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  1. When to wear uniform

    I don't approve of any "spoofs" but one day I do wish to acquire the "Untrainable" patch
  2. When to wear uniform

    Let not assume the scout store didn't UP SELL this gentleman and told him he needed that patch. Its happened in front of my eyes. "Have you taken some training" this could be YPT, oh then here is a TRAINED PATCH
  3. When to wear uniform

    He is a committee member and paid his $33.00 to serve your unit. Have you guided him down the path of training? As much as well all need more help, don't let someone that is eager to hit the ground running slip through your fingers
  4. Class-B

    Here in Chickasaw there is a branding co that we have aligned ourselves with which makes these shirts for $5 each. Now they are ALL identical with the Oath and law on them and you choose the color but they place the Pack or Troop number on them. This has helped a lot.
  5. Advantage Emblems is who I use most of the time for District Patches
  6. Took Baloo many years ago. Told my Pack CC he needed to take Baloo so he did. Came back with a patch and my mind was Blown, I am a patch guy and I want that patch lol.
  7. Adding Girls to Pack

    OH wow...thanks for the Heads up on that...Heading there now
  8. Same here in my Council
  9. Interesting discussion last night

    UGH yes for now and seem to be the focal point for now. For the most part its leaderships fault for allowing a pushy mom to "run the show" slowly working my way in to work this behavior out. I have no issue with doing a MB and here is the formula that I have seen work. MB covers 3 months, 1 meeting a month focuses on said MB.
  10. Adding Girls to Pack

    I am waiting until spring recruitment for my inclusion of girls, only makes sense. B&G is a month away and there is no sense in rushing them through.
  11. Oh come on Dad... it wasn't that far out there. I didn't "really" enjoy it but it entertained me. I hate that ole Shia LaBeouf went bat sh@t crazy, would have loved to see him take over the role.
  12. I wonder what JJ thought after watching the entire UNDOING of TFA? I am glad JJ has the next one. Sure there were parts that I loved but there were MORE parts I hated! Huge Star Wars fan here
  13. Alcohol Stoves

    Never had issues with my Primus (19.99) or my Jetoil (99.99) grated they are both slightly bigger than the whisper lite but they are dependable.
  14. If you were a committee member,

    One simple question can spark the conversation....."Why aren't the boys boy lead" then sit back and listen. If its not boy lead its NOT Boy Scouts.
  15. Green Bar Bill featured in SCOUTING

    Thanks for the heads up, mine came in the other day but I haven't had the chance to flip its pages yet.