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  1. Thanks my sons is in dire need of this
  2. Do Your Scouts Use The Handbook Logs?

    We do it via Scoutbook
  3. How do you end your Troop meetings?

    ScoutMasters Benediction recited by a scout And now may the Great ScoutMaster of the Universe be with us and guide us until we meet again. Amen
  4. The Most Interesting Scouter

    This is AWESOME because I am a Dos Equis follower
  5. Yea, hence why my son and I wont be going to World 2019
  6. Speaking of Magic.....
  7. Sounds like patches as well to me, so we should get rid of them as well. NEVERMIND someone beat me to he punch, sorry
  8. Magic is huge in scouting as you can imagine, its an inside game HAHAHA I see kids all the time at Summer Camp inside the dinning hall playing magic and or Pokémon.
  9. Philmont 2019

    I'd like to know about temps? For the most part how hot is it and how cool at night ?
  10. Philmont 2019

    Working on a Memphis contingency myself
  11. Unit Leader Award of Merit

    Some believe their CO is God Almighty so everything under the CO are subordinates. Some Co's could careless what we are doing unless something bad happens, in most cases they are just a meeting place and someone to sign paperwork at the end of the year. Not directed at you Parkman But back to the point she has worked very hard and never says no, and we should recognize our subordinates
  12. Unit Leader Award of Merit

    Yea some prefer their CO over the boys
  13. So I am the CubMaster and I wanted to present my COR which is also a den leader with the Unit Leader Award of Merit. Well it appears only CM, SM, Advisor or Skipper can receive this award. My COR isn't your run of the mill COR she truly embodies the very definition of COR and shes "TRAINED" I take great pride in that because most COR's in my area are non existent. I would like to award her with something
  14. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    I am glad you cleared that up for me! I had no clue.
  15. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    Well I guess I didn't know that, I thought it was like Tigers/Wolves and Bears....once you move up a grade you cant go back.