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  1. I know its not a patch but this still seemed the logical place to ask this question. My folks bought me a walking stick with a "once and Eagle always and Eagle" medallion on it a few years back as an Xmas gift. As my son has gotten into scouts I've bought other medallions showing badges and ranks I earned. Now my son has done some wood carving/whittling on a hiking staff to enter into the county fair coming up. He's carved a basic design, made a spiral para-chord hand grip, sand and stained it, set a compass in the head of it, and now he has started putting his first hopefully of many scout me
  2. This is an old topic but since I haven't read how our family does it I thought I'd throw it out there. In the late 90's I would hand stitch my patches and I didn't like it. When I was 15 or so I went to a yard sale and found this handheld sewing machine like new for 10 bucks. It looked like a large stapler and I could stitch a patch on clean in about a minute no problem. No sewing pockets closed or anything. Now I have seen those machines on infomercials so I know they are still out there available. I might even have one hidden in the deepest darkest corners of a closet somewhere. So that is o
  3. I was wondering if anyone has seen a skit like this done in scouts before? I recall something similar done by OA guys during the evening campfires at summer camp but it involved some stomping as well. (20 err or so years ago) But haven't seen anything like this done since then, and it has always stuck in my mind as pretty awesome. I remember alot of us trying to repeat it for months after seeing it.
  4. I've already posted my thoughts on this topic but this last weekends family camp-out has brought something to mind I thought I would share all the same. I used to read Pat McManus books on the trail because clean camp humor really lifts the spirit when a downpour is ruining fine and well thought out plans. As I got older and more confident in my place in the troop, I would sometimes read a story or 2 or 3 in the evening by the campfire aloud for the benefit of those who didn't know how to play Rummy or Cribbage, or at least couldn't ever win a hand. More and more the humor kind of ran out as t
  5. As a dad I have to teach my children about rights, privileges, responsibilities, and consequences. The need for and the difference between them as well as what each looks like. It is not the Boy scouts job to parent my kids. By design the Boy scouts are values-based youth development organization that ADDS to my teachings as well as what school, church, and personal experiences provide but not replace. Expecting SM's to replace all parenting, regardless of training or personal experience, is just wrong. It so often starts out in Cubs when Den moms are used as free babysitters. The assumption t
  6. As scouting goes I think it would be great if the BSA would allow Utilikilts be worn at functions, dress or otherwise. The BSA logo embroidered on the front panel in gold on a green Survival model would look very sharp. I've had my denim Utilikilt for 15 years or so and have worn it to weddings, clubbing, BBQ's, and campouts. It has made hiking a lot easier when terrain is steep or involved any climbing. Camping has its benefits too. http://www.utilikilts.com/shop/survival.html
  7. I like this CPenn I think the double and triple dipping is used far to often to get a 12 and 13 year old Eagle. It's something I disagree with strongly. Service is just that, SERVICE. The Boys are doing a task to serve, to understand giving back and participating in their community. As with anything else, the more they do it the more practice accomplished the more the lesson is integrated into the Boy's character. The more it's done the easier it it for them to continue. I've known a few Eagles that had the whole troops help executing their Eagle Project and after that you couldn'
  8. Just saw this and had second thoughts about a troop of boys in hammocks. LOL!
  9. I'm certain there are multiple reasons for these regulations but the one I hear about the most is the concern of a parent signing off on things without any verification. A Boy shooting up the ranks because mom and/or dad want whats best for their son and unintentionally enable him rather than support him can be detrimental the his program and the troops in general. Similar but different is the household where mom and dad are trying their best but the zoo is a ZOO, so expectations are lower in order to manage other challenges in the home...as in "It's good enough for government work." This
  10. There are probably "proper channels" to file complaints and concerns about the SM's behavior or processes to deal with him within the troop and they should be used. If sexual harassment is or isn't the correct pc term for what has happened doesn't really matter. There are really only 2 people who need to label or define the behavior, Chagrined Chair and the SM's wife. So I would take your concerns to his wife. Even if she gets upset with you and says she doesn't believe you, his poor behavior will stop.
  11. I'm not going to go into my local councils choices on camps and their development and upgrades over recent years (leading to near bankruptcy, lots of hot feelings about that). I will say that the need for flushing toilets and hot showers and restaurant grade cooking facilities and/or staff usually aren't needs but expectations. Expectations are built on experiences. "Cat-holes" or "crapping-log latrines" were the norm for me when I went through scouts. My wife was brought up on a commune and as a teenager she worked as a river guide for her fathers white-water rafting company, both situat
  12. I do know that it isn't true anymore, I was trying to make a point contrasting what might be and what was for affect. However those policy even removed, intentionally or not, did set a precedence that hard lines can be drawn. When it comes to drugs I feel, and it's IMHO for sure, high expectations and strict consequences need to be in place. Policies made strategically beforehand rather than later reactively usually work far better. Is there a criteria set down by National to deal with drug possession and distribution by a boy or an adult while on scout properties or outings? The corrupti
  13. I understood he was looking for something for himself and not necessarily trying to re-outfit a whole troop. And admittedly I am in the foothills of the Cascades where there is no shortage of trees when we go camping, and the hammock tents are MY preferred way to go. Still if tree space was limited the hammocks can be stacked double to a set of trees like bunk beds and I've seen poles for "treeless" camping at Jamborees.
  14. I earned my Eagle at 16, and would have had it at 15 if I hadn't gotten tapped for OA and got busy with that. Alot of the requirements along the way were not easy for me. Some were easy as pie. Personal aptitude definitely played a role in the speed of my advancements. I can imagine a scout just being one of those people that everything comes easy to and with supportive parents, pushy or not, making Eagle earlier than most. I belonged to a small troop, I think we had a max of 8 boys the majority of the time with little parent involvement and little money. At that time I was aware of large troo
  15. When backpacking and having a tent to yourself (buddy system always in the back country) Nothing, NOTHING beats a hammock tent. I know Hennessy's have been popular at jamborees. Check this out There are companies that sell extra loft coverings for the bottoms and such so winter camping can be done just as comfortably.
  16. The Boyscouts refuse membership or kick boys out for being Atheists, for not believing in a greater power. They believe such belief is core to personal growth and as such an Atheist Scout MAY NOT fullfill his best potential. The Boyscouts kick out boys who are gay or transgendered, because of a fundamental belief that who they are may not be ok. That any form of homosexuality is morally wrong and that such a boy MIGHT behave immorally during scouting activities. This Boy DID break a civilian law as well as scout law and his scout oath (mentally awake? I don't think so. Morally straig
  17. How elections are officially supposed to be done has already been covered so: To MomLeader I would respectfully say that no matter what the odds your son will get in when he deserves it. By that time...after gaining experience, skills, and maturity he will be the description of an OA member period, and that will be in its own time not yours. To JCMom, I understand your son's disappointment in the situation as well as your own frustration and obviously consequences should occur and probably have already begun to happen. Most likely no one will really be happy with the end result. I do
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