the WB. On multiple levels. And maybe an idea as to who should be paying for it as well.
  14. I'm not up to date on official positions on this matter but when I did my project back in the day National had made a point of preference. They preferred the projects be of service, implying work, so that no one could make the claim that a boys family bought him his Eagle. Yes realistically you have to raise funds for supplies at times but similar to OA the project should be about service to the community. If your prospective Eagle needs money because he can't find suppliers that will donate materials then you are left with finding funds to purchase what is needed. And it's my understanding th
  15. I'm afraid I don't know the best course of action here but I can share my own experience. I'd not been involved with scouts for sometime other than buying popcorn or donating to eagle projects and such. A few years back I married a gal and her son was in cubs already. I started taking him to his meeting and easing into being involved as it was a very new dynamic to be on the parent side of things in scouts. For a while he chose to stop scouts and involve himself more in sports. When he started making rather poor choices I put my foot down and said back to scouts. I didn't know how to fix
  16. Glad your boy reconnected and was able to participate in Lodge again. I remember a fellow named Number Seven, seems like he did go on a bit from time to time. Usually when work needed to be done or some emergency was going on. Troop drama, Lodge drama, social networking drama...it's enough to make you want to run off to some mountain top and be a hermit or something. But politics and drama have been around for a long time and I suppose realistically they are here to stay. Best we can do is make sure the scouts' critical thinking is sharpened enough to cut through the nonsense when needed
  17. Honestly I think there might be a rant coming so forgive me if this goes into chapters or novellas. I haven't been active in OA since the 90's, I know my old lodge has merged a time or two since then, and as a parent now I really don't know what my role or participation in OA will be in the future. But I do remember why I accepted being tapped. I was made to feel special. When I got my arrow of light and joined a troop I was ready for the big stuff. The 50 milers and such. And just as I came in all the senior scouts went out. A few got their eagle, more transferred out to other troops, a
  18. This thread has long since been left behind but like many things in life and scouting I think it will circle around again. So my2 bits worth: I hate carrying a hiking stick in when I'm fresh footed and energized, yet so very happy for it on the way out...or at least nearing the end of the trail for the day. Decorating staffs can be a great teaching moment for Totin' Chip cards. Teaching scouts to weave a quick-deploy grip out of paracord brings home the "Be prepared" slogan. In so many ways they can be used on the trail, in the camp, and even during service projects. Banning them seems ov
  19. I've put together a pinterest board on hiking sticks and scouting. I've taken all the pics from the web so perhaps it's nothing new to anyone, still might be worth a look. http://www.pinterest.com/charlesmcguffey/boyscout-hiking-sticks/
  20. the pictures didn't post in the forum here for some reason. I tried again but got an actual error message this time. I was able to post them in my profile under the visitors log. http://www.scouter.com/member/43602-longhaired_mac/media
  21. Sorry about the blurring, couldn't quite keep my hands steady this evening.
  22. I had a 4 stuck for abit but for several weeks, maybe even a few months I've had a big red 2 that is rather annoying at this point.
  23. http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/gifts-...s-shields.html In-case the link doesn't work, go through Scoutstuff.com's drop-down menu as Gifts & Gift Cards>Outdoor>Medallions & Shields There are more medallions, mostly wood badge, at http://www.boyscoutstore.com/awards-...ick-medallions And then Philmont Specific medallions here http://www.toothoftimetraders.com/Walking-Staff-Shields/9102/Dept BTW, My son got a blue ribbon for his Hiking stick, AND Best of Class for it in the Boy Scout division. He is very proud of his ribbons and is already planning out a new design f
  24. sorry, got wrapped up in back to school stuff and end of summer Court of Honor. Will track down the link and post it soon.
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