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  1. I would prefer it would go to the Getty museum. They can really display it well. A private party won't have them available for people to see.
  2. That is great news. We need these little positive moments in our lives.
  3. You might want to look into recruitment activities since you are a small troop. You might find that there are activities with helping your troop grow by reaching out to packs, schools, neighborhood cookouts, 4th of july parades..... Growth is super important. How is your troop Website? Newsletter?
  4. The project isn't finished yet, he has one more "feature" at the end of the trail. Also a missing hand rail at the start. He hopes to have it completed by next month. It started as total woods, so the project started as making the trail. The rest was to make the downhill Slopestyle mountain bike course. He built this for a local mountain biking non-profit. The community responded to his fundraising efforts (raised almost $4000, wood prices went up exponentially this year) and calls for help on workdays Before: After (almost complete)
  5. Good luck, glad he is making progress and has an Eagle Coach
  6. Uh, no..... this is stealing the opportunity from the scouts to actually learn from doing the requirements for the merit badge. I am so tired of Merit badges that are just hand waved, Eagle projects that are just a bench, and positions of responsibilty where the scout doesn't actually do anything for six months. My scouts know that I am "a hard grader" but they also know that when I sign of on a requirement, they know it and are proud that they earned it. There are too many people that are awarded merit badges and ranks that they don't deserve.
  7. I don't know the time periods of things. Well, I think the difference would be if a Y camp councilor who your care was in charge of molested you. You were embarrassed but not molested. Sadly, this isn't because lawyers are acting out of order. It is because BSA leaders did horrible things. I have an adult friend who was molested as a scout by his Scoutmaster. I don't know if he is part of the suit, but it isn't something that should have ever happened and has long lasting effects. I don't know what the rules were for the BSA in the 70's. But I distinctly remember as a teenager
  8. I know I am nervous about the outcome.
  9. The square knot, which symbolizes the unity and brotherhood of the movement throughout the world. Even as one cannot undo a reef knot no matter how hard one pulls on it, so, as it expands, the movement remains united. The District/Division Award of Merit is unique is that it is a national award which honors Scouters for their service to youth at the District or Division level over a period of time. The District Award of Merit (DAM) knot is the only one not a square knot. I never knew there was an orientation of it. I need to check my uniform. The symbology of the award i
  10. Understood. Now let's be honest. The scouts and their parents aren't looking at the number of knots on the uniform. That is only something that other leaders will look at. I have plenty of knots and know other leaders with none and with a ton. It doesn't affect me and if that is what people are focusing on, they need a reset.
  11. I would also say, why would you just the overweight leader when you don't know the details and reasons behind it. I am officially "obese" according to BMI number but I run multiple marathons a year. people need to get beyond those first impressions.
  12. In Sea Scouts they recommend two rows of three, That is a very hard decision about which to put on.
  13. Yeah it is hard on my son. Being a small unit 10 active scouts, I am always being pulled this way and that way. I do my best to be fair to all scouts and give them the attention that they need. I am sure I am hardest on my own son because I know what he knows and what he can do. So when he avoids things, I am able to follow up later with "Why did you say XYZ?" . He like many other youth his age get pulled by other activities and gets pulled into those activities and doesn't see the bigger picture. I am also in the position where I don't have a successor yet. I have someone fairly new t
  14. If you measure by numbers nationally then maybe it could be not successful. If I look at the many ships I work with in our region, it is a huge success. Latin, I would be more than happy to discuss what you think is not successful with them but from our prior disagreement about our views on scouting, we will never agree. I have worked closely with scouts in our district, region, and national, they have impressed me greatly. I call that success.
  15. I am a Skipper which is equivalent to the Scoutmaster. I used to be a Scoutmaster. I have found that my son gets totally burnt out and wanting to quit and is partially related to my role in the unit. How do other unit leaders deal with this. I am sure it is a toll on the leaders kids more than others. Like making the meetings and events since "Dad" is there, why isn't the son? I would love to hear what others have done to deal with this.
  16. I didn't know that was not allowed per YP. I agree for a safety aspect, a parent should be able to tent together. If possible, I think it is best for the scouts to share with other scouts but that isn't a safety concern. I would love to know the answer as well about why it isn't allowed under the safety guideline. If it is program based, then it should be a recommendation not a requirement.
  17. Regarding the malase at National. I had the opportunity recently to speak with the professional at National that is in charge of the program for Venturing and Sea Scouts. We talked about the limitation of them not able to earn Merit Badges unless they had already attained first class in a troop. We actually have requirements in our programs are to have scouts earn the merit badge for a few requirements. To me, it seemed obvious that all Sea Scouts and Venturers should be allowed to earn the merit badge if they complete the requirements. The response I got was that this would hurt Troo
  18. From my experience it really depends on how well the Webelos leaders prepared the scouts and parents for the transition to Boy Scouts. many seem to run at the cub level which is still very parent led without preparing them to being a hybrid or scout-led and parent-led. For example, Webelos should have Webelos only campouts where they plan the menu and cook it. But have a parent help really review and help teach them how to menu plan and cook. The parent should be within ear shot and let them do with a review after each step. If they do this a few times, the scouts will figure it out. Th
  19. I don't understand or believe this. As a Sea Scout Skipper and a leader for a Crew, the are truly Co-Ed. They get along great. We have had male leaders and female leaders both great in their own way. It is sad that they aren't even considering it. I think they should have Troops that can be co-ed, all male, or all female. Why not have the option?
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