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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I am glad (well kinda) that we are not the only pack that have this problem. I can totally understand her feeling some ownership of the pack and having a hard time letting go of some control. I am sure it is just as frustrating for her as it is for us. Which leads us to a catch 22 - if we don't work through this and something happens to her then we as a pack will have a very hard time since she is the only one that knows everything there is to know about the pack however, if we push and try to help it is seen as hostile and get even more pushback and she withholds important information. Soooooooo we take our chances and hope it doesn't affect the kids in the long run? Please before anyone says go talk to your COR - we have, we have gone all the way up to the District Executive and nothing has changed the answer we get is - well it's really only policy and it looks like your pack is running smoothly from an outsider point of view. Our pack has had a Treasurer and Secretary on paper only and when we asked how we have gotten away with it for so long the only response is a shoulder shrug. BSA has policies but most of them are "recommended" and not really enforced. This is what she posted as to why we couldn't have a meeting without her: The pack committee chair leads the pack committee and thus is responsible for the administration, oversight, and support of the pack program. The pack committee chair’s role is to Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the chartered organization to cultivate harmonious relations and maintain communications. Confer with the Cubmaster on policy matters relating to Cub Scouting and the chartered organization. Supervise pack committee operation by Calling and presiding at pack leaders’ meetings. Assigning duties to committee members. Planning for pack charter review, roundup, and reregistration. Approving bills before payment by the pack treasurer. Conduct the annual pack program planning conference and pack leaders’ meetings Which yes it says the CC presides over meetings but it doesn't say we cant have a meeting without her either.....
  2. Please do not take my question as a rogue group trying to take over the committee - everyone on the committee can show up at a different time and place with the exception of the committee chair. So we would have the Treasurer and Secretary there as well as Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmasters. Just not the Chair.
  3. Thanks for responding: 1. The "committee" meetings are usually leaders and parents as well as committee members and we plan the next year's activities 2. Our CC has been the committee for so long. It was only recently that we actually got a Treasurer and Secretary. The CC was doing everything for the pack - so much so most of us had no idea what the pack's finances were until just recently. Which leads into your next question - our committee is somewhat in transition - it was just recently that the committee chair has started letting the committee do what the committee was intended for. So until all the committee members have actual control over committee items the need for monthly meetings is there. Our treasurer has been treasurer since Jan and the committee chair just gave her access to the finances last month. 3. Yes all the functions are getting done with some struggles. The committee chair has been doing this for so long by herself she is having some issues relinquishing control. Which brings me back to the original question - I have full confidence that if given the chance our committee can function properly if the committee chair had to go out of town or emergency or whatever the issue. Thank you for looking into this - I found the same information online as well and was looking for more updated info.
  4. We are having some issues within our committee. From the training I took I seem to recall that as long as we have the secretary and at least one other committee member we are able to have a committee/leader meeting. Our committee chair is refusing to let us have a committee/leader meeting without her and says that we cannot have a committee meeting per policy. Obviously it makes sense to have a meeting with her when possible, however, she is often out of town, sick, or has some emergency and the rest of us are left to her mercy when she schedules a meeting even when it doesn't work for the rest of us. We would like to have monthly meetings but because she refuses to have a meeting without her we end up only having meetings once or twice a year. Does anyone happen to know if we can in fact have a committee/leader meeting without the chair?
  5. Well not the best news but it was what I was expecting. So who is the trailer supposed to be registered to? I would like to see it under the pack or our CO but everything I have read the pack is not allowed to own property. Is this a law or BSA policy?
  6. Thank you! I look forward to learning from everyone here.
  7. I am new to scouting and the committee. I have recently found out that our Committee Chair has our pack trailer registered and titled only in her name. She has threatened to leave the pack. If this is the case where does the trailer go? She bought it with pack money but she has been in control of the finances for 14 years and our last audit was done 11 years ago. In short is it safe to assume she owns the trailer since her name is the only one on it and the pack will not be able to get it unless she is willing to sign it over? Who should the pack trailer be registered, titled, and insured by?
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