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  1. I don't believe its "competitive" enough, my troop which I have expressed on many occasions are extremely lazy however my son's troop is very active and camps monthly along with actually having scheduled PLC meetings that are NOT on the same night as a regular meeting which adds a level of commitment in my eyes.
  2. Understood. But you just never know what's going to happen, You also don't know if someone might run out (or spill theirs).
  3. LOL that I do not sir, but at this cost I am ok with ditching to buy another if need be. So far these poles have lasted 4 campouts and in two of those campouts there were some pretty good winds.
  4. I got frustrated with popups, one because of their price and two because of their life. So I started thinking about "back in the day" lol you can still see the small popup but the huge tarp was a life saver this particular weekend because it rained all weekend. NOW I have tested other alternatives which are much lighter than the (pioneering pole) you see in this pic. Basspro has two type of telescoping poles and actually the cheaper one is better. These SUCK https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/texsport-adjustable-tent-pole-model-14092 These are GREAT https://www.basspro.c
  5. Sorry, what are "Tech" Fabrics You put tennis balls inside the sleeping bag? or just in the machine ?
  6. I put mine in the washing machine (delicate) and hang it afterwards. (all my bags are synthetic)
  7. My opinion only. 3 liters minimum (I have an Osprey Bladder in my pack, and I always have an extra nalgene bottle full as well. My headlamp always stays in my pack.....just in case
  8. I always do my welcoming at Parent Orientations. If a parent is serious and they sign their child up most of the time I can sniff them out, this past year i had 3 come up to me before I even ask and said they wanted to help. I have been very fortunate the past 2 years in the pack.
  9. Mines already ordered! Waiting to see the mass exodus from Netflix
  10. I have 2 myself, plus me. I am glad though that the Scouter Fee hasn't increased.........YET (knock on wood)
  11. We (Council Exec) sent out our email Last Week. I was glad to see that it wasn't 100 and that the volunteers (Scouters) fee's didn't raise.
  12. Make sure the program is running the way its suppose to !
  13. Our Council has "Resident Camp" at our Council Camp in Hardy Arkansas Camp KiaKima (best camp ever lol) Cub from Wolves up to Web II Stay 3 days at camp. If you go to that it counts for June, We have a Pack Meeting in June where we will launch rockets or well do Raingutter Regatta. July we have either / or (only attend 1) a Red Birds Baseball game or our Pack Meetings Ice Cream Social. In August we have a car wash Fundraiser and or Fishing Rodeo. That's what we do, if you cant make one then make the other.
  14. We do something in my district but we call it Webelos Woods. We leave the "cub themed activities" at home and focus on that transition to Scouts
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