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  1. When we have done high adventures we have kept the adults to the minimums. But that depends on the activities. Water based activities require more adults for supervision. When we are in the non-water based part like camping or hiking we are at a minimum of adults but we only have 12 active scouts so our ratios are lower. It is fun for us adults to hang way back and watch the scouts get lost on a hike. I remember last year our scouts walked us in a big circle and I pointed out how that truck looks a lot like mine..... They asked why didn't I say anything, I mentioned y'all look well h
  2. That ratio seems off to me as well. But in my unit we are almost always sailing or by water so we have to follow the guidelines for water safety so maybe I am confusing the ratios. I also have to ensure that we have male and female adult leaders since we are co-ed. Along with ensuring boy tents (blue) are on one side, adults in the middle, girl tents (pink) on the other side. No purpleing....(mixing of pink and blue 🙂 )
  3. I doubt that it will, but it could really depend on the MBC for it. For instance, I have seen First Aid MBC's do great jobs and scouts get great value from it. I have also seen it run so badly that the scouts learned nothing about First Aid. One of the best things that happened to our Cub Scout den way back when...was when a Muslim scout joined and the scouts got to learn first hand about religious differences.
  4. That is a lot. 125 nights. For an active scout, 25 nights a year is a lot. It is hard for the scouts to count all the stuff with the under the auspices of BSA for some things to. Have to go back and count up all the nights, hours doing things when they occured a year or more ago. I know my son have earned two segments and is close on completed the final three segments. The riding one is hard for all the hours riding under BSA auspices, since his crew and ship don't do that (so he probably can't get there), he rides all the time just not with the scouts. Camping he needs e-
  5. I will still be here teaching youth to sail, camp, and lead as best I can. I am in this for the youth not the organization. Maybe you should look into Sea Scouts, we have no merit badges. We do have mad sailing and leadership skills though.
  6. My best success is to rely on older more experienced scouts or recent scouters to help guide them early in their position. I typically have conversations with my Boatswain (SPL) the day before the meeting about what the plan for the meeting is. Our Boatswain has taken the initiative to hold weekly meetings with our Quarterdeck (PLC) over discord. It is amazing when then work together. Sadly I know of no PLC videos. We need more videos like this one 🙂
  7. Lots of talking, not a lot of listening. I haven't seen people listening to the other side, on either side of the MB on this thread. That is the lesson that I would want scouts to learn, leadership is about listening and well as talking. There are valid points to both sides of most issues. You chose to take it a pessimistic. That is your choice. I stated facts with no side one way or another. And trust me, I am a sailor, If I wanted to call names I can do that very well. That is a better discussion to hold over an adult beverage at a bar.
  8. No, wasn't name calling at all. And how was my position righteous? Do you think all this arguing is going to get rid of or change the Merit Badge?
  9. This was a good week for our Ship. One Scout attained his Eagle rank and another attained his Quartermaster rank. The Quartermaster rank is very rare. And one of my scouts applied for the National Boatswain position. Weeks like this are a rare and special.
  10. Funny people downvoting this, because I suggest people more forward an work together. I choose to embrace our differences and support my fellow scouters.
  11. How many units do you know where it is a husband and wife that are the Scoutmaster and Committee chair? I personally know of five units that way. I don't agree with that.
  12. Frankly, the vile I am hearing from the scouters on this forum disgusts me. o The merit badge exists whether you like it or not. o The merit badge will evolve over time (all have) o The basis of the black live matters movement is sadly based on fact and is an important issue to get addressed o We should be encouraging youth to join our movement Let's move on to support each other rather than resort to name calling or calling this to be the end of scouting as we know it.
  13. In our council it takes usually 2-3 days to get the merit badge approved. It shouldn't take very long to do.
  14. That is how it has been in our council for a while now.
  15. We need to review the requirements and learn from each other the best way to run the Merit Badge instruction for it. I don't see anything inherently wrong with the merit badge. All youth should feel that scouting is a safe place for them. I have had a scout persecuted by adult leaders in a prior unit because of his orientation. That was backed by their Church COR and they attempted to defend it when they were called out for this anti-scouting behavior. Inclusion of youth is a good thing, IMHO. It is also a good thing to get rid of systematic racism and razing awareness of the existe
  16. Not really, most of my scouts thought it was boring and didn't like it.
  17. I like how Sea Scouts do uniforms. I get a 5.11 tactical shirt, sew on patches and ready to go. The shirt is really comfortable.
  18. IMHO, don't do Philmont, Northern Tier, Summit, Sea Base.... I have done Philmont and Sea Base. I am a huge fan of having the youth plan and roll their own high adventure. We have backpacked in the Gila Wilderness, paddled the Buffalo River, and sailed in the Puget Sound. All those were cheaper than the BSA bases and the youth learned a ton more than on the BSA trips. The BSA trips were all a ton of fun don't get me wrong. but the experience and planning on the trips they planned were priceless.
  19. Honestly, I think holiday cards or videos for nursing homes would be very welcomed. They don't get to see anyone for the holidays
  20. Roger Staubach he is the guy, they can name anything after him.
  21. There are good days and bad days. For instance today was a good day. I have a scout working on his Quartermaster project and eager beaver adults that kept presuring this young man to get started even before he was there. I had to tell them to stand down, even though these adults have many years of scouting. One is even in on the national committee. Grumbling happenned but the scout showed up when he said he would and directed them to work on what he wanted them to do. Afterwards, the three previous Skippers in our unit and the scouter on the National committee, thanked me profu
  22. Congratulations! It is only one hour a week 🙂
  23. These are probably the same parents that also don't step up and volunteer. When people complain, hand them an adult app and explain how many hours a week you spend on the program their son/daughter benefits from.
  24. Eagle has it listed pretty well. For me it was a combination of conflicts with adults and my son unhappy and needing a change. Now I am a Skipper and my son is almost complete with his Eagle rank. Sea Scouts and Venturing made a world of difference for him.
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