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  1. In my son's crew most don't do advancement because they are tired of that grind. They practice the other methods of scouting and work together to plan and execute trips. reminder, Advancement is only one method of scouting.
  2. From the National Commodore today: Hi everyone - by now you may have seen the attached document which was sent out late yesterday. It is unsigned and I'm not sure exactly who in BSA actually wrote and sent it, and it seems inconsistent with what I understand of the process of dealing with the Churchill recommendations - the flowchart showed to BSA staff this week (you can see that chart at https://www.reddit.com/…/the_bsa_plan_announced_on_ceo_tow…/ if you haven't already) indicates that the Churchill recommendations will be accepted by the National Executive Committee and turned over to
  3. I saw this: https://gyazo.com/4c80dc42dc66453ada16f83e7c2f16d0 which aligns with above. I am depressed, not surprised but depressed.
  4. And knowing what they are and how to use them are Sea Scout rank requirements 🙂 If they have a Safety at Sea program near you, take your unit it is a great time. They get to use flares including the pistol type. Learn how to use a real firehose, get in survival suits and swim in them, put out fires with fire extinguishers, and a bunch of other fun things.
  5. I would still cross him over and have him work with a private swim instructor in a backyard pool. Many swim instructors are trained in how to work with the non-swimmer and people who have extreme phobia's of water. It is a good life skill to learn and help him. Privately and discretely handled will help.
  6. The only time we as Sea Scouts get to use flares are when we visit the Coast Guard base and the scouts get to practice using expired flares. It is a great time and very much under controlled conditions. I wouldn't use one anywhere need the wilderness.
  7. So for Sea Scouts we already have this handled. Our uniforms are either Dickie or 5.11 brand navy blue shirts Patches are added for the names and Sea Scouts, BSA Our manuals are PDF's so people print them on demand Neckerchief is optional Pants are navy blue pants, Dickies or 5.11 or similar And, I might say, our uniforms look the sharpest of them all 🙂
  8. Agreed, although they could research the local park service as the organization.
  9. Nothing wrong with being extra careful. My son is similar, no shame in that. Trash idea is a good one. Other ideas, contact the local park ranger to see if they have a trail that needs some clearing. He and his family can go as a family and work together on clearing a trail of trash, weeds, and invasive species removal. And invasive species removal counts as conservation hours too.
  10. And yes, he was a scout in the interment camp. I can't imagine how that worked out. My family sadly were is different camps in Europe, but that is a different story.
  11. I contact our receptionist at our scout office and she checks the list on their computers
  12. I and my son are signed up. fingers crossed it still happens. He has been selling, delivering, and spreading a lot of mulch to pay his way.
  13. The District Advancement chair should sign both places I believe. The fundraising addendum is usually not a big deal, they are looking for reasonable and scout-like fundraising.
  14. Yeah, I am not blaming the youth. I can work with the youth. The Adult doesn't seem to understand our conversations. I wish it was simple tasks like flags or something like that. It is more typically rigging boats or de-rigging boats which is a task that takes time and isn't a ton of fun. I know I am being vague but it is a pattern that I am hoping to get stopped.
  15. They are a Mate in the Ship. Which is equivalent to an ASM.
  16. I have an adult leader basically an ASM, that only seems to do for their kids and nothing for the general set of kids in the unit. Usually low communication unless her kids are involved. She gets them their always a little late so the other kids have had to pick up the slack to get things rolling when it is their responsibility. She has taken just about every known training so it isn't that. It just appears to be how they roll. Others have noticed what I have perceived for a while, took them longer but they see it. In your experience what is the best way to address this?
  17. My understanding from the rules are that fundraising and starting work on the project prior to the district signing off will invalidate the project. If it is just putting a hold on a facility, I think that would be ok but no actual fundraising or solicitation until the paperwork is signed. It shouldn't take too much work to get the paperwork signed. My son was able to get that done over the course of a week of phone calls, emails, and video conferences. Good luck on your son's project as well.
  18. Yes don't raise until after the District has approved the project and signed the addendum to raise money. My son's project is an expensive one $1500 and 50% came from him reaching out to the local mountain bike community as it is a mountain bike trail, the other were mainly my work friends that saw his gofundme page on facebook. The great thing about the project has been the great support he has been getting from the mountain bike community, both money and volunteers, It is a project that they get benefit from and they are putting in their money/labor to support this project that th
  19. On the speaking of Japanese BSA scouts. On ebay i bought a patrol leaders handbook from 1929. I found a name in the book and did some research. I reached out to the family and found out that it was his and they were very happy that I have it and will keep it safe. It was owned by Jiro Aratani. A little google sleuthing got me to this info about Mr. Aratani. Mr. Aratani was interned in a Japanese relocation camp in WW2.
  20. I talked to my wife who is a swim coach about this and does our swim tests. She says that most backyard pools aren't big enough to realistically conduct swim tests because on the amount of time spent in the turns. She suggest finding and open neighborhood pool or YMCA pool to conduct the tests in. You still need to abide by the Covid restrictions for your state so you might need to schedule times to keep it the scouts distanced.
  21. He did do all of that. His "Ship" is small, he reached out to them. Also to the previous troops per the request of the Scoutmaster and to the local mountain biking community. The mountain bikers have been extremely helpful in supporting him.
  22. I think it depends on the project. For my sons project for example, the first half of the project was making a trail which required mainly manual labor (chain saws (for adults), loping shears, rakes, shovels....), the second part for the building of the mountain bike jumps and features, my son came up with an estimated list of materials and the trail designer modified his list because he has domain specific knowledge of what is needed. So IMHO, if the materials are not the key to the whole project it might be fine. For example, if he was building and putting in a playground, it is totall
  23. I agree, just stating how I have seen it happen in my small sample size. I do know many boys are equally focused but they are the minority in the boys I have worked with.
  24. So in my experience with a small sample size. The girls in our Ship are much more goal orientated than the boys and really want to get all the awards and ranks. That includes them joining a Troop to get Eagle. They are much more focused on advancement than the boys. They also seem to have parents that are very focused on their daughters getting to Eagle as fast as possible. That is a small sample size. YMMV. I am sure it will be different for each girl.
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